Are Omega Necklaces out of Style?

Do you love your omega necklace but you’re worried it’s no longer in style?  Personal style is not my gift or forte, so I have my “go-to” friends to advise me - and when in doubt - prepping for an interview or heading to a wedding - I do extensive research online too.  Because let’s face it, nobody wants to look dated!  (And I LOVE my omega necklace and want to be wearing it!)

Are Omega Necklaces out of Style?

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Omega necklaces have such a beautiful, timeless circular shape.  They are flattering on many body shapes.  They were incredibly popular in the 80s.  But what about now as we approach 2020?  This year the trend has been layering necklaces of different lengths.  Omega necklaces can be a perfect option for the shortest length piece to go with your longer chains.

The Omega necklaces have a lot going for them. Keep reading to learn more about these beautiful pieces and how you can incorporate them into your look!

Omega Necklaces: Popular Style in the 1980s

Hold on a second.  Weren’t these necklaces all the rage in the 1980s?  Weren’t they kind of a fad that has since faded away?

I have this beautiful pearl inlay pendant that I got on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Mauii of a Hawaiin flower and would LOVE to be wearing it again.  It’s just too heavy for a typical chain.  Can I still get away with wearing my omega necklace (and pendant) today?

Fashion writers say that elements of the 1980s fashion have made a come-back - with a modern twist.  Last year’s trend was wearing necklaces with coins or medallions - this year it’s morphed into multiple pieces with a layered effect. Wearing multiple chains of different sizes - this is where your omega necklace can come back in to play.

Some fashionistas warn that the thick, heavy look of the omega makes it look dated - but another trend right now is chunkier pieces.  So, really, you’re OK either way!  You may want to pair a thinner omega necklace with your thinner chain necklaces of different lengths - and vice versa - to make your look work.

Are herringbone necklaces in style?

Herringbone is all the rage right now in home decor.  You see the interlocked, braid-like pattern popping up everywhere - from hardwood floors to kitchen backsplashes to bathroom floors and shower tiles.  But what about necklaces and bracelets?

Herringbone chains are popular because they have a different, unique look, unlike typical chains.  They are also incredibly comfortable to wear because they are flat and less likely to get caught in, and pull on fine neck hairs and pinch you.  But there is also a con - because the chain is made with flat links that are then bent where they are joined together, they are prone to kinks.  So it’s recommended that you take extra care with these chains.  The good news is that if it happens, they can be repaired.

Another pro of the herringbone patterned chain?  They look amazing with just about anything!  This makes them such a timeless style.  Jewelers caution not to wear pendants with them, though - or at least not ones that are too big or heavy.  This might cause those dreaded kinks in the chain, and then you’d have to retire it or have it repaired.

What’s the Difference Between Herringbone and Omega Necklaces?

The omega necklace is made up of curved pieces fitted together in a similar way to the herringbone chain - but herringbone necklaces are flat whereas omega necklaces are typically curved or completely round. Omega chains are also typically made to be flexible and are not prone to kinking like herringbone chains.  This makes them easier to wear on a day-to-day basis.  The negative?  Sometimes they can catch those fine hairs on your neck, pull and pinch.

Benefits of Different Chain Lengths and Shapes in your Jewelry Box

It’s great to have different options in your closet - and jewelry box - when deciding what to wear, right?  Classic chains are a must, of course.  The omega necklace is typically round in shape due to its curved links, and - while not a choker - it’s a shorter necklace.

This makes it perfect to wear with sweaters and blouses with a crew neck or higher v-neck.  Or, if you have a lower neckline and your top or dress doesn’t have a big, bold pattern, that 2019 trend of layering your necklaces is a great option!

The timelessness of the Omega

Omega necklaces can support pendants - sliders or “enhancers” - of any size or shape, due to their length and strength.  If you have an amazing pendant that is classic and pair it with your omega necklace, that’s another way to ensure your look isn’t out of date.  If you really want to be sure you’re styling yourself in the current trends, choose a coin, medallion or stylized shell this year.  An incredible positive of this chain is that you can change up your pendants in keeping with the latest styles - while the chain is timeless and classic.  This means that they will work in your wardrobe year after year!


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