Are Leather Jackets Good For Winter?

Leather jackets are very versatile when it comes to styling options. But they are also very expensive, so you want to be able to get as much use out of them as you can. Because of this, many people wonder if leather jackets are warm enough to wear during winter. We've researched this question so that we can help you get the most use out of your leather jacket.

By themselves, most leather jackets won't keep you warm during the winter. But whether or not a leather jacket is warm enough depends on several factors, including:

  • What are you going to wear with it?
  • What type of leather is it?
  • Does it have any kind of lining?

In this article, we'll discuss the pros and cons of wearing a leather jacket in the winter. We'll also cover how to make a leather jacket warmer, how to protect it from winter weather, and provide styling tips for wearing it during the winter. Continue reading to learn more.

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What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wearing A Leather Jacket During Winter?

Variety of leather jackets

When it comes to wearing a leather jacket during the winter, there are a few pros and cons to be aware of in terms of style, warmth, and maintenance. There are two kinds of leather jackets: real leather and faux leather. Let's take a closer look at some of the pros and cons of each.

Real Leather

There are many pros to real leather jackets that increase their ability to be worn during the winter. Real leather jackets tend to be heavier and more durable, so they do a better job at keeping you warm. They can also lose some of their stiffness over time, making them feel broken in and therefore more comfortable when worn with thick winter clothes.

The cons of real leather jackets are that they are more expensive and they require more maintenance. The more expensive a jacket is, the more you want to wear it to feel that you're getting your money's worth. But in order to be able to wear a real leather jacket during the winter, you will need to condition and maintain it properly to keep it from getting damaged due to rain and snow.

Faux Leather

Faux leather jackets resemble real leather but are actually made of a plastic coating on top of fabric designed to look like leather. Because of this, faux leather jackets are less expensive than real leather. Having a plastic coating also means that you don't have to be as careful when wearing them in rain or snow. 

One of the cons of faux leather is that it isn't as heavy, so it may not keep you as warm as real leather would. Faux leather also tends to be stiffer and isn't broken in as easily. If you try to wear faux leather over bigger and thicker winter clothes, it may not be as comfortable.

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How Can You Protect A Leather Jacket During The Winter?

While faux leather can be protected by using an umbrella, a real leather jacket can be easily ruined by any type of moisture like rain or snow. A leather jacket is too expensive to ruin, so it's important that you take the necessary steps to protect it if you live somewhere that has a very wet winter. The best way to protect a real leather jacket is to apply a waterproof coating to it. 

You can use this waterproofing spray on both real and fake leather. Click here to see it on Amazon.

What Qualities Should You Look For In A Winter Leather Jacket?

If you are looking into purchasing a leather jacket and want to wear it during the winter, here are a few things to look for:

  1. A jacket with an oversize fit so that it fits better over thicker clothing.
  2. A zipper that zips all the way up to keep the front of your neck warm.
  3. A collar that can be upturned to keep the back of your neck warm.

Some leather jackets even come with a removable fur or flannel lining. The lining will help trap heat during winter but can be removed during warmer months if you still want to wear the jacket.

Can You Wear A Leather Jacket In The Snow?

Leather jackets are great for wearing in the snow because snow can't penetrate leather as easily as it can other fabrics such as cloth. However, if you are going to wear your leather jacket in the snow, it's important to waterproof it first to protect it from damage. If it snows a lot where you live, you may even need to waterproof your jacket each time you wear it because the waterproof coating can wear off over time.

If you don't waterproof your leather jacket and it does get snow on it, you should remove any moisture from it as quickly as possible. To do this, simply dab the water off with a clean towel. Do not attempt to rub the water off or into the leather. This can damage it. Once you've dabbed the water off of the jacket, hang it up to dry in a cool location that doesn't have a lot of airflow.

How Cold Is Too Cold For A Leather Jacket?

Although leather jackets do a decent job of keeping you warm during the winter, there are certain temperatures at which a leather jacket won't keep you warm. If the temperature outside is below freezing, a leather jacket won't keep you warm for very long, especially if it doesn't have a liner.

Liners made of wool, fleece, or flannel are essential to help your jacket retain heat for longer. But even if your jacket does have a liner, it is not a good idea to wear it in below freezing temperatures for extended periods of time. 

How Can I Make My Leather Jacket Warmer?

Leather jacket and autumn accessories on wood

Leather is a material that is very cool to the touch. When you wear it, you may still feel cold at first, but it will eventually warm up. However, if your leather jacket isn't warm enough, there are plenty of ways that you can make it warmer. 

If your jacket has a removable liner that you've taken out for warmer months, don't forget to put the liner back in before you wear it in the cold for the first time. If it doesn't have a removable liner, the key to making your jacket warmer is by adding layers both underneath and on top of it. 

The more layers you add, the warmer your jacket will be. However, the amount of layers you can add depends on the size of your jacket. That's why oversize jackets are better for wearing during the winter. Here are some suggestions for adding layers to your leather jacket.

  • Include a base layer such as a t-shirt.
  • Add a flannel shirt, sweater, or cotton hoodie on top of the t-shirt.
  • Put on the leather jacket.
  • Add a scarf, gloves, and knit hat.
  • Don't forget warm pants and socks.

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How To Wear A Leather Jacket In Winter

1. Matching Inner And Outer Layer

Young fashion woman in black leather jacket walking in city street

For a stylish and cohesive look, try choosing an inner and outer layer that are in the same color palette, like this pink scarf and t-shirt.

2. Sweater And Fur-Lined Jacke

Happy young couple wearing leather jackets walking down the street together

Layering a sweater underneath a fur-lined jacket provides extra warmth. Bonus points if your boots are the same color leather as your jacket.

3. Chunky Scarf And Zippers

Beautiful blonde woman dressed in biker jacket having a walk through the city streets

A chunky scarf will help you keep your neck warm. The zippers on the sleeves can help keep your sleeves tight, which will prevent your arms and wrists from getting too cold.

4. Plaid, Turtleneck, and Tights

Street-styled young woman on a sunny winter day in the city

Pairing a leather jacket with a plaid skirt, turtleneck, tights, and combat boots creates an edgy but warm winter look. 

5. Knits And Embellishments

Happy young woman in leather jacket taking a selfie with her phone over the train station at sunset

An embellished leather jacket is unexpectedly stylish. The knit sweater and matching knit hat add contrast and help soften the look.

In Closing

We hope this article provided you with plenty of ideas for wearing your leather jacket all winter long. Buying a jacket with a lining or wearing plenty of layers with the jacket can help keep you warm, even in the snow. Just be sure to waterproof your jacket first to avoid damage. Thanks for reading!

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