Can You Use Mousse On Colored Hair?

Whether your hair is straight, curly, wavy, thick, or thin, hair mousse can be a great addition to your hair care and styling routine. However, what about if you've colored your hair? If you're wondering whether you can use mousse on colored hair, you've come to the right place. We've researched the topic in-depth and have an answer for you!

You can use mousse on colored treated hair as it is typically safe. However, it's best to choose a mousse designed specifically for color-treated hair for the best results. 

Now you know mousse is safe to use on colored hair, but don't click the back button yet. Keep reading as we elaborate on this and answer some other questions you have about hair mousse! We'll also discuss color mousse and what it is, and whether there are any alternatives to using hair mousse.

Woman applying hair mousse. Can You Use Mousse On Colored Hair

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Mousse For Color Treated Hair

Mousse is typically safe for color-treated hair, but it's a good idea to opt for a mousse that is specifically designed to be used on color-treated hair. There are even mousses designed to protect and prolong the color of dyed hair.

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Sometimes when trying to dye your hair blonde or a lighter color, you may end up with a brassy color instead. You might've heard of purple shampoo that helps remove some of the brassiness. Well, there is also a mousse that can help remove brassiness in blonde, grey, and silver hair.

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Overall, your hair mousse is unlikely to affect your hair color negatively.

Can you color your hair with mousse in it?

It may be confusing when it comes to dyeing your hair about the proper steps to take before applying color. Some hair dyes, often those with lower chemical content, will tell you to dye your hair when it is clean. Other hair dyes, those with high ammonia, will tell you to dye your hair when it is dirty. So, does dirty hair include hair with other products still in it?

If the hair dye has a high amount of ammonia in it, the dye will likely still work even if you have hair mousse in it. However, there are too many factors to say for sure whether your hair mousse will mess up the result of your hair dye or not. It's better to not risk ending up with odd-colored hair. If you have mousse in your hair, it's better to wash it out and wait a couple of days, so you have dirty but product-free hair for dyeing.

What is colored hair mousse?

Colored hair mousse is a temporary hair coloring product that can help cover greys and tint your hair between trips to the salon. The mousse also includes the benefits of added volume, just like regular hair mousse.

If you choose to use colored mousse, make sure you choose a color as close to your hair color as possible. However, most coloring mousses are designed for shampooing out after one wash, so if you aren't happy with how the results look, you can just wash it out.

Another benefit of colored mousse is that it is easy to use. The application of the mousse is much simpler than the regular process of dyeing hair, which makes them a great alternative if you want to cut back on the number of times you dye your hair within a certain time period.

Different Types Of Colored Hair Mousse

There are different kinds of colored hair mousses, just like there are different kinds of regular hair mousses. Some colored mousse will enhance the current color of your hair. Though they won't provide full coverage, other colored mousses will help cover your greys until you can make it to the salon.

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Does mousse dry out hair?

Put simply, yes, it can. Whether mousse will dry out your hair depends mostly on the type of mousse you use. Any mousse with a high alcohol content will likely dry out your hair.

When mousse first became popular, it got a reputation for creating hard, crunchy hair. These types of mousse had high levels of drying alcohol in their ingredients. Mousse has come a long way since then. The formula for mousse has change, and now there are many low alcohol or alcohol-free options.

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Though mousse is suitable for almost every hair type and has many purposes, hydrating dry hair is not one of them. If you're trying to add moisture to your hair, you should opt for a different product, such as a hydrating serum. Mousse can also be combined with other hair products, so if you still want mousse's other benefits, try pairing it with another moisture-adding product.

If you're not convinced about this short explanation, we have another post on the topic here: "Does Hair Mousse Dry Out Hair?" It'll dive into the dos and don'ts of hair mousse, so take a look!

What can I use instead of hair mousse?

Not everyone is a fan of hair mousse. Fortunately, hair mousse has some alternatives depending on what typical benefit of mousse you're trying to recreate. For example, mousse is great for adding volume, defining curls, and style holding. There are alternatives for each of these attributes.


If you're trying to add volume to your hair, there are plenty of methods and products you can try that don't include mousse. You can simply try blow-drying your hair upside down or changing your part. If you want a product to help you out, try using a volume-boosting shampoo and conditioner or serum.

Defining Curls

For curl definition, moisture can play a big part. Try using a moisture-adding shampoo or conditioner. Dry your curls gently and with a diffuser. Once your curls are dry, leave them be! Avoid brushing your curls and protect your curls when you sleep.

Silk hair caps or satin pillowcases can help protect your curls overnight. You can also try braiding on wearing your hair in a high bun.

There are also lots of curl-defining creams and serums on the market that will work as an alternative to hair mousse. Products including argan oil or shea butter are popular options.

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Style Holding

You probably already have some ideas for alternative-style holding options. There are lots of hair gels on the market. Nevertheless, if you're looking for a more natural alternative that you can make yourself, flaxseed gel is highly recommended by many curly-haired women. It can help define your curls and add moisture to your hair.

The main ingredients of the flaxseed gel are just flaxseed and water, but you can add in essential oils or aloe vera for added benefits. A quick google search will show you there are lots of easy-to-follow recipes online.

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Final Thoughts

Any mousse is typically safe for colored hair, but why not get another benefit of using mousse and choose one that will help protect your color? Mousse is great at doing jobs that normally require multiple products. Hopefully, our article has helped answer some questions you might have had about hair mousse and that you now know you can safely put it on your colored hair!

Now if you're wondering how often you should reach for the hair mousse, check out one of our other blog posts here: "How Often To Use Hair Mousse."

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