Ditching Her Eyebrows: Why Bella Hadid (And Many Others) Are Shaving And Bleaching Their Brows

NEWS - One of the internet's current obsessions is Bella Hadid. This gorgeous supermodel casually graces our phone screens daily, whether it's her walking down a runway, posing with friends, or MISSING HER EYEBROWS.

Yes, sometimes, THE Bella Hadid skips the brows altogether.

One of the first times we noticed her do this was during last year's Paris Fashion Week. Of course, that is the time of year when everyone does the unpredictable.

Bella Hadid attends the 'Okja' screening during the 70th Cannes Film Festival

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Sometimes, It's Better To Ditch Your Eyebrows

The idea of losing your brows by shaving or bleaching them isn't anything new.

For years, runway models, punk rock artists, and beauty influencers have said ta-ta to their brows: opting for a bare or very thin effect.

Here's a picture of Bella with her now-infamous bleached/missing eyebrows:

Again, this isn't a MAJOR change to her face, but it does do something a little different in terms of framing her forehead and eyes.

In addition, Bella also regularly shaves down her brows, making them pencil thin. This has become a hot look in the influencer/model scene, causing regular people to raise their (bushy) eyebrows.

Here's what one Twitter user had to say about the shaved eyebrow trend:

Some people love this look on Bella, however:

As you can see, you can see the jury is still out on this topic.

Bella Hadid Doesn't Seem To Mind The Criticism

Bella Hadid at the gala premiere for "Rocketman" at the Festival de Cannes

When you look like Bella Hadid, missing a brow or two won't cause a damaging difference. However, what about non-supermodels?

If we shaved our brows or bleached them: would it be horrifying?

This certainly comes across many people's minds when seeing celebrities take on these dramatic changes.

YouTuber Jamie Paige shares a live look at attempting this look for herself.

However, we don't always need to follow just because public figures do something to themselves.

This feeds into the greater question of just how influenced the general public is by these mega-stars.

One semi-concerning trend we're noticing is that after, let's say, Bella Hadid decides to get rid of her brows: everyone does.

What if this went a step further? It can be a fragile balance of letting a "TikTok trend" or something to that effect change who we are on the other side of the screen.

But... What If We Want To Shave/Bleach Our Brows??

Let's forget about all the toxic online convos and pretend that bleaching or shaving our eyebrows is just a fun idea.

First, you want to see if your face will look good with minimal eyebrows.

Although this sounds awkward, try putting your finger over your eyebrows to see if it makes you feel and look like Bella Hadid.

*Begins runway walk to the bathroom*

If you like the look, start with bleach rather than a full-blown shave. At least with that, you can reverse the effects with dye.

Shaving your eyebrows off might be a bit TOO extreme for your liking, but this is the internet, and there are no rules here.

What are your thoughts on the bleached and shaved eyebrow look?

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