27 Blue Hair Ideas [Tips, Advice and Pictures]

Navigating the world of hair color can often feel like a daunting adventure, especially when considering bold choices like blue. Yet, there's something irresistibly captivating about blue hair that beckons the adventurous at heart.

Blue offers many shades and styles that can suit anyone looking to make a statement or subtly enhance their look. From deep navy hues that whisper sophistication to vibrant turquoise shades that shout fun and freedom, blue hair is versatile and endlessly fascinating.

In this article, we'll showcase a selection of blue hair ideas that are sure to inspire your next salon visit.

1. Stunning Turquoise

This brilliant turquoise-blue color is sure to turn heads. Not only that, but you can see from this picture that having blue hair doesn't limit you to wearing only neutral colors.

Attractive blue-haired grunge girl among the industrial ruins

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2. Silver-Blue Elegance

Silver is mixed with just a touch of blue in this stunning look. Plus, it creates the perfect opportunity to wear a funky accessory, such as matching blue lipstick.

Young woman with blue hair on the streets

3. Blonde Roots Revolution

Undyed, exposed roots used to be completely taboo, but now they're embraced. This short, bright hairdo gets a unique edge with blonde roots.

Young woman with blue and blonde short hair with messy curls

3. Beachy Blue Waves

Intense blue hair falls in beachy waves in this eye-catching look, and blue eyeliner offers the perfect complement. Bold hair color is the ideal opportunity to embrace a similarly bold look in your makeup and clothing.

Portrait of a blue-haired beautiful young girl

4. Periwinkle for the Gents

Blue hair isn't just for ladies! Periwinkle blue looks dapper paired with this edgy men's haircut.

Handsome stylish young man with blue undercut hairstyle

5. Blue and Purple Fusion

Blue hair dye can be just as effective when used in tandem with other complementary colors, like purple. Blue and purple fade into each other beautifully in this example and are shown off with a fishtail braid.

Blue and purple fade into each other beautifully in this example and are shown off with a fishtail braid.

6. Slicked-Back Blue Brilliance

Bold, vivid hair color is the perfect excuse to embrace bright, striking makeup and nails. In this look, the slicked-back blue hair ties everything together.

Beautiful young woman with blue hair, nails and makeup with hands on her face covering one eye and mouth

7. Casual Blue Duo

This example incorporates two different shades of blue, casually grown-out roots, and a cute side cut to create a look that's edgy but wearable.

Beautiful woman with colorful blue hair smiling

8. Dark Teal Pixie Fade

For a more subtle approach, this pixie cut fades the model's naturally dark brown hair into dark teal and navy.

Attractive woman with blue hair in a striped t-shirt

9. Sky to Aquamarine Layers

This hair color is a stunning shade somewhere between sky blue and aquamarine. Lots of choppy layers make it cute and modern.

Sky to Aquamarine Layers hairstyle

10. Blue Ombre Elegance

Bright blue locks are faded into black roots in this gorgeous example of blue ombre hair.

Blue Ombre Elegance hairstyle

11. High-Low Blue Contrast

A vibrant blue is layered over black underlayers in this unique high-low haircut. It's undeniably eye-catching, but the short length keeps it from becoming overpowering.

High-Low Blue Contrast hairstyle

For DIYers, try this blue-black color at home.

12. Mermaid Curls

Tumbling curls of blue and aqua make this long hairstyle fit for a mermaid princess. The different shade provides movement and dimension.

Mermaid Curls hairstyle

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13. Subtle Aqua Streaks

If you're looking for something simple and subtle that might not even raise eyebrows at your day job, try adding a couple of streaks of aqua blue to your hair. It contrasts perfectly against naturally dark locks.

Subtle Aqua Streaks hairstyle

14. Smoky Blue Ombre

Dusty, smoky shades of blue and purple blend seamlessly with the original brown hair color in this ombre look.

Smoky Blue Ombre hairstyle

15. Edgy Blue Statement

A bold statement color like blue is the perfect accompaniment to a short, edgy hairstyle like this one. With hair like this, you can rest assured that no one else will look quite like you.

Edgy Blue Statement hairstyle

16. Dreamy Pastel Blend

In this example, soft shades of blue, silver, purple, and green blend together to create a dreamy, pastel look.

Dreamy Pastel Blend hairstyle

17. Retro Blue-Green Curls

A retro-inspired hairstyle gets a big modern update with big blue-green curls. Sparkling hair accessories provide the perfect accompaniment.

Retro Blue-Green Curls hairstyle

18. Subtle Blue Black Fade

Bright blue strands blend with the original dark brown for a subtle ombre that will grow out beautifully without lots of upkeep.

Subtle Blue Black Fade hairstyle

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19. Dual Blue Pixie

Despite its extremely short length, this pixie cut packs a big punch with its two different shades of blue.

Dual Blue Pixie hairstyle

20. Silvery Blue Ash Blend

Silvery blue ombre blends into ashy blonde roots in this example. The two slightly different shades add lots of visual interest.

Silvery Blue Ash Blend hairstyle

21. Curly Teal Whisper

There's just the softest touch of teal blue in this short, curly look. It's a great choice if you're looking for a subtle way to incorporate blue into your hair.

Curly Teal Whisper hairstyle

22. Two-Toned Blue and Blonde

Brilliant shades of blue are topped by ashy platinum blonde hair in this two-toned example.

Two-Toned Blue and Blonde hairstyle

23. Tri-Color Short Style

Blue, purple, and silver are a match made in heaven, as you can see from this gorgeous short hairstyle that combines all three in a unique pattern.

Tri-Color Short Style hairstyle

24. Dark Purplish-Blue Curls

Natural curls pop with this all-over shade of dark purplish blue.

Natural curls pop with this all-over shade of dark purplish blue.

25. Blue-Green Water-Inspired

This blue-green hair has just the right proportions of each color to create a water-inspired look.

Blue-Green Water-Inspired hairstyle

25. Mod Blue Style

This mod haircut is accentuated by a single shade of blue, an intense look that would be great with a kitschy or 1960s aesthetic.

Mod Blue Style hairstyle

26. Electric Blue and Purple Mix

Vivid electric blue and purple are enhanced with lighter blue highlights in this shoulder-length style.

Electric Blue and Purple Mix hairstyle

27. Aqua, Mint, and Purple Cascade

Aqua is set off by mint green and purple in this cascade of colors.

Aqua, Mint, and Purple Cascade hairstyle

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