22 Bright Summer Nail Color Ideas

If you're looking for some nail color inspiration, you have certainly come to the right place! Nail color plays an important role in your style choices. It's the finishing touch on any outfit after all. Manicures are an investment of time and money, so you want them to make a statement.

Bright nail colors and designs are perfect for the summertime. They're bold, beautiful, and sure to be eye-catching. You want your nails to look good, but not overpower your outfit. So, to help you out, we created a photo inspiration list of 22 bright summer nail color ideas. Without further ado, let's check them out!

Female hands with colorful nail design, 22 Bright Summer Nail Color Ideas

1. Rainbow Nails

Rainbow manicure on artificial square shape nails

Lollipop swirl rainbow nails sure look captivating. Two nails on each hand feature whimsical rainbow stripes, while the other nails are coated in a solid color.

2. Peony White

Female hands with white manicure holding a peony

Peonies are essential summer flowers. Coat your nails in a fresh white peony white color. White nails in the summertime look bright and gorgeous.

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3. Sunburst Yellow

Summer yellow manicure with crystals and jewelry ring

What says "summer" more than bright yellow nails? These sunshine nails feature a fun nail design with rhinestones and pearls to make them stand out even more.

4. Yellow With Thin Green Tips

Yellow manicure and makeup on a woman with flowers

Add a bit of edginess to your nail design by painting a fine green line along the edges of the pointed tips of the nails.

5. Pink Sprinkles

White manicure with pink sprinkle on donuts pattern

Sprinkles don't have to be reserved for donuts! Paint some pink sprinkles on your white nails for a playful look.

6. Orange And White Polka Dots

Sunny orange manicure with dots

Polka dot patterns are extremely cutesy in the summertime. Alternate the paint pattern with white nails and orange polka dots then orange nails and white polka dots.

7. Matte Blue With Florals

Summer pond inspired art lotus flowers nail art design

Accent your matte blue nails with dainty pink and green floral patterns. Have fun with your nail design and let your personal style shine through.

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8. Yellow With Tulips

Summer inspired yellow flower nail art design

Paint 3 nails sunburst yellow and 2 nails solid white and adorn those nails with thin yellow tulips. The little flower design will charm.

9. Geometric Pink And Black

Summer inspired hot pink polka dot nail art design

Geometric patterns look so alluring. A solid pink nail looks wonderful with black designs and a little bit of shimmer.

10. Matte Orange With Floral Design

Summer inspired coral flower nail art design

Matte colors are so in. Paint one accent nail on each hand with a bursting floral design that matches the color of your other nails.

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11. Summertime Colors

Summer inspired colorful striped nail art design

Let no single nail match another. Alternate colors, designs, and patterns for a full summertime display.

12. Multi-Colored Tips

Summer inspired colorful flowers nail art design

French tip nails are chic and classic. Give them a modern spin by using a different color tip for each nail. Paint one nail in a fun flower pattern.

13. Citrus-Inspired Nails

Summer french blue nail art with drawed orange fruit on wooden background

Citrus is very reminiscent of the summertime. Alternate a colorful orange pattern and a unique spin on the French tip.

14. Tropical Foliage

Striped manicure of nature herbal design nail art

Tropical foliage is all the rage. Get your nails in on the trend and make them over in the dreamy foliage pattern.

15. Summertime Symbols

Starfish and palm tree nail art design

Let the feeling of summertime pop from your nails by painting summertime symbols on them like palm trees, starfish, and seashells.

16. Dazzling Nail Decals

Pastel manicure with rhinestones and sequins on the background of Hydrangeas

Glam up your pastel nail color by painting whimsical patterns on them. Don't forget to add pearls and rhinestones to the design.

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17. Matte Pastel

Hands with short matte manicured nails

Matte pastel colors are an absolute dream. Their soft hues are cool and calming. Add a little spice to them by adding glitter polish to one nail on each hand.

18. Pink And White Marble

French oval manicure with a striped gradient in pink tones

There's a lot of options when it comes to nail designs. This marble-like pink and white design is completed with a white dip on the fingernail tip.

19. Ombre Rainbow

Female hands with colorful nail design holding beautiful yellow flower

Ombre nails consist of one color softly transitioning into another one. The rainbow color gradient looks playful.

20. Trio Of Nail Colors

Beautiful summer makeup with colorful nails

Use a trio of colors like pink, yellow, and green for a fun take on French tips. It's a colorful adventure for your nails.

21. Hot Pink

Beautiful neon plastick pink nails on blue background

Hot pink cannot be missed. It's a bold choice, making it an absolute staple color for the summertime.

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22. Pink And Marbled Blue

Beautiful female hand with red nail design holding white peony

Paint all your nails but one on each hand a mesmerizing pink color. On the remaining nail, create a wave-like marble appearance.

In Closing

Let us know in the comment section below which summertime nail design you decide to get! Before you go, you should definitely check out these other amazing nail guides:

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