How to Make a Beaded Necklace With a Fishing Line?

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Wouldn't it be great to make your own jewelry? Beading is one of the most accessible ways to do this and monofilament, or fishing line is one of the most popular threading materials. But how do you make a beaded necklace with a fishing line? We have researched the techniques so you can craft your own beautiful bead necklace!
It's easy to make a beaded necklace with a monofilament or fishing line. Here are the necessary steps:
  • Cut the length of the line that you need.
  • Color the very tip ends of the line with a colored sharpie to make it easier to see them
  • Arrange your beads in the order you want them strung
  • String them onto your line
  • Depending upon the length, either use a crimp bead to connect the two ends, or use crimp beads to create a loop and attach a lobster clasp

We're going to lead you through the steps and materials you'll need for making awesome beaded necklaces using fishing line. We'll also look at some other types of beading line materials available to you as we explore this process. Keep reading!

Using Fishing Line Or Nylon Filament Line To Make A Necklace

First, let's gather the tools that you'll need.

  • Fishing Line
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie
  • Crimping Pliers
  • A Bead Tray
  • Beads
  • Crimping Beads
  • Lobster Clasp

Monofilament Line

These double rolls of monofilament line are 0.2mm diameter made to fit many beads. In total, there are 169 yards of the line, so you'll have plenty for a whole slew of necklaces. The compact spool size is easy for storage.

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Crimping Pliers

Jeweler's crimping pliers made for beading. The jaws are built for flattening and pressing the crimp beads onto the wire, and the plastic-coated handles make them easy to grip. The videos below will go into more detail on how to use this necessary beading tool.

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Beading Tray

A bead tray like this isn't necessary, but it's a super helpful and inexpensive tool for laying out your design before you've gone through the stringing process.

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Your beads are the thing that's going to set your creation apart. There are many incredible bead sets available online, but we thought these natural stone beauties were a great start. Rose quartz, tiger eye, and lapis lazuli are just a few of the gemstones featured in this set.

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Crimp Beads

There are loads of different types of crimp beads and tubes, but this is a good starter pack that gives you a choice of metallic colors to suit your design. These crimp tubes are perfect for making clasps connect to your line.

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These round crimp beads work well for putting the two ends of the filament together if you're using a clasp or not.

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Lobster Clasps

If you want to make a necklace that you have the option of clasping on and unclasping to take off, then you'll need to use a lobster clasp and a jump ring for connecting the line. We found this combination set in multiple metallic colors. The set gives you plenty to use with your double rolls of filament line.

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Steps To Making Your Beaded Fishing Line Necklace

As we mentioned at the start, the first step is determining the length of the necklace you want. Using your scissors cut your filament line at least 6 inches longer than what you need. It's good to have extra. (Pro Tip: Color the tip ends of your line with permanent marker to make it easier to thread).

Arrange your beads in the order you want on your beading board.

If you are using a lobster hook and jump ring closure, we suggest crimping on your jump ring at this stage. That way, as you bead, the beads won't slide off.


Thread your beads in the order you've laid them out.

Now, thread on your lobster clasp and crimp bead, making sure your excess string are pulled through so that you can cut it off and discard once your crimp is in place.


Cut off excess filament line.

And that's it! You've beaded a necklace on fishing line, and it's ready for you to wear out on the town.

Can You Use Fishing Line To Make Other Types Of Jewelry?

Monofilament Nylon line is super versatile and can be used for other projects as well. You can make bracelets and earrings using the same beading and crimping techniques you learned above. You will need earring clasps like the ones below for earrings. But won't it be awesome to create a matching or coordinating sets?

This is an excellent set of earring hooks in hypoallergenic material in many metallic colors.

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What Else Can I Use To String Beads?

Along with nylon filament line, there are other materials you can use to string beads. Leather and silk have been traditional for years. Knotted silk thread is what has been used to string pearls for centuries.

More modern materials include polyester cord, faux leather, stretchy cord, waxed cotton, even recycled guitar strings.

What Is Stretch Magic?

Stretch Magic is an elastomer jewelry cord. It's different from fishing line in that, as the name implies, it has some stretch. If you wanted to make a bracelet that you could slip over your wrist without having to use a clasp, this stretch material might be the best choice. Like fishing line, you can also use crimping beads with this to finish a piece off.

It comes in both clear or black for the best color matching with your bead choice.

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Hopefully, these resources will help you get on your way with your fun craft project. There is nothing more satisfying than getting a compliment on an accessory and being able to say, "I made this."

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