Can You Iron Leather Jackets? [Including Faux Leather Jackets]

Leather and faux leather jackets are a timeless, versatile way to add some edge to your look. If you’ve just pulled out your leather jacket and found it a bit wrinkled, you might be tempted to iron it. But while leather is durable in many ways, it also needs to be taken care of. So, can leather and faux leather jackets be ironed; and, is there a special way to do it? We know the last thing you want to do is damage your leather jacket. We’ve done the research so that you can keep that leather or faux leather jacket in great condition and get those wrinkles out in no time!

You can successfully iron your leather or faux leather jacket by following these steps:

  1. Empty the water container in your iron.
  2. Set your iron to the lowest heat setting.
  3. Lay the jacket flat on a hard surface.
  4. Place a thick cotton fabric or brown paper bag on the wrinkled portion of the jacket.
  5. Use the iron in quick, gentle strokes, only allowing the iron to touch the cotton or paper bag.
  6. Continue moving the cotton or paper bag to other sections of the jacket, keeping it between the iron and leather until all wrinkles are removed.

Keep reading to learn more about what ironing can do to leather and faux leather. We’ll also discuss other ways to get the wrinkles out of your leather or faux leather jacket and whether you can steam or fold your jacket.

A woman holding a mirror wearing a leather jacket, Can You Iron Leather Jackets? [Including Faux Leather Jackets]

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Ironing Your Leather Jacket

A woman holding an iron on her hand while wearing a leather jacket

If your leather jacket hasn’t been stored properly, it may have some wrinkles. Faux leather jackets are even quicker to wrinkle because of the fabrics they are made of. Ironing may seem like an obvious way to solve the problem. Be careful! Ironing directly onto leather or faux leather can damage the garment. There are several ways to remove wrinkles from your leather or faux leather jacket. If you are opting to iron it, you’ll want to follow the steps outlined above.

Emptying the iron's water container will help avoid any accidental spills and potential water damage. The lowest heat setting is important because leather is easily damaged when exposed to extreme temperatures.

Using a piece of cotton fabric, such as a towel, as a barrier between the iron and the jacket will help further protect it. If you do not have a towel or cotton fabric handy, a brown paper bag will also work. Avoid using thinner fabrics or paper. Use a light hand, moving the iron quickly. Avoid letting it sit too long on any part of the jacket.

How Do You Get Wrinkles Out Of A Leather Jacket?

A dark iron leather jacket on a white background

Ironing is not your only option to remove wrinkles from your leather jacket. You can pull out the wrinkles, use steam, or flatten out the jacket. Which option you choose depends on the severity of the wrinkles and how much time you have.

Pull The Wrinkles Out

Pulling works best for mild or smaller wrinkles in your leather jacket. Hang the jacket on a wide, strong coat hanger. Putting each hand on opposite sides of the wrinkle you want to remove, gently pull the jacket with each hand simultaneously in opposite directions. Pull for only a few seconds at a time, letting the fabric rest for a few seconds in between. Be careful not to pull so hard that you overstretch the leather. Release the jacket to see if the wrinkle is smoothed out.

Steam Up the Bathroom

The best way to steam the wrinkles out of a leather jacket is by hanging it on a wooden coat hanger in your bathroom and taking a hot shower. Hang the jacket close to the steam, but not close enough to get wet. Leave the jacket in the steam as long as possible, the length of your shower, and a bit after. Make sure to wipe off any drops of condensation. Before the room cools off completely, use the pulling method above for any remaining wrinkles.

If this option is not available, you can use a garment steamer. Using a garment steamer is riskier because of the higher and more concentrated heat. Be extra careful. Don’t hold the steamer too close or in the same area for too long.

Flatten It Out

Lay your jacket flat on a hard surface and place heavy flat items, such as books, on top of the wrinkled areas. Leave the jacket this way overnight and check it in the morning. At this point, you might do some gentle pulling or smoothing it out. Put the jacket on again so that it regains its regular shape.

Is It Okay To Fold A Leather Jacket?

Folding a leather jacket is not ideal, but it is ok. While it’s best to hang your leather jacket if you want to avoid wrinkles and creases, we know this is not always an option. Sometimes you just have to fold it. Folding your leather jacket will not damage it, and by now, you know how to remove any wrinkles you might cause.

If you must fold your leather jacket, we found some videos to help you do it right. Check out this video for how to fold a motorcycle jacket:

If your jacket is closer to a blazer style, you might prefer this quick video:

Can You Iron Faux Leather?

You should not iron directly onto faux leather. Faux leather is made with a plastic coating. This does not respond well to extreme heat. Iron directly onto faux leather can melt the plastic. Follow the same process for ironing as you would with a genuine leather jacket, making sure to use a cotton or brown paper bag barrier.

Can You Use A Steamer On Faux Leather?


Like genuine leather, a steamer should be a last resort because of the risk for potential damage. While the shower option is preferable, you can use a steamer on faux leather. Make sure to move the steamer quickly and don’t hold it too close to the fabric. You just need the steam to relax the material enough to get rid of the wrinkles.

In Summary

Leather jackets and faux leather jackets are a classic addition to any wardrobe. But if stored improperly, wrinkles can happen. It’s best to avoid ironing directly onto both leather and faux leather. There are still a few simple ways to remove wrinkles from your leather or faux leather jacket without ironing directly on the material. We are confident that you now have the skills to deal with those wrinkles while keeping your jacket in great condition.

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