This Fashion Brand Is Winning Over TikTok With Its Size-Inclusive Dresses

NEWS - A TikTok video featuring models of all sizes modeling home-grown fashion from Jessakea, is shaking the internet with these stunning, pink, party-dress creations.

The video has over 1 million views and nearly 100k likes, and commenters can’t stop talking about how awesome it is to see a brand celebrate diversity.

@jessakae Reply to @jessica_wings ❤️❤️❤️ When the dress looks exactly the same on EVERY size… that’s our flex ❤️ #sizeinclusive #plussize #inclusivefashion #midsizefashion #fashiontiktok #jessakae ♬ original sound - AREA 54

TikToker “Shay27Beans” says, “…I feel safe here. I’m so happy to see you bringing back the confidence of so many women, no matter what the size, I love this”

We love to see that diversity and inclusivity are being appreciated by consumers, this promotes a positive change in fashion.

Another TikToker, “That one Weirdy” exclaims, “AND IT’S THE SAME DESIGN AND FIT IN EVERY SIZE!?!?!?” That’s amazing 😍”

What a fantastic comment that tells us, “ Hey, it's okay that we’re not all the same size and shape!” We should celebrate our differences instead of trying to hide them.

It can be tough to feel beautiful in a world where we are constantly shown only one kind of ‘perfect’ body. That’s why it’s crucial to lift up brands that showcase inclusivity and body positivity, like the one in this TikTok video.

But what’s really blowing our minds is that every model looks stunning in the same dress! It’s clear that this brand knows how to celebrate bodies of every shape and size.

The comments on the video prove that seeing yourself represented is incredibly meaningful. Messages like, “Every single woman and every single dress shown is gorgeous”, by TikToker “Brittany”, are what we need more of in our daily lives and in the media.

Body-Positivity on Social Media: Shifting the Beauty Standards of Today's Youth

Social media can be a tough place to navigate. But brands like this are using their platforms to show that everybody is beautiful, and that diversity should be celebrated.

As young people, we need to learn to love and accept our bodies no matter what shape they are.

Selena Gomez arrives for ‘Only Murders in the Building’ FYC event  in Hollywood, CA, This Fashion Brand Is Winning Over TikTok With Its Size-Inclusive Dresses

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Selena Gomez (above), with her own fashion line called “Dream Out Loud”, recently called out trolls who tried to body-shame her for weight gain.

When brands showcase models of different shapes and sizes, and when celebrities like Selena reinforce body positivity, it helps to shift the way we think about beauty and our own bodies. It’s up to us to support companies and people that celebrate inclusivity and demand that others follow suit.

So let’s celebrate the uniqueness of our bodies, and remember that beauty isn’t just one shape or size. By demanding more inclusivity in fashion and media, we can create a world that is more accepting and loving for everyone.

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