101 Blue Hair Ideas [Tips, Advice and Pictures]

You've most likely seen someone with blue hair at some point in your life. Maybe you've even considered or tried coloring your hair this popular hue yourself. But did you know that blue hair has a long and fascinating history that spans ancient to modern times?
101 Blue Hair Ideas [Tips, Advice and Pictures]

The history of blue hair (it's not as new as you may think!)

In ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and China, deities and sacred figures were often depicted with blue hair. Fictional figures throughout history, from Homer's Odysseus to many popular anime characters, have blue hair. In the real world, blue hair became popular among European society ladies shortly before World War I, along with other colors that are still popular today, like purple and green. The trend reappeared in the early 2000s when fashion designers such as Marc Jacobs had their runway models dye their hair blue, and the look quickly spread.
Throughout the 2000s and 2010s, blue hair remained popular among celebrities and everyday people alike. Some well-known actresses and singers who have sported blue locks include Lady Gaga, Nicole Ritchie, Demi Lovato, and Katy Perry. Movies like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Blue is the Warmest Color, both featuring blue-haired leading ladies, popularized it as well. Today, it's a well-known feature of the punk scene and anyone else who wants an edgy or alternative look.
So, if you're thinking about taking the plunge to acquire your blue curls, you're in the right place! We've selected over 100 photos of the best blue hairstyles for your inspiration, and also answered some of the most common questions.

Do You Need Bleach to Dye Your Hair Blue?

If your hair is naturally dark, you'll probably need to bleach it to have the dye show up clearly. This is especially important if you'd like to dye your hair a pastel shade or a particularly bright, clear color. If you're dying it dark steel blue or navy, though, you may be able to dye over your natural hair. Although it's possible to use bleach from a drugstore or beauty supply store, your safest bet is to have your hair bleached professionally. Make sure your hair is healthy and moisturized before bleaching it to minimize damage.

However, if your hair is naturally blonde, you'll be able to dye it almost any shade of blue without bleaching first. You may need to lighten it a few shades if you're a natural medium to dark blonde, and you'd like to dye your hair pastel.

How Long Does it Take For Blue Hair to Fade?

Smiling girl with blue hair, 101 Blue Hair Ideas [Tips, Advice and Pictures]

According to the typical person's experience, blue hair fades more slowly than other bright colors such as red or purple. However, even though the pigment stays in the hair for months, the vibrancy of the initial dye usually fades after a week or two. But don't worry - you can still end up with a great-looking 'do because the color often fades to a lighter, but still appealing, color.

To maintain the brilliance of your hair, wash it only when necessary (two to three times a week is sufficient for most people) and use color-safe shampoo and conditioner. Wash it in cold water, too, since hot water opens the cuticle and makes it easier for the color to escape.

So, are you ready to embrace a whole new look? Or do you need a little bit more encouragement? Either way, continue scrolling to find all the inspiration you'll need!

101 Blue Hair Ideas in Pictures

Attractive blue-haired grunge girl among the industrial ruins

This brilliant turquoise blue color is sure to turn heads. Not only that, but you can see from this picture that having blue hair doesn't limit you to wearing only neutral colors.

Young woman with blue hair on the streets

Silver is mixed with just a touch of blue in this stunning look. Plus, it creates the perfect opportunity to wear a funky accessory such as matching blue lipstick.

Young woman with blue and blonde short hair with messy curls

Undyed, exposed roots used to be completely taboo, but now they're embraced. This short, bright hairdo gets a unique edge with blonde roots.

Portrait of a blue-haired beautiful young girl

Intense blue hair falls in beachy waves in this eyecatching look, and blue eyeliner offers the perfect complement. Bold hair color is the ideal opportunity to embrace a similarly bold look in your makeup and clothing.

Handsome stylish young man with blue undercut hairstyle

Blue hair isn't just for ladies! Periwinkle blue looks dapper paired with this edgy men's haircut.

Close-up of a girl with colorful blue hair and make up

Blue hair dye can be just as effective when used in tandem with other complementary colors, like purple. Blue and purple fade into each other beautifully in this example and are shown off with a fishtail braid.

Beautiful young woman with blue hair, nails and makeup with hands on her face covering one eye and mouth

Bold, vivid hair color is the perfect excuse to embrace bright, striking makeup and nails. In this look, the slicked-back blue hair ties everything together.

Beautiful woman with colorful blue hair smiling

This example incorporates two different shades of blue, casually grown out roots, and a cute side cut to create a look that's edgy but wearable.

