Jacob & Rachel Self

Jacob & Rachel Self

How Long Should Men’s Nails Be?

Man cutting fingernails using nail clipper, How Long Should Men's Nails Be?

As a gentleman, our appearance matters. One of the most important yet neglected aspects of our appearance is our nails. Men can pick out handsome outfits, watches, and other masculine style accessories, but we easily forget to maintain our nails.…

How Much Do Cartier Bracelets Cost?

Woman with blue leather bag and golden Cartier bracelets, How Much Do Cartier Bracelets Cost?

Cartier is known for creating timeless, unique products that push the boundaries of traditional beauty. The brand has come to symbolize timelessness and savoir-faire. The creations from Cartier have been inspired by travels around the globe, infusing their products with…

How Much Does A Gucci Belt Cost?

Woman wearing black blazer and Gucci belt sitting on a bench, How Much Does A Gucci Belt Cost?

Few fashion accessories make as much of a statement as a Gucci belt. These luxury belts exude luxury and elegance. If you’re considering buying one of these statement pieces, you’re undoubtedly curious how much they cost. We’ve done the research…

Should A Bride Have A Handbag?

Bride holding a handbag with groom walking across the street, Should A Bride Have A Handbag?

There’s no question that the wedding day is wonderful, but it definitely comes with some stress and anxiety. If you’re a bride, mother of the bride, or a bridesmaid, you might have some questions about handbag and phone etiquette. Knowing…