4 Best Engagement Ring Cleaners

Diamond rings are beautiful and timeless. Whether you just got engaged or have your engagement ring for decades, you might wonder what is the best engagement ring cleaner. We researched this thoroughly, so you know what your options are!

There are several great products and methods for cleaning your engagement ring, with the simplest and one of the most effective being a gentle scrub in a solution of dish soap and water. However, if you are looking for a commercial product, some highly rated ones are:

  1. Connoisseurs
  2. Sparkle Essentials
  3. Simply Shine
  4. Sonic Cleaner

Keep reading as we walk you through the reasons your ring gets cloudy, how to prevent it, and best of all how to clean it. We will go over what can you use instead of jewelry cleaners and whether you can use Windex on your diamond ring.

A jeweller hand polishing and cleaning jewelry diamond ring with micro fiber fabric, 4 Best Engagement Ring Cleaners

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Cleaners for your engagement ring

There are many jewelry cleaning solutions on the market; some are gels, some are sprays. As long as you go with a reputable company, you cannot go wrong. However, no matter which jewelry cleaner you use, always follow the directions carefully and verify that the one you use is safe to use on your ring. You should also polish the ring with a soft microfiber cloth afterward. This is the best way to clean your ring if you either do not feel comfortable making your own solution or want a premade solution's convenience.

1. Connoisseurs

What we like about it: It comes in an all-inclusive kit and works with a quick, 30 seconds dip. It is easy to use while on the go. This cleaner also contains polymers to fill in those tiny scratches.

Check out Connoisseurs on Amazon.

2. Sparkle Essentials

What we like about it: Gentle enough for all gems and odor-free, great for rings with more than just a diamond.

Check out Sparkle essentials on Amazon.

3. Simply Shine

What we like about it: It is biodegradable and gentle enough for all stones.

Check out Simply Shine on Amazon.

4. Sonic Cleaner

Sonic cleaners are becoming more and more popular, relatively inexpensive, and easy to use. Unlike cleaning solutions, either homemade or purchased, they require no extra work. Just put all your jewelry in there and press a button, your jewelry comes out clean, and your diamond is brilliant. While you might need to use the sonic cleaner for that hard-to-clean deep-seated grime, you should not use a sonic cleaner more than every few months.

The sonic cleaner uses vibrations; the vibrations release the dirt and clean your jewelry. That is the good part. The bad part is that the vibration can loosen the stone setting over time and might even deepen imperfections in the diamond. So before you even attempt to use a sonic cleaner, you should check with a jeweler that your ring can handle the sonic vibrations. Usually not an issue with newer high-quality rings, but it is always better to check first.

Use the sonic cleaner on well-maintained rings sparingly to remove that hard to remove grime.

Click here for a sonic cleaner from Amazon.

What can you use instead of jewelry cleaner?

Dish Washing Soap

Dishwashing soap is your best bet for cleaning your ring at home. It is mild enough to not harm most materials, yet efficient in breaking down grease. As long as you clean your ring a couple of times a week, this method should be your go-to. In a bowl, mix very warm water with a little dishwashing soap. Let the ring soak for about 20 minutes. Remove the ring and polish it carefully with a soft microfiber cloth. If needed, you can brush out hard-to-reach dirt with a soft brush, such as a toothbrush.

Check out this cleaning cloth on Amazon.

Can I use Windex to clean my diamond ring?

That is an excellent question, and yes, but only if your ring has no other gems but diamonds. Windex can be used on diamond and gold or platinum. However, if your ring includes other gems, the ammonia in Windex can harm them. Diamond, being the hardest substance on earth, will take a shine. Pearl, emerald, topaz, and other gems might be harmed. If your ring is diamond and gold and you choose Windex, use it the same way as you would dishwashing soap. Warm water mixed with Windex, soak for 20 minutes, then polish with a soft cloth.

Can I use Windex and Hydrogen Peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide follows the same rules as Windex. In fact, there is more shine with a solution of 50% Windex, 50% hydrogen peroxide. As with Windex mixed with water, use this method only if your ring has only diamonds in it and no other gemstones. Hydrogen peroxide is a disinfectant, and therefore this solution might be preferable to Windex mixed with water.

Cleaners not to use

Tooth Paste

Toothpaste can be abrasive. It is gritty and, as such, can damage the gold in your ring. It is best to avoid toothpaste when cleaning your engagement ring.

Bleach and other harsh chemicals

Bleach will harm your jewelry. Do not use bleach on jewelry. If you want to clean and disinfect your engagement ring, use the hydrogen peroxide and Windex solution as described above.

Bring Your Ring to The Jeweler

Once a year or so, you should bring your ring to be inspected and deep cleaned by a jeweler. The jeweler will inspect the setting, tighten and adjust the setting if need be, and deep clean the ring. Having a regular jeweler near you that you can trust is good practice, especially if you have several high priced pieces of jewelry.

How do I keep my engagement ring shiny?

Remove your ring when applying lotion

The best way to get your ring shiny is by avoiding oils and cleaning it on a regular basis. Avoid touching your ring, as the oil from your hands will transfer to your ring. Applying lotion while excellent for your hands it is detrimental for your ring. You should always remove your rings when applying lotion, or at the least avoid your ring, if you cannot take it off.

Remove your ring or protect it with gloves when working with grime

You should also remove your ring when working with grime, such as gardening, painting, or cooking. If taking your ring off is not an option, you might opt to put gloves on to protect both your ring and your hands. Taking these steps will keep your ring shinier and secure your setting for longer. Keeping your ring clean in the first place is always better and makes cleaning it easier.

Gloves like these gardening gloves from Amazon will protect your hands and your ring.

Why does my diamond look cloudy?

Oils obscure the shine. Your diamond is still intact, but it is covered with a thin film that hides its beauty. That is the reason you should avoid oils. Since it is impossible to both enjoy the ring and keep it completely clean you should clean your ring every few days. Luckily it is an easy process. When not in use jewelry should always be stored safely.

Storing your engagement ring

When not wearing the ring a best practice is to store it in a safe place, both so you always know where to find it, and to protect surfaces from the diamond. A good place is a ring box, a jewelry box, or a drawer insert with ring slots.

A travel jewelry box from Amazon can help you keep your ring safe even on the go.

Accumulating dirt under the setting can loosen the setting, and a bright ring is always preferable to a lackluster one. So cleaning your ring regularly is important. You should clean your ring every two to three days to avoid the need for a deep clean and keep it looking beautiful always.

In Conclusion

To enjoy your engagement ring for prosperity you should care for it. Wear it with pride, but remove your ring when working with dirt or applying hand lotions. Try not to touch your ring too often. Luckily cleaning diamond rings is not a daunting task, snd can be done fairly often.

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