The Most Bizarre Plastic Surgery Trends in 2023

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NEWS - As people continue to strive for perfection, the beauty industry is constantly pushing the limits of what's considered normal.

But have we reached a point where we're no longer enhancing our features, but instead giving into the industry's insatiable demand for insecurity?

Explore the bizarre world of plastic surgery and see for yourself with our in-depth look at the earlobe facelift, elf ear surgery, palm line alteration, and buccal fat removal.

1. The "Earlobe Facelift."

Cosmetologist does prp therapy for smoothing wrinkles and against flabbiness of skin on earlobe of a beautiful, young woman with clean skin in a beauty salon. Cosmetology concept.

TikTok user @jadejamesm shares her recovery after earlobe rejuvenation. It appears that she did have some damage to her earlobes, seeminly caused by earrings.

Over one month's time, you can see the difference. Take a look for yourself!

@jadejamesm Who knew you could get your earlobes repaired?? #earloberepair #earlobe #earlobestretching #earlobestickers ♬ f urself in vegas - SHIMA

This viral Twitter post from "The Cosmetic Lane" has gotten flak for promoting "Earlobe Rejuvenation," in which they eliminate the sagginess of your earlobes.

They claim it will make your ears look "youthful," as ear sagging is mostly because of aging. According to the post, this could be rejuvenated with filler or surgery.

People expressed their disappointment, saying that they're using people's insecurities for profit. @noelisanxious says "imagine feeling the need to get this done because you're afraid someone will judge your EARS."

Although commenter's opinions assume that this procedure is feeding on people's vanity, it is practical if your ears have damage due to the constant wearing of heavy earrings.

This surgery costs around $900-$2,000 and is said to last a year.

2. The "Elf Ear" Surgery

The pandemic of 2020 brought about a surge of strange beauty trends, but none quite as peculiar as the Elf Ear Surgery.

This trend involves giving your earlobes a lift to emulate the iconic pointed ears of elves and bring a touch of fantasy to your everyday look.

This surgery is done by reshaping the ear's cartilage, and popular youtube and dermatologist ">Doctor Youn says this cosmetic surgery is often done "under the table."

This heightens the risk as the procedure can cause infections and permanent ear deformities.

This surgery costs $600, and it is irreversible. This heightens the risk as the procedure can cause infections and permanent ear deformities.

3. Palm Line Alteration Surgery

Young female in white t-shirt suffering from pain in hands and massaging her painful hands. Causes of hurt include carpal tunnel syndrome, fractures, arthritis or trigger finger.

The ancient practice of Palmistry states that the presence of certain palm lines can mean good luck and others can mean misfortune. TikTok user @dr.hirraalavi covers the details in this video.

@dr.hirraalavi Wierd Plastic Surgery To Change Fate #drhirraalavi #plasticsurgeon #plasticsurgery #tiktokpakistan #palmlines #kismat #kismatbadaldi ♬ original sound

However, plastic surgeon Takaaki Matsuoka, who performs these procedures himself, believes the only way to change your fate is through determination:

"Maybe changing your palm won’t change your fate, but if you have that much determination to try to change it—and are willing to endure a little pain for that chance—maybe you can change your life."

The procedure costs around $1,000 and requires a recovery period of 12 weeks.

4. Buccal Fat Removal

One of the most recent and most notorious Hollywood trends has been the Buccal Fat Removal. The procedure involves taking out the pads of fat on your cheeks to give you a gaunt, high-fashion-approved facial structure.

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In Summary

Close-up Shot in Operating Room of Surgical Table with Instruments, Assistant Picks up Instruments for Surgeons During Operation. Surgery in Progress. Professional Medical Doctors Performing Surgery.

The trend of bizarre plastic surgeries continues to rise as people search for ways to enhance their appearance and stand out from the crowd.

From earlobe rejuvenation to elf ear surgery, from palm line alteration to buccal fat removal, these procedures offer unique solutions to individual aesthetic concerns.

It is important to note that these surgeries come with risks and should not be taken lightly.

As with any medical procedure, it is recommended to do thorough research, consult with a trusted medical professional, and consider the potential consequences before making a decision.

In the end, the choice to undergo any plastic surgery is a personal one and should be made based on individual needs and preferences.

While some may view these procedures as bizarre, they offer a glimpse into the lengths people will go to achieve their desired look. Whether it is to feel more confident, youthful, or simply to stand out, the trend of bizarre plastic surgeries continues to captivate the attention of people around the world.

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