Best Camisoles For Layering [A Complete Guide!]

Camisoles are wardrobe essentials for many reasons: they're versatile, lightweight, figure-flattering, stylish, and great for layering. If you're wondering which camisoles are best to help you achieve that layered look, we're here to help. We've scoured the best looks from fashion experts and compiled various types of camisoles to use for layering. Here's what our research has determined.

The type of camisole you choose depends on the look you want to achieve. Form-fitting, cotton, silk, lace, and shapewear are all types of camisoles that work best for layering. By knowing how to incorporate a camisole, your outfit will look stunning every time. Here's what to consider:

  • Fit - tight, loose-fitting, or shapewear
  • Material - ranging from cotton to silk, and blended fabrics or linen
  • Neckline - flattering styles like V-neck, boat neck, square neck, and cowl
  • Length - from modest waist lengths to bold midriff exposure, camisoles dare to go any length

Now that you know the essentials for choosing between camisoles, we'll look at each selection and answer some questions to help you complete your look. Keep reading to find out how to find the perfect camisole for you.

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What to Consider When Selecting the Right Camisole

You can incorporate a form-fitting camisole underneath a sheer blouse for added coverage, or pair one with a lacy trim neckline and a cardigan for a night on the town. You can wear longer camisoles underneath a plain t-shirt to give it definition, and a brightly colored camisole will contrast beautifully underneath a black blazer.

Finding the Right Fit - Are Camisoles Supposed to Be Tight?

First of all, camisoles do not need to be tight, but they certainly have their advantages. We'll explore each fit in-depth, including tight, loose-fitting, and shapewear, to see which choice best suits your needs.


Tightly fitting camisoles typically aren't worn alone as they show too much skin. These form-fitting tops are best worn underneath a plunging neckline blouse to add extra modesty, and they also create a smooth, slimming effect when worn underneath a t-shirt.

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Made of flowy fabric that sits at your waist, loose-fitting camisoles can be worn alone or layered underneath a cardigan or blazer. They're available in a vast selection of colors and prints to match anything in your wardrobe!

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Available in light, medium, and firm control, shapewear camisoles smooth imperfections when worn underneath clothing. They are sold in tank top styles and bodysuits to accommodate any outfit.

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Camisole Materials

Cotton, silk, and lace are just a few materials that camisoles are available in. Whether it's running errands on your day off or enjoying a fancy dinner date, camisoles can be dressed up or down without sacrificing comfort or style.


Cotton is comfort at its finest! Most form-fitting camisoles are made from cotton, as it provides the best breathability and pleasant feel against your skin.

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Silk is smooth and luxurious. It's a great way to add a little bit of elegance to an ordinary outfit while still feeling cool and comfortable.

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We see lace accents frequently on camisoles, and for a good reason, it's beautiful! Whether it's around the neckline or adorns the full camisole, lace will make you feel lovely.

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Neckline Options

Aside from the typical V-neck and scoop neck, camisoles come in the cowl and boatneck styles. Since we're already familiar with the classic necklines, let's take a look at some of the lesser-known ones.

Cowl Neck

This exquisite design is both classy and eye-catching. Many cowl neck camisoles are crafted in silk fabric to create the neckline's delicate drapes.

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Boat Neck

Boat necklines are beautiful in their simplicity. This design runs across your collarbone, adding full bust coverage with the lightweight comfort of a camisole.

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Square Neck

The square neckline also adds coverage but shows off your collarbone and elongates your neck; this is a feminine design that looks great on any body type.

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Length Variations

Camisoles come in varying lengths, from midriff-bearing crop tops to long ones that extend past your hips.

Crop Top

These camisoles can be worn alone if you dare or layered underneath a sleeveless dress or cardigan.

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Long Camisoles

Longer camisoles layer well with virtually anything, and they work well for covering up your stomach and hips.

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How Do You Layer With Camisoles?

The best part about camisoles is their versatility. Some look great when worn on their own, and all look fabulous when layered. Pair your camisoles with jeans, sweaters, blazers, dresses, and more to customize your style.


You can't go wrong with jeans and a longer camisole. Wear with an open sweater and you have a classic, casual outfit.

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Lace trim camisoles look nice worn underneath a t-shirt. Lace adds a touch of femininity and lends extra coverage for low neckline tops.

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Sleeveless Dresses

Wear form-fitting and crop top camisoles underneath sleeveless dresses to add a fun twist to your summer outfit.

Khaki dress, handbag and sunglasses

Button-up Shirt

Wear any length camisole underneath an oversized button-up shirt. Wear the shirt unbuttoned, or leave a few buttons undone at the top.

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Cardigans and camisoles always pair nicely together and go from casual to dressy.

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Camisoles add a beautiful pop of color against a black blazer for your everyday business attire.

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What Is the Difference Between A Camisole and A Tank Top?

Although the words camisole and tank top are used interchangeably, they are not the same. Camisoles are typically thinner and are best for layering. You can use tank tops for layering, but they're made of thicker material and are better worn alone.

While both camisoles and tank tops are available with built-in shelf bras, camisoles usually have spaghetti straps, and tank tops have broad shoulder straps.

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Can Camisoles Be Worn Alone?

You can definitely wear camisoles alone! Loose-fitting camisoles look classy when paired with skirts and jeans. Tuck the hem inside your waistband for a professional look; they can also be worn loose for a more laid-back look.

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Linen camisoles are a relatively new addition that works worn solo. Linen is super breathable for summer and pairs well with shorts, jeans, or skirts.

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Baby doll camisoles fit tighter up top and flare at the bottom and look great with denim.

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The Conclusion on Camisoles

We now know that the best camisoles for layering come in many different fits, fabrics, and lengths. Camisoles are the perfect accessory for layering and are a wardrobe staple. Whatever look you're going for, camisoles can help you achieve it!

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