Anne Hathaway Breaks The Internet: Cop The Look!

Anne Hathaway wearing dress and shoes by Valentino attends presentation of movie Armageddon Time

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NEWS - Mouthing the words to 'Lady Marmalade', dressed head to toe in a leopard print Valentino ensemble, and pretty much just living her best life.

That's exactly how Anne Hathaway made her rounds on the internet during Paris Fashion Week, and we're all here for it!

@kerosenne Suddenly I See @Anne Hathaway #annehathaway #paris #valentino #maisonvalentino #devilwearsprada ♬ son original - Kerrosene

Hathaway made sure to remind us that she once played the role of Catwoman with the look she served that evening.

After shedding her black coat for the party, she stole the show in a shimmering sequined mini dress, pumps, tights, and clutch. All in leopard print, of course!

Cop The Look

Unless you have Pierpaolo Piccioli as your designer, you'll be hard-pressed to get the same exact ensemble as the Queen of Genovia herself.

But fear not, you can still pull off this look without going haute couture! There are some pieces from the Valentino ready-to wear-collection that have the same vibe. First, we love the printed micro-faille pea coat which is one of the few animal print pieces on the Valentino website. Next, we love this clean, classy Valentino pump. With a crystal stud, of course.

However, if you want to replicate the outfit from head to toe without spending thousands of dollars for just a single piece, we got you! Here are our suggestions from more accessible brands.

The Dionne Dress in Silver & Nude pretty much fits the bill if you're going for a similar look. But let's be real: you can either pull it off or look like a run down Anne Hathaway.

That is unless you're going for a different route. Hear us out on this!

The Skims lounge dress is more versatile in comparison. You can dress it up and down as you see fit. Of course, you need to pair it with matching tights, first!

I find Etsy is the best place for this sort of thing. You can get way more customization in terms of color to help you match your outfit just right.

Otherwise, don't let your dreams be dreams! Go for the full leopard print with these leggings from Roberto Cavalli.

Moving on to accessories, this is not exactly a clutch, but this leopard print handbag from Mango is definitely a slay.

Or consider another Etsy find. This time it really is a clutch.

Last but not least, the shoes! Here's a classic pair of pumps you can check out on Farfetch.

And of course, another option would be these animal print high-heel shoes from Mango.

Anne Hathaway's Style Is A Gift That Keeps On Giving

Being a Valentino girl is easy when you're as gorgeous as Anne Hathaway. The last time we saw her in a monochrome masterpiece was in Rome.

Anne Hathaway In Valentino Pink

Is it just me, or does she win at Barbiecore?

We're so excited to see what Anne Hathaway will be wearing next. There's almost never a dull moment when she's involved, and that's why we love her.

Which one of her looks was your favorite? Do you plan to recreate any of them? If you do, tell all your friends (and us too)!

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