Ashley Artrip

Ashley Artrip

4 Alternatives To Microblading

Beautician contouring young woman's eyebrow and measuring with special tool. She do the precise shaping crayon and then microblading color ink with tattoo pen, 4 Alternatives To Microblading

The results of microblading have spent the better part of a decade making their rounds on social media. Perfectly filled brows, shaped to exact specifications to fit your face. Still, over time, new and sometimes better techniques have come to…

What Nail Color Goes With A White Dress?

Woman with pink nails dressed in white wedding dress, What Nail Color Goes With A White Dress?

White dresses are as classic and versatile as a little black dress, making them a must-have staple for your closet. One accessory that can set the tone for that white dress is nail polish. Whether you’re aiming for a soft…

What Color Shoes Go With Charcoal Outfits?

A couple wearing gray sweater, jeans, and brown shoes, What Color Shoes Go With Charcoal Outfits?

From dresses to power suits to skinny jeans, charcoal is the perfect staple for your wardrobe. If you’re trying to steer clear of all-black attire, charcoal allows you to build a monochromatic look without the harshness of black. Plus, as…

Can You Paint Over Shellac Nails?

Beautiful groomed woman's hands with white nails on the light gray background, Can You Paint Over Shellac Nails?

Shellac nails are the perfect manicure. They’re long-lasting, have a gorgeous shine that doesn’t fade, and don’t damage your natural nails. Still, shellac isn’t infallible, and it can still chip or peel with time and wear. So if you want…

How Much Does A Solitaire Ring Cost?

Young girl is boasting of her gold engagement ring, How Much Does A Solitaire Ring Cost?

When searching for an engagement ring, solitaires are among the most popular style out there. Solitaire rings, or rings with one single stone, are classic and elegant. These rings can cater to your simplistic tastes, be a canvas for your…

Are Shearling Boots Waterproof

Side and top view of a blue and brown shearling boots, Are Shearling Boots Waterproof

The cold weather months mean a change in your staple pieces. As it stretches deeper into winter, keeping your feet nice and warm should be a top priority, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style. Whether you’re venturing out into…