Attractive woman with blue hair in a striped t-shirt

For a more subtle approach, this pixie cut fades the model's naturally dark brown hair into dark teal and navy.

This hair color is a stunning shade somewhere between sky blue and aquamarine. Lots of choppy layers make it cute and modern.

Bright blue locks are faded into black roots in this gorgeous example of blue ombre hair.

A vibrant blue is layered over black underlayers in this unique high-low haircut. It's undeniably eye-catching, but the short length keeps it from becoming overpowering.

Tumbling curls of blue and aqua make this long hairstyle fit for a mermaid princess. The different shade provides movement and dimension.

If you're looking for something simple and subtle that might not even raise eyebrows at your day job, try adding a couple of streaks of aqua blue to your hair. It contrasts perfectly against naturally dark locks.

Dusty, smoky shades of blue and purple blend seamlessly with the original brown hair color in this ombre look.

A bold statement color like blue is the perfect accompaniment to a short, edgy hairstyle like this one. With hair like this, you can rest assured that no one else will look quite like you.

In this example, soft shades of blue, silver, purple, and green blend together to create a dreamy, pastel look.

A retro-inspired hairstyle gets a big modern update with big blue-green curls. Sparkling hair accessories provide the perfect accompaniment.

This bold ombre look features green at the roots fading into dark blue.

Bright blue strands blend with the original dark brown for a subtle ombre that will grow out beautifully without lots of upkeep.

Despite its extremely short length, this pixie cut packs a big punch with its two different shades of blue.

Silvery blue ombre blends into ashy blonde roots in this example. The two slightly different shades add lots of visual interest.

Sometimes you need a little touch of blue, as you can see in this short, edgy hairstyle.

There's just the softest touch of teal blue in this short, curly look. It's a great choice if you're looking for a subtle way to incorporate blue into your hair.

Brilliant shades of blue are topped by ashy platinum blonde hair in this two-toned example.

In this look, intense blue strands are balanced by a little touch of the model's original dark brown hair color at the roots.

Blue, purple, and silver are a match made in heaven, as you can see from this gorgeous short hairstyle that combines all three in a unique pattern.

This hairstyle is big and bold, with lots of volumes, a mullet-inspired cut, and a bold shade of blue color. It's perfect if you want to capture that punk rock vibe.

This look uses two shades of blue to create high- and lowlights, achieving a natural effect.

Natural curls pop with this all-over shade of dark purplish-blue.

This silver hair has just the softest touch of pastel blue to add interest and depth. The color might seem a bit like a "little old blue-haired lady" look, but the lob length and bangs keep it young and contemporary.

Long turquoise locks paired with choppy layers are a classically edgy choice.

Bright colors aren't limited to the younger crowd - a bright blue color, like this example, looks equally stunning on more mature folks.

This oversized braid shows off a riot of colors, including blue, green, pink, purple, teal, and just a hint of the natural hair color.

Natural brown hair fades through pale blue to intense aqua in this simple, straight ombre style.

In this style, deep, dark blue is mixed with a little bit of purple at the roots to add depth.

This mod haircut is accentuated by two different shades of blue, cleanly divided into two sections. It's an intense look that would be great with a kitschy or 1960's aesthetic.

This hairstyle is a unique take on blue ombre, with dark blue at the roots fading into a platinum blonde.

This blue-green hair has just the right proportions of each color to create a water-inspired look.

Purple takes center stage with these long locks, but deep blue highlights enhance the jewel-like tones even more.

Electric blue curls create a unique but stunning look when paired with vintage style.

Two different shades of pale blue-green dye add a cotton candy look to these long locks.

Strands of blue and green mingle to create a multi-dimensional hairstyle, perfectly enhanced by beachy waves in this example.

Dark brown roots fade into navy blue tips in this simple but stunning ombre look.

Vivid electric blue and purple are enhanced with lighter blue highlights in this shoulder-length style.

Blue-green achieve perfection in this eyecatching but wearable look.

A single strand of bright blue is the central focus in a tangle of blonde, pink, purple, and green hair.

Icy blue hair is Ice Queen perfection with structured waves.

For a dramatic look, the lower layer of the model's black hair is dyed ombre blue and purple. When she lets down the upper part of her hair, only glimpses of the bright colors will show through.

Aqua is set off by mint green and purple in this cascade of colors.

Bright blue fades into lime green in this tropically-inspired look.

Achieve a soft look with dark roots fading into blue and purple jewel tones.

In this example, dark steel-blue tresses create a truly unique style.

