Can You Wear Leather Boots In The Rain?

Are your leather boots your style? On rainy days do you wonder if you can wear leather boots? You have come to the right place. We have researched how leather boots fare in the rain and are ready to answer all of your questions.

You can wear leather boots in the rain for short periods of time. Leather boots can get wet, however, it is best that you keep leather boots dry when possible. If you do allow them to get wet due to a little rain, try not to step in any puddles or do any activities in which they would become soaking wet.

Continue reading to learn more about whether or not leather boots are waterproof,  what to do if your leather boots get rained on, find out if they shrink when they get wet, whether or not the snow will ruin leather boots, and more!

Cowboy boots left inside the bull ring, Can You Wear Leather Boots In The Rain?

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Leather Boots in the Rain

Contrary to what you may have thought, leather boots can get wet. The thing is, you do not want them to get soaking wet. Walking in the rain from your vehicle into your office building or in and out of the grocery store most likely will not hurt a thing.

Avoid puddles to prevent your leather boots from getting soaked. This is best since leather needs to dry fully after getting wet. You can easily dry the outside of the shoe with a nonabrasive washcloth or towel.

Woman wearing boots in the garden

Now if you live somewhere where it rains quite often, leather boots may not be the best shoes for your lifestyle. If you just can't live without them and really want to wear them on rainy days, there are a few precautions you can take to preserve them.

When your leather boots are already wet from rain it is a good idea to use this time to condition them. The conditioning treatment is absorbed as water evaporates from leather. This should be done with full-grain leather which is a high-quality leather. Never add wax to suede.

What to do if my leather boots get rained on?

Always allow your leather boots to dry completely after they get wet. Once you are safely inside and out of the rain, you should first dry your boots on the outside then take the shoelaces out. Removing shoelaces from wet leather shoes is important because everything will dry out more quickly that way. Doing so also prevents moisture from getting trapped between the boot and laces.

After removing the shoelaces from your wet leather boots, take the insoles out and place the shoes up onto a shoe rack or lay them on their side so that they can air out efficiently. It is best to place your leather boots somewhere cool and dry so that they can dry out completely.

If you notice any white splotches on your leather boots once they are dry these spots are most likely salt stains. This sometimes happens depending on what minerals are in the rainwater where you live. You can mix vinegar and water in equal parts to then use a soft washcloth to clean off any salt stains.

Squeeze as much of the water out of the washcloth as you can before wiping your boot off with it then allow those spots to dry.

Are most leather boots waterproof?

Woman sitting on the stairs of a building wearing jeans and leather boots

Leather boots are not naturally waterproof. The material itself is permeable meaning it soaks up liquids such as water, grease, or oil. This is not such a concern with faux leather as it is already water-resistant.

A lot of people like to wear leather boots during the springtime which is why it is so important to understand how to care for them the best way possible in order to get the most wear out of them. Because leather is not waterproof, it is important that you care for your leather to ensure it will last. You can treat leather to make it mostly waterproof.

Can you make leather boots waterproof?

You can make your leather boots waterproof by applying wax or waterproof spray. These sprays are used as a clear oil and water repellent layer of protection. If you are using wax you need to apply it, allow it to dry for between half an hour to an hour, and then buff it off with a clean and dry washcloth.

There are also waterproof covers available made to put over the top of shoes. Silicone spray is another option for making your leather boots waterproof. It is not the most durable but does work.

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Do leather boots shrink when wet?

Yes, leather boots shrink slightly when drying out after getting wet. Some people get leather boots on and wear them with wet socks as they shrink while drying so that the boots will fit the shape of their feet and also break them in faster. If your leather boots are slightly too big, it is better to wear thick socks than to try to shrink them by any method of heating.

You can fill your shoes with dry newspaper to help soak up the moisture from the inside of your leather boots. It is imperative that you remove the newspaper once it has drawn the water out of the boots. It is okay to replace the newspaper approximately every thirty minutes if the shoes are soaking wet and less often if they are barely wet.

Do NOT use any methods of heating your leather boots up as means to dry the rain out of them. After your shoes have dried out you should polish them to keep them fresh and supple.

Do leather boots get ruined in the snow?

Snow is not good for leather boots. If your leather boots are not properly taken care of and prepared for snowy weather, they will become cracked upon drying out. Just like salt and water can ruin leather boots, snow can too.

It is important that you do not leave your leather boots to sit out in the snow. Just like when they get rained on, they need to dry out properly in order to avoid damaging them. You can coat your leather boots with wax to protect them from the cold and snowy weather.

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Avoid wearing leather boots in the snow when you can. The best time of year to wear leather boots is during seasons with mild weather such as during the Fall season. Weather that is extremely hot can have a negative effect on leather boots just like cold snowy weather can.

Make sure you never dry out leather boots in the sun because the heat is too harsh and will cause the leather to become weak and you will notice it cracking when being flexed afterward.

Does rain ruin cowboy boots?

A pair of cowboy boots on the shelf

No, rain does not usually ruin cowboy boots. The quality of your cowboy boots does have an impact on how easily and quickly they become visibly worn though. It also depends on how often you wear them.

It is okay for cowboy boots to get wet. Most of the time they already have a layer of protection on them upon purchasing them but you can always check your original packaging, look up the product description, or ask the store owner if you are unsure.

Cowboy boots are typically made from cowhide which means they are leather boots. Remember that cowboy boots and leather boots are not cheap. It is best to take precautions if you are going to wear them in the rain. Just like all other leather boots, it is wise to have some sort of waterproof protection covering your boots.

If your cowboy boots get wet from rain or muddy you can wipe them clean and let them air dry.

The types of materials used to make cowboy boots vary. They include but are not limited to alligator, snake, bison, and cow. Although walking in the rain from one location to another will not ruin your cowboy boots, letting them get soaking wet and then not allowing them to dry sufficiently will ultimately ruin them in the long run.


Cowboy boots left inside the bull ring

All in all, you can wear leather boots in the rain. You should avoid puddles and have to let them dry properly afterward. If it rains heavily where you live you may want to wear rubber rain boots on rainy days and save your leather boots for days that are not rainy. You can waterproof your boots by adding wax or waterproof spray.

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