Banana Powder Vs Setting Powder Vs Translucent Powder – Which one to choose?

Facial powders have been around for decades upon decades helping women achieve flawless makeup looks. The cosmetic product typically has one or more of these four functions: setting makeup, brightening skin, contouring the face, or concealing wrinkles. Banana powder, setting powder, and translucent powder are three of the most popular choices when it comes to facial powders, each with unique properties.

In a nutshell:

  • Banana powder is a loose, silky powder that should be applied after concealer and foundation. The powder smoothes out fine lines, absorbs facial oil, and color corrects your skin.
  • Setting powder is formulated to set your makeup in place to ensure that it's long-lasting and oil-free.
  • Translucent powder is a colorless powder that gives your facial complexion a matte or slightly sheer finish. 

If you have more questions about these powders, don't fret. We'll discuss each powder in more detail below, how to wear each one, and what their differences are. So, without further ado, let's get to it!

A translucent powder on a white background, Banana Powder Vs Setting Powder Vs Translucent Powder - Which one to choose?

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What is Banana Powder

Banana powder has a yellow or golden tone that's ideal for color correcting your skin tone. The light silky powder can be applied in a faint dusting to your whole face or in concentrated areas to brighten that specific area. Highlighting certain areas of your face is the primary use of this powder.

This type of powder is also the perfect option for baking your makeup. It lightens and brightens the area where it's applied. Professional makeup artists came up with the formula and it quickly became a mainstream product. 

Banana powders work best on darker skin tones because of their ability to brighten your skin tone. If you have very fair skin, the powder will create an obviously yellow tint to your complexion.

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How To Wear Banana Powder

With the application of banana powder, you'll enjoy brightened facial features. The application process is rather simple, too. You certainly won't need a cosmetology license to be able to use this product.

Before applying the powder, put on your concealer and foundation. Next, take your beauty blender sponge or makeup brush and dip it into the powder. Pat it into the area under your eyes, then gently blend it into your skin. Lightly blend more banana powder into the bridge of your nose, forehead, and anywhere else you see fit.

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Can I Use Banana Powder All Over My Face?

Yes! A light dusting of banana powder across your whole face can work as a setting powder. The powder's light yellow tint will make your skin look like it's glowing. As with anything with a tint to it, use in moderation. 

Can Fair Skin Use Banana Powder?

Fair skin should shy away from using banana powder. While of course it's not completely off-limits to use it, if you do apply it, then it should be done so very minimally. Since banana powder is used as a complexion brightener, it doesn't necessarily brighten the already bright fair skin complexion.

Can Banana Powder Be Used As Setting Powder?

Absolutely! Banana powder does an excellent job of setting your makeup. It can even fill in the fine lines on your face to smooth out your appearance. Again, banana powder works best on darker skin tones. 

What is Setting Powder

Setting powder ensures that your base makeup doesn't wear off. As its name suggests, it sets your makeup. The loose powder keeps your complexion oil-free for a long-term flawless look. The powder can be applied to your entire face or to specific areas that become the oiliest. 

Setting powders can be translucent or slightly tinted to match your skin tone. These powders come in a wide range of tones to best match your skin color and to help shape its features. If you have oily skin, then a setting powder will quickly become one of your top makeup products to use in your daily routine.

It's beneficial to be pretty light-handed with how much setting powder you apply to your face. It doesn't require very much to do its job properly. Be warned: if you apply too much setting powder and take a picture with the flash on, your face will look rather white. 

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How To Wear Setting Powder

After applying your wet foundation, you should dust on a layer of setting powder with either a damp makeup sponge, a powder puff, or a dome-headed makeup brush. Brush it over every part of your face that you wish to cover. With these makeup applicators, your makeup look can be as natural or as heavy-handed as you wish. 

Once you have applied the setting powder, allow it to sit for a couple of minutes. Lastly, brush off any of the excess powder with your makeup brush. 

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Does Setting Powder Have To Match Your Skin Tone?

For optimal results, your setting powder should match your skin tone. Note that this only applies to powders that are tinted. If the color of the powder differs too much from your skin tone, your makeup look will not look natural. 

What is Translucent Powder

Translucent powder is a white powder that's used to set your makeup, giving your complexion a brightened, reduced shine look. Oil continues to be soaked up throughout the day's wear without showing on your face. The best places to apply translucent powder are the nose, forehead, chin, and under the eyes. 

Since translucent powder has illuminating qualities, it's best not to cover the whole face with it. If it's used to cover your whole face, it could look like it has a white cast in photos. 

Translucent powder has a very light finish, making it comfortable to wear all day long. Its matte finish is also hard to beat when wanting to create a flawless makeup look. 

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How To Wear Translucent Powder

Applying translucent powder is a super simple process. Use a makeup sponge or brush to apply the powder. With oily skin, it's best to apply the translucent powder to the T-zone or the other oiliest spots on your face. Once you have applied it to your face, lightly brush off any of the excess powder. 

Is Translucent Powder The Same As Setting Powder?

All translucent powders are settings powders, but not all setting powders are translucent powders. The translucent powder has properties that allow it to act as a setting powder, keeping all your makeup in place all day long.

How Do I Choose Translucent Powder?

Translucent powders come in many different formulas. This powder is an important aspect of perfecting your look, so it's understandable that you'd want to choose the right one. Consider what you want the powder to do for you most: oil control, highlighting, or crease concealment.

Knowing which characteristics you want your translucent powder to have will determine which one you choose. The qualities will be clearly displayed on the product packaging to make this process easier for you.

Should I Use Translucent Or Colored Powder?

Either powder works great. It's up to you what kind of look you wish to create. A translucent powder leaves no room for error when it comes to matching your skin tone. The translucent properties ensure that your face will look flawless with a matte finish. 

If you use a colored powder, there's more room for error. The color of the powder could slightly mismatch your natural complexion, causing your makeup to appear less than ideal. The colored powder could end up looking cakier than the translucent powder as well. 

Does Translucent Powder Make Your Face White?

It's possible to make your face appear white if you're not careful with your translucent powder application. Applying too much of it can give your face a very obviously white tone. The probability of creating a white-faced look can be reduced by brushing away the excess powder with a makeup brush. 

When you apply it moderately, you'll enjoy the intended effects of the translucent powder. You'll have a brightened and highlighted look. 

Can You Wear Just Translucent Powder?

Certainly! Translucent powder soaks up the oils in your face, regardless of the products layered underneath it. While only wearing translucent powder won't provide any color correction or concealment, it's a great way to let your face breathe and go with a natural makeup look. 

How Do I Choose A Face Powder?

You should first consider the characteristics of your skin before selecting a face powder. If you have oilier skin, you'll want to pick out a powder that provides all-day coverage. This ensures that your complexion has a matte finish throughout the day. 

If you opt for a tinted powder, verify that the color matches your skin tone. Some powders have orange or pink undertones that can be difficult to match with your skin tone if you aren't careful. Look for a tint that has neutral beiges or tans in it.

Pick a powder that has the right finish. If you have skin that's naturally more oily, then you'll want to pick a powder with a matte finish. If you have more naturally dry skin, then pick a powder that has a satin or creamy texture. 

Between banana powder, setting powder, and translucent powder, you have three excellent options to incorporate into your makeup routine. Powder serves as an excellent base for the rest of your makeup such as bronzer, blush, and other contours, too. So, with the help of powder, your skin complexion will look flawless! 

In Closing

We hope you found this guide helpful and can determine which powder (or powders) is optimal to add to your makeup routine! Before you go, be sure to check out these other incredible style guides:

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