25 Awesome Bob Hairstyles for Women Over 60

Bob hairstyles truly shine for women over 60, offering an elegant and trendy choice that suits any face shape and hair texture.

These cuts are all about enhancing your natural beauty and showcasing your personality, whether you're after a timeless look or aiming to make a fashionable statement.

There's a bob for every woman looking to add a touch of sophistication and style to her appearance.

1. Three-tone

The multi-colored bob can add a touch of youth and style. You can also add fly-away curls to spice it up a bit.

an old woman with Three-tone hairstyle

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2. Back-brushed

A tousled back-brushed look is great for casual days around the city. Create a carefree appearance by simply running your fingers through it to mess it up a bit.

Smiling senior woman in front of a white background

3. Simple Pixie

A simple and sleek pixie bob can definitely make a statement. It can be elegant and youthful at the same time, especially with an off-center middle part.

an old woman with Simple Pixie hairstryle

4. White Neck Length

Looking for something easy? Add a small bump to a neck-length bob if you have a straight cut in the back. You can also balance it out with feathered bangs.

Confident elderly female looking intently over glasses

5. Classic Bob

The classic bob will always be a loved style. You can also jazz it up with an asymmetrical cut or side-swept tresses.

Portrait of senior Caucasian businesswoman wearing blue dress holding eyeglasses, looking at camera and smiling

6. Feathered Bangs

Combine feather bangs with a pixie bob if you're looking for a sleeker look. This style can be a great go-to option if you have multi-tones.

Portrait of a smiling mature lady with bob hairstyle

7. Headband Ready

Throw on a headband if you don't feel like dealing with messy bangs. For those with a blunt cut, adding a simple accessory to pull the hair back can create a more refined and mature look.

Portrait of a senior woman looking at the camera

8. Curls and Feathers

Go for a short pixie if you're looking for something that will accentuate your cheekbones and jawline.

Mature woman looking at camera smiling

9. Tousled Curls

Tousled curls can work well for round or slim faces and add a youthful appearance to women over 60. And if you have various tones--even better!

An elderly woman with cheerful smile

10. Short & Wavy

A short and wavy bob with beach waves can call attention to all of your facial features. It can simply round out your edges beautifully.

Portrait of a beautiful senior woman

11. Inverted Pixie

Create sharp edges and a sleek profile with an inverted pixie bob. Combine it with highlights for more volume.

Active seniors having a break during their outdoor run

12. Short Ear-length Lob

A short ear-length bob with wispy bangs is a great way to add volume to thin hair.

An old woman with Short Ear-length Lob hairstyle

13. Pixelated

The short pixie bob is a great look to wear if you have a slimmer face or prefer less maintenance. It's also a great transitional style if you're looking to grow out your hair eventually.

An old woman with Pixelated hairstyle

14. Lob

The long bob or "lob" will always be a popular pop style. Whether you have natural waves or use a pressing iron, they can help to give this style a great amount of volume.

An old woman with Lob hairstyle

15. Blunt Cut

Adding bangs to this style is a great way to jazz it up a bit. And if you have a straight cut in the back, you can also use curls to give a more layered look. When it comes to combining styles, the pixie cut will always work great with the short bob.

An old woman with Blunt Cut hairstyle

16. A-line

If you're looking for a bold and unapologetic look, the A-line bob may be the perfect fit for you. It stands out from other inverted bobs by using sharp angles and can be combined with layers to add more volume.

An old woman with A-line hairstyle

17. Textured Tones

Adding a bit of texture to your bob can work well if you're looking for different ways to style it without having to cut it.  This look is also a great choice for adding depth if you have various color tones, such as gray or blonde.

An old woman with Textured Tones hairstyle

18. Layered Short

The layered short bob is a great look if you're looking for something simple and elegant. Whether you have a straight cut or angled cut in the back, it's also a great style to accentuate your neckline.

An old woman with Layered Short hairstyle

19. Layered Beach Waves

Consider a layered, airy bob if you're going for a more sophisticated look. Or, if you're looking for a more casual look, you can add beach waves using a flat iron.

An old woman with Layered Beach Waves hairstyle

20. Shattered

The shattered bob is also another grade transitional cut. It works with multiple textures, layered, or beach waves. This style is another way to present a more rounded appearance if you have a slim or oval-shaped face.

An old woman with Shattered hairstyle

21. Shaggy

You can also mix a bob with a shag cut if you are transitioning into a new look. This cut can offer easy daily manageability and add considerable fullness to hair.

An old woman with Shaggy hairstyle

22. Asymmetrical Bob Cut

An asymmetrical bob offers a contemporary and edgy look, perfect for those wanting to make a stylish statement.

An old woman with Asymmetrical Bob Cut hairstyle

23. Angled Bob with Wispy Bangs

An angled bob cut combined with wispy bangs provides a modern twist and a light, airy feel around the face.

An old woman with Angled Bob with Wispy Bangs hairstyle

24. Voluminous Crown

Increase the volume at the crown with this bob style, creating an illusion of fullness and height that lifts the face.

An old woman with Voluminous Crown hairstyle

25. Full & Feathered

The feathered bob works well if you're looking for a full and adventurous look. It works well if you have a slim face and can bring attention to your layered cut if you have curls or waves.

An old woman with Full & Feathered hairstyle

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