Are Microblading Eyebrows Permanent?

Deciding whether to have your eyebrows done or not can be tricky without some help. Do you want to try microblading but aren't sure if your results will be permanent? We have done our research to find you the answer. So let's get right into it.

Microblading eyebrows are not permanent. Unlike regular tattooing, microblading does not reach a deep layer of skin and should start to fade within 18 months. Generally, your microblading results will last between one to two years. 

As we begin, we will cover all things microblading and discuss the long-term effects it has. Whether you get this done regularly or want to try, microblading is an excellent alternative to other permanent procedures. With that said, let's dive right into this topic!

A woman getting her eyebrows done at the dermatologist, Are Microblading Eyebrows Permanent?

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How Long Do Microbladed Eyebrows Last?

When it comes to how long your microblading results will last, expect 18 to 30 months. Of course, this will depend on your skincare regimen and sun exposure, but one to two years is standard. Certain factors play into how long your eyebrow color will last, like using products with harsher ingredients or how often your face is exposed to UV rays.

A woman showing her microblade eyebrows and pink colored eyelids

You can always have a touch-up on your brows if you start to notice fading, so don't worry about changing your whole lifestyle.

Do Your Eyebrows Still Grow After Microblading?

For those of you with fuller eyebrows, yes, they will continue to grow after microblading. According to a Hair Transplant Institute of Miami study, microblading has little to no effect on eyebrow hair growth.

With that said, there is no reason to worry about damaging your natural eyebrows if you have this done. Although microblading won't affect your eyebrows negatively, it also has not been proven to promote growth either.

Do Microbladed Eyebrows Fade?

Similar to a regular tattoo, yes, your micro-bladed brows will fade. Considering this is a semi-permanent procedure, you won't experience dramatic fading until about a year after getting your brows done. Depending on your lifestyle, your eyebrows might last much longer than a year before needing more color, but we all are different. A good general rule to follow is to protect your brows from harsh products and always wear sunscreen when outside.

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Is It Normal For Microblading To Look, Gray?

If you notice your micro-bladed eyebrows turning grey as they heal, this is due to a few things. For starters, it is pretty standard for your brows to look "ashy" for the first few weeks if you have a deeper skin tone. If you have lighter skin and notice greying brows, this might be due to medication or too much alcohol intake and requires a color touch-up.

Like any tattoo, sometimes your skin rejects the color and the procedure altogether, so microblading may not be for you. We suggest you have a conversation with your aesthetician or doctor if this issue persists in seeing what your options are.

Is Getting Your Eyebrows Microbladed Worth It?

An up close photo of a woman getting her eyebrows done

When it comes to whether microblading is worth it or not, that depends on your needs. If you struggle with skinny eyebrows and need more color, microblading is a semi-permanent, relatively painless option.

For those who are skeptical, microblading is not permanent and should not affect your natural brows whatsoever. Of course, this does depend on you and your situation, but overall we do think microblading is worth it.

Does Microblading Hurt?

According to those who have had this procedure done, microblading is more uncomfortable rather than painful. Generally, this process takes up to two hours, and most people claimed not to feel high levels of pain during their microblading. With that said, expect some discomfort and make sure to choose a reputable place to go to for your eyebrows.

Is Microblading Safe?

For those who aren't sold on the idea of a semi-permanent eyebrow procedure, we understand entirely. Like any cosmetic procedure, there are risks associated, but microblading is an overall safe option. As long as you are in good health and speak to your doctor or a licensed professional, we think microblading is safe.

How Much Does Microblading Cost?

Price-wise, expect to pay anywhere from 400 to 600 dollars for microblading your eyebrows. Although this does seem like a high price, remember you are paying for at least a year of eyebrow color. Generally, microblading does include minor touchups in the original price, so make sure to ask about that before your appointment.

Your location also plays a huge factor in how expensive this procedure is, so you might want to take a road trip if you find better pricing elsewhere.

Should I Shave My Eyebrows Before Microblading?

A woman getting her eyebrows microbladed

When it comes to shaving your brows before microblading, we do not recommend it. Keeping your natural brows can help your aesthetician create a natural look rather than guessing where your brows belong. In general, don't let anyone doing your eyebrows shave them because it takes very long for the hair to grow back.

How Do I Prepare My Brows Before Microblading?

Whether this is your first time or not, you need to prepare your brows for microblading. Some things to keep in mind include not waxing or tinting your brows three days before your procedure. We also recommend laying off taking any pain killers or medications that make your blood thinner.

Taking these types of medications can increase the risk of bleeding during microblading and a painful recovery time. Try to take it easy product-wise and use a gentle face wash before and a few weeks post-treatment.

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What Should I Avoid After Microblading?

Once your eyebrows are done, make sure not to sweat or get the area wet for about a week post-microblading. Your eyebrow area will be sensitive during this time, so try not to use any products on or near them. The person doing your eyebrows will give you a post-treatment cream or ointment to use on the area and explain how to care for your new brows. We recommend not drinking alcohol or too much caffeine pre/post microblading because that will affect how your eyebrows heal.

How Long Does Microblading Take To Heal?

Generally, your eyebrows should be fully healed a month after microblading. Although everyone is different, you should notice your eyebrows look mostly normal after two to three weeks and see minimal scabbing. Your first seven to ten days will be rough looking, so try not to pick at your eyebrow scabs. Overall, the more careful you are with your eyebrows, the better.

The Wrap Up

Whether you regularly get your eyebrows micro-bladed or want to schedule an appointment, this is not a permanent procedure. Although microblading will last for one to two years, your eyebrows will naturally fade, similar to a tattoo. From what we found, sun exposure and products with harsher ingredients can cause your eyebrows to fade over time.

This is very common with microblading and is not too difficult to fix with a simple touch-up. Regardless of your skin tone or current brow fullness, make sure to be careful after your procedure and always use sunscreen!

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