Several different shades of blue layered over purple create a fun peek-a-boo style.

Sometimes, just a few strands of blue create a big impact, especially when paired with shining black hair.

Dark denim blue ombre is a great look if you want a subtly impactful style.

Perfect mermaid hair is achieved when blue and aqua strands mingle to create lots of dimensions.

Dark brown hair fades into bright shades of blue for a simple, natural look.

Blue and purple intermingle with the model's natural honey brown hair color to create a vibrant appearance.

For the ultimate dramatic look, pair electric blue with an intense high-color hair cut.

Dark steel blue is the perfect color if you want something bold that's also wearable in professional situations.

Pale periwinkle blue and lavender create a beautiful look that's perfectly enhanced with soft waves.

Dark hair fades into a purple-blue pastel ombre for a soft cotton-candy effect.

Royal blue turns into majestic purple in this rich, vibrant hairstyle.

For a barely-there whisper of blue, add dark steel blue to just the tips of dark hair and pair it with a short, simple haircut.

If you can't get enough of blue, a two-toned blue ombre style like this one might be perfect for you.

In this example, dark hair is enhanced with dark aqua highlights.

Lovely silvery-blue locks set off to perfection with an angled high-low lob.

Bright blue, aqua, and purple create a style that looks inspired by tropical birds.

Slightly grown-out hair can look just as good as when it's freshly dyed. In this example, visible dark roots add even more depth to the electric blue.

Braids are a great way to show off multiple shades of blue hair, as you can see in this example.

This stunning aquamarine lob is blue hair in one of its simplest forms.

Multiple subtly different shades of dark blue create a subtle look with lots of depth.

Dark grown-out roots give this minty blue hair a casually cool vibe.

Strategically-placed strands of blue and green create a unique look for this long hairstyle.

Even though highlighted blue hair is a great style that looks a little more natural, dying your hair one solid color, like the electric blue locks in this example, offers a huge impact.

Bright blue makes this model's natural curls pop, plus this style will continue to look great as it grows out.

Navy blue hair is a great choice if you want a bold hair color that still works for professional situations.

Deep blue-green is a strong, wearable color that looks great just tossed into a messy bun, as you can see in this example.

This unique variation on ombre hair features streaks of blue that start near the natural roots and fade into blue tips.

Streaks of pale blue, aqua, and lavender blend together to create a beautiful, wintry look.

A shock of electric blue hair is the perfect way to make a big, bold statement without long hair.

Stunning shades of pastel blue and purple create a cascade of color in this long, wavy style.

Brilliant blue blends with strands of purple and aqua to achieve a strong, eye-catching look.

Naturally dark brown hair pairs with a few strands of bright blue to create a peek-a-boo style.

In this example, electric blue with streaks of aqua and purple creates an effect that looks a little bit like the Northern Lights.

Deep blue streaked with a little bit of purple for a beautiful look that perfectly frames the model's face.

Even though bright colors are often seen on dark hair, they look equally amazing on blondes, as you can see from this example of blue highlights.

Here's another example of blue paired with blonde hair - a soft, subtle minty blue ombre. Plus, if you're starting with blonde hair, you won't need to use bleach - yay!

With this peek-a-boo look, you get the fun of two different hairstyles depending on whether you wear your hair up or down.

This example's platinum blonde locks with brilliant blue at the ends is a lovely, high-contrast look.

This unique look features platinum blonde hair with deep blue roots. No matter what hairstyle you choose, you'll get fun and different looks every time.

Commonly known as "oil slick hair" due to the colors it shares with the iridescent shades of oil spilled in water, this peek-a-boo style has blue, green, and purple layered underneath dark brown hair.

Pale blue hair frames the face and is seamlessly blended into the rest of the model's white-blonde hair.

The example shows the most subtle form of ombre. Only the tips have a dye that fades from the platinum blonde of the rest of the hair to bright, clear blue.

Several different shades of silvery blue are blended to create a look that's similar to ombre.

Normally you'll see ombre styles that go from dark roots to light tips, but this one reverses it. Platinum blonde roots fade into aqua, and finally bright blue tips.

This peek-a-boo look features strands of blue, purple, and green tucked under golden blonde hair.

Silver hair is highlighted with dark periwinkle blue in this example.

These solid baby blue locks are a beautiful take on the pastel trend.

Even with growing out roots, this bright blue lob is stunning and looks especially great with soft, beachy waves.

Want to explore more colors? Try these green ombre hair inspirations!

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