Scent-sational Find: TikTok User Reveals Affordable Fragrance Dupes at Target

NEWS - Who doesn't love shopping at Target? Not only can you find everything you need in one place, but you can also snag some seriously affordable products.

Target Corporation is a retailing company. It is the second-largest discount retailer in the

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The beauty section is also worth mentioning. It's like a treasure trove of amazing products, including perfumes and body mists that won't break the bank.

It's amazing what you can find at Target, isn't it? And this TikTok user, Symphani, seems to have hit the jackpot with their fragrance finds.

Apparently, she discovered this brand called Finery that makes some seriously good-smelling stuff, including body mists and perfumes. And get this - they're super affordable!

So, take a look at this video to see the perfume haul of Symphani!

Time For A Perfume Haul!

@symphani.soto Do we like the mic? Lol I went to target to try the new fragrances from finery! I have to say it might be a big W for target once again! I love a good affordable fragnace! 🤭 #dupe #targetfinds #targetmusthaves #target #finery #fineryperfume #fineryfragrance #fragrance #affordablefragrances ♬ Elevator Music - Bohoman

Curious to know more? The video showcases designer-inspired scents that are just a fraction of the cost. You'll be amazed by the similarities. Who wouldn't want to smell fabulous without emptying their wallet?

So, what are these magical fragrance dupes? @symphani.soto unveils a range of fragrances from Target's Good Chemistry brand. With names like "Queen Bee" and "Blue Bell," they're already hard to resist.

But don't just take our word for it. Try them out for yourself! Next time you're at Target, give these affordable fragrances a sniff. You might just find your new signature scent.

Discovery Set

Perfume bottles on dressing table

The discovery set came in elegantly designed packaging despite the small size of the containers. It's super convenient and lets you see which scents you like before making a bigger purchase.

That's a smart move on the part of the perfume companies, too, because it gives consumers a chance to sample their scents and potentially become long-term customers.


I agree with Symphani about giving this product a 10 out of 10. I mean, have you seen the packaging? It's absolutely stunning!

And the fact that it also comes in a glass perfume bottle is just the icing on the cake. The elegant packaging is definitely eye-catching and makes a positive first impression.

Packaging is often a crucial factor in attracting consumers to a particular scent, and in this case, it has worked wonders.

Symphani even mentioned that the Sun-phoria scent reminded her of high-end fragrances like Tom Ford Soleil Blanc. How cool is that?

Tom Ford's Soleil Blanc perfume costs a whopping 400 dollars for 100 ml, but you can get a similar fragrance from Fine'ry with their Sun-phoria body mist for just under 27 dollars! It's an absolute steal!

The Sun-phoria fragrance citrus smell would be perfect for those who enjoy a sweet scent. I'm definitely curious to try it out now!

Sun-phoria is a fantastic choice for an affordable yet high-quality fragrance.

I Am Musk

The I Am Musk body mist doesn't just smell great but also comes in white packaging that looks really good. The simplicity of the color adds to the overall appeal of the product.

Interior Of Sheremetyevo Airport Duty Free Section. Perfumes And Cosmetics Luxury Brands Pro

The packaging also has a minimalist design that exudes a modern and sophisticated vibe.

According to her, this fragrance has a very masculine scent. It's intriguing that a body mist marketed toward women has such a masculine smell, but some people might like that.

It's great that there's a wide range of scents available to choose from.

Before The Rainbow

The Before The Rainbow body mist is in a blue-green color which is quite rare for a perfume.

But I have to say that it really looks good and unique. The color alone already made me curious about the scent.

According to Symphani, the scent of Before the Rainbow is fresh and light.

Its scent indeed suits its color!

It's always satisfying when you finally find the perfect scent that you've been searching for. It can be a small but meaningful victory!

Sweet On The Outside

The sweet and feminine vanilla scent of Sweet On The Outside body mist sounds like a perfect fragrance for those who prefer a more subtle and soft aroma.

Jungle Santal

The Jungle Santal perfume was also a real standout for Symphani, with its unique olive green packaging and distinctive scent.

She even compared it to a fragrance from Le Labo, which is known for its high-quality and unique scents!

People are buzzing about Symphani's perfume haul video!

"Omg! I need," an amazed follower expressed.

"My favorite!!! Sun PHORIA," one follower remarked.

"I've been influenced," a stunned woman commented.

Many people have been sharing their opinions about how perfumes from other brands are similar to those from Fine'ry.

"I feel like Sweet on the outside smells exactlyyyy like Billie Eilish no. 1," one scent aficionado shared her thoughts.

"Agreed. And also similar to Vanilla Sky," another chimed in.

"Sun-phoria literally smells like a day at the beach. Omfg," a fragrance enthusiast stated.

"The Sun-phoria smells identical to Mancera holidays. It is one of my faves," one scent fanatic commented.

Some people were commenting about how they haven't been able to try these perfumes yet and are feeling a bit disappointed.

"I just checked my Target app, but they're not on there yet. I'm in Houston, Tx," one onlooker remarked.

"The targets in Ohio are always late. We don't have these yet," a disappointed follower stated.

Target Perfume Haul: Finding Hidden Gems For Less In Fine'ry

Aromatic Perfume bottles on white wooden desk at wooden

Can you believe that these amazing perfumes are priced at just $30? And the body mists are only $16! That's really affordable, considering the quality of the scents.

At target, you can find amazing fragrances that won't cost you a fortune and still make you smell good!

I don't know about you, but I will keep an eye out for Finery the next time I'm at Target.

What are your thoughts about the perfume finds of Symphani in Target? Share them down below!

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