10 Awesome Black Leather Anklets You Should Check Out

10 Awesome Black Leather Anklets You Should Check Out

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Anklets are fun, unconventional accessories that brighten up any look. Leather anklets are especially unique, given their thicker make and longer lifespan.

If you're considering adding a leather anklet to your jewelry box, you'll have a variety of styles to choose from, including the ones listed below:

Punk Leather Anklets

Let's start somewhere non-traditional. If your style is more punk than it is the beach, then one of these dual-use anklets/bracelets may be for you.

This specific pack comes with six different leather anklets for you to choose from. The braid on these anklets allows them to fit on any anklet. You can also double up their purpose and use one of the anklets as a bracelet. It is worth noting, though, that these anklets aren't solely made of leather. As is the case with many anklets on the market today, these anklets are made of a combination of hemp, leather, and heavy cord.

Either way, these anklets are exceptionally durable, though you may want to try and keep the metal alloy away from saltwater. Instead, you'll find that these anklets make great accessories to wear to your next concert.

You can find more anklets like these through Amazon.

Pearl Leather Anklet

Are you in the mood for an anklet that's a little gentler in aesthetic? You may enjoy a pearl leather anklet. The leather cord here is accentuated by two pearls, lending an air of elegance to an otherwise simple anklet.

This anklet is 7 inches in length, though it can be adjusted to be tighter or looser. The manufacturer notes that this anklet can double as a bracelet. You'll want to be careful not to lose this anklet while walking in the water, but the potato clasp holds steady in all but tumultuous waters.

You can find this leather anklet through Amazon.

MineartCrafts' "Charlotte" Anklet

You can also find gorgeous and creatively-made leather anklets through outlets like Etsy. One creator, MineartCrafts, recently released a line of anklets that would make a perfect concert or festival accessory.

The anklet detailed here is referred to as a "Charlotte" anklet. The leather feathering is embedded with Swarovsky crystals and ostrich feathers, both of which lend themselves to the jewelry's unique appearance. The anklet, unlike some, is easy to adjust and comes in a gift box.

While this isn't an anklet for casual wear, it is definitely one that will add extra "oomph" to any exciting or eccentric look you may be going for.

Silver Coin Leather Anklet

Sunlight Silver Jewelry produces anklets of a similar style to the pearl anklet. Instead of a freshwater pearl, though, this company sells a leather anklet that uses a silver coin to hold its two ends together. Each coin is made by hand and reflects the coins that once passed through Europe.

While you can adjust the leather bands these anklets are made from, you'll want to measure your anklet and pass along your measurements before completing an order with Sunlight Silver Jewelry. The leather bands on these anklets are 2mm thick, while the silver coin-beads are 8mm. You'll be able to choose from a pearl and loop closure or a sliding knot closure, depending on your preference.

You can find this anklet and others like it through Sunlight Silver Jewelry's website.

Braided Leather Anklet

If you want an anklet that's more or less metal-free (save for the clasp), then braided leather anklets are readily available.

This anklet, specifically, is made of full-grain leather. It rests comfortably against the skin and comes in a multitude of colors, including:

  • Black
  • Saddle Tan
  • Light Multicolor
  • Dark Multicolor
  • Natural
  • Brown

You can order this anklet in a variety of sizes, meaning that you should measure your anklet before completing your purchase. Sizes range from 6 inches in length to 10 inches in length.

You can find this leather anklet through Amazon.

Anchor Leather Anklet

For a seaside look that doesn't involve a shell, why not try out this anchor-themed leather anklet?

Bound together by an alloy clasp, the star of this anklet's show is the small, metal anchor that sits at its center. Whether you want it to remind you of your last vacation or to stand for emotional anchoring, this anklet and anchor lend themselves to all purposes and looks. The bands that bind the anchor to your anklet are made of a comfortable leather that's thin enough to be forgotten, should you wear it long enough. It's recommended, though, that you don't wear this anklet swimming or in the shower, or else you risk compromising the shin of the anchor.

You can find this leather anklet through Amazon.

Vegan Leather Anklet

If you're looking for leather with a spot of gold, then you'll want to check out this vegan leather anklet. While the manufacturer notes that the gold is not real, the beads woven through the anklet lend a certain glow to your beach or concert look.

That said, you shouldn't wear this anklet in the shower or while swimming. If you do, you may notice the gold flakes losing their shine.

This anklet is adjustable and exceptionally sturdy. You can find this and others offered by the manufacturer through Amazon.

Stacked Leather Anklets

You may alternatively find yourself drawn to the thick-stacked appearance of some anklets. This leather anklet takes advantage of that aesthetic by bringing together several leather bands to create a multi-layer appearance.

Ideally, for wearers of all genders, this anklet doubles as a bracelet. It ranges between 14 and 16 inches in size, though you can shrink it down to better fit your anklet or wrist. The anklet snaps onto your body courtesy of a near-invisible clasp and rests comfortably against the skin, preventing chafing or redness. You can find this leather anklet through Amazon.

Leather Anklets for Men

Some anklets are advertised as unisex, while other sets are advertised solely for men.

While women can just as readily wear some of the leather anklets in this set, the manufacturer created the set with male wearers in mind. The anklets here, as you can see, are simple in make and set in color. They'll look excellent while on the beach, out surfing, or while attending Coachella. You can also double these anklets up as wristbands, given their thicker width.

These anklets are adjustable and are typically between 7 and 9.5 inches in length, depending on the size you request upon purchase. You can find this leather anklet set through Amazon.

Thick Leather Anklet

If you want a single anklet that's a little thicker than most, you'll find single anklets available through platforms like Etsy. One seller, Ankletgypsy, readily makes anklets for all sorts of events or occasions.

This anklet, in particular, is a unisex anklet that's a little simpler than most. Its thicker braid helps it stand out from your standard ankle jewelry, coming in at 5mm in width.

As is the case with many artisan anklet makers, you'll need to measure your anklet before making your purchase. This anklet is not adjustable and is all the sturdier for its straightforward make. You'll be able to bring the anklet together with its lobster clasp, but only if you've informed the maker of your ankle's proper size.

You can find this leather anklet and others like it through Etsy.

Who Can Wear A Leather Anklet?

Leather anklets are ankle jewelry for everyone. Whether you're headed to the beach, off to a concert, or just want a unique accessory to add to your collection, you'll be able to find a leather anklet to suit your personality and tastes. We hope you found the one you love right here on this list! Share it with your friends if you did!

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