Is A Bomber Jacket Considered Business Casual?

Bomber jackets are one of the trendiest items currently on the market. These jackets are gender-neutral and can be worn in almost any climate or for any occasion. The luxury market has exploded with expensive and luxurious bomber jackets to meet the demands of high-end shoppers. These can be worn in so many ways and be paired alongside almost any type of garment. But are these jackets considered business casual?

The answer is definitely yes, bomber jackets can be considered business casual. They are sleek and really give your look that finishing touch. These can be worn to the office, a dinner, a celebration, or even a quick trip to the grocery store. They're very versatile in wear. The clothing that you wear underneath can help determine the jacket's level of formality. 

In this guide, we are going to dive into the many ways you can wear a bomber jacket in a business casual setting and how you should style it accordingly. So without further ado, let's get to it, shall we?

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Wearing A Bomber Jacket As A Business Casual Piece

To begin, bomber jackets came about during World War 1 and were created to keep pilots warm, due to the fact that they flew in open cockpits. Little did the creators know, these jackets would become a worldwide phenomenon among men and women.

Bomber jackets are shorter in length than traditional coats and have a puffy look to them. They can be made from any material, but started off as leather and for more of a winter ensemble. These jackets have evolved into silk, satin, or even simple fabrics. This vast material selection has made it easier to cater this jacket to fit a variety of styles.

Because of the diversity in style and material, bomber jackets can easily be worn for business casual events. The clothing that you wear underneath the jacket can also determine its level of formality.

For example, slacks, a collared shirt, and oxfords would go well underneath a men's bomber jacket for a business casual look. And for women, you could consider a professional-style dress paired with your favorite style of bomber jacket. These are just a few suggestions, so do feel free to come up with your own outfit combinations for a business casual look.

Bomber Jacket Styles

There are a few bomber jacket styles that can help determine the look of your business casual outfit. Let's take a closer look at each one.


A traditional bomber jacket goes with just about every outfit style you might consider wearing in a business casual setting. It gets the job done and still provides a stylish and comfortable alternative to wearing a big bulky coat. A traditional bomber jacket can be seen as more of an edgy look for those who may want to spice up their wardrobe.

Some nice slacks and a basic sweater or collared shirt can give this jacket the perfect business casual look.

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Suede Style

Mix things up with a suede bomber jacket. The solid color guarantees that it can go with virtually anything underneath it. This provides you with a lot of flexibility for pulling off a business casual look.

Fashion Forward

Beautiful blond model wearing floral bomber jacket

This fashion-forward bomber jacket has more of an elegant look to it. It can be worn as a statement piece as well as an accessory. The material and pattern help it achieve a more business casual appearance.

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Sequin Style

This sequined bomber jacket is an excellent touch to this black and navy ensemble. It adds some valuable color and texture to a dark, business casual outfit.

Should You Zip Up A Bomber Jacket?

When considering whether or not to zip your bomber jacket or not, it really comes down to preference. The cool thing about these is that they are stylish no matter what you decide to do with them. For a business casual look, one may want to wear a solid top underneath a patterned bomber jacket or vice versa. It is best not to clash colors or wear pattern on pattern in a professional setting.

These jackets are an accessory but can easily take the place of a blouse or top that you may have considered wearing. Choosing more of a statement jacket versus a top is a great option when it comes to wearing your bomber jacket.

How Should A Bomber Jacket Fit?

When considering how you wish to fit your bomber jacket to your frame, take a look at how you want your overall outfit to come together. Some may want a form-fitting statement bomber while others may want to wear it as more of a coat. Either way is completely in style and will get you compliments from your peers/coworkers.

These insanely diverse jackets can create entire outfits on their own and really are up for interpretation. We recommend trying one on and deciding what makes you feel most stylish and comfortable.

For more on how a bomber jacket should fit, check out our post, How Long Should A Bomber Jacket Be?

What Do You Wear Under A Bomber Jacket?

Bomber jackets were intended to keep you warm, so one should consider a lighter top underneath to avoid discomfort. Even lighter bomber jackets tend to insulate well and should be paired with the correct shirt/garment underneath. Great for all climates and events, a bomber jacket is becoming a must-have for many shoppers.

A light t-shirt or turtleneck gives a professional yet casual look to your outfit and is extremely versatile.

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There is not just one way these jackets have to be worn and that can be attributed to their success across the globe. This floral bomber jacket underneath could easily be paired with a simple t-shirt. It is very business casual appropriate.

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There are so many looks one may want to try out when it comes to wearing one of these super trendy jackets. Men and women can style them in similar ways, which ultimately makes them a must-buy item. Ranging from affordable to super luxurious, these bomber jackets check off all the boxes for shoppers and their unique style needs.

In Closing

Whether you are looking to make a statement with your bomber jacket or just want to stay warm, there is a style for you. These jackets fall right into a business casual feel and look great while not breaking the bank. The cool thing about them is that you don't have to buy all new clothing to match because they are so compatible.

You can wear them in the office or even out to dinner with friends. Their range in styles and materials also makes them a year-long must-have for anyone looking to purchase one. Whether you decide to spend $30 or $300, you are going to look stylish. Although trends are always changing, we do not see these jackets going out of style any time soon.

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