Can You Wear A Maxi Skirt As A Dress? [Here’s How]

We’re in a time that sustainability is one of the main focuses of crafting or revamping a wardrobe. It seems everyone is looking to repurpose items they already have in their closet. Although sometimes we’re quick to purge our closets and get rid of articles of clothing that we no longer wear, some pieces are worth a second look.

You certainly can wear a maxi skirt as a dress! Depending on your height and the length of the skirt, a maxi skirt can be one of the easiest items to refashion. There are quick and easy no-sew methods to give your maxi skirt an entirely new look. There are also some methods that require some tweaking and sewing but will—in no time—breathe new life into your old maxi skirt.

Keep reading along as we provide you with alternative ways to style your maxi skirt. You’ll be sure to turn heads in your not-so-new outfit. Everyone will think you stepped right off the runway instead of repurposing your closet!

Attractive young brunette woman with perfect natural neutral make-up, freckles and simple hairstyle wearing high heels shoes, pink maxi skirt,white top and gray hat, Can You Wear A Maxi Skirt As A Dress? [Here's How]

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How do you wear a maxi skirt as a dress?

If your old maxi skirt is still wearable, but just needs a refresh, we’ve got plenty of ideas for you.

Pull the Skirt Up

Depending on your height and overall size, turning your favorite skirt into a dress could be as simple as pulling the waistband up above your chest. Sometimes, this isn’t possible, nor is it always flattering.

Belt it

If you’re able to simply pull the elastic waistband up over your chest, in order to define your waistline and give the dress some shape, you should consider belting it. That is, of course, the easiest way to wear your maxi skirt as a dress. Belting it at the waist also makes it instantly more flattering, and you can have a lot of fun coordinating your belt to any other accessories you choose to wear.

This pin shows a simple way to turn a maxi skirt into a dress.

Watch Out for Wardrobe Malfunctions

If the skirt has a slit in it, you should be mindful of how high it will go, should you just wear the skirt as a dress as-is. A modest slit can end up showing more skin than planned (or wanted!) if the skirt is pulled up too high. You can consider adding a few stitches to the top of the slit to preserve its modesty.

Adjust the Length

Another thing to keep in mind is the length of the skirt versus your height. Depending on your height, the hem may fall at an awkward point. If you’re familiar with using a sewing machine (or not afraid to try), you can always tack the hem up to fall just at, under, or above your knees—dependent upon your preference.

Add a Top Layer

Some people tend to shy away from strapless dresses. If that is the case, you could always throw a light sweater, blazer, or any button-down shirt or jacket on over your “new” dress for a completely different look. This will be the perfect outfit to wear for any occasion.

How to turn a maxi skirt into a dress

There are countless other ways to turn your old maxi skirts into a dress. In some instances, you can belt the waistband, gather some of the excess fabric, and tuck it into the belt, giving your skirt a billowy look. Some maxi-skirts-turned-dresses look great with a simple knot at the new hemline.

Check out this video which shows you how to style a maxi skirt 30 different ways—with no cutting or sewing required!

Some methods, of course, may require some sewing and other alterations. You can add sleeves or straps, add to the hem, or you can even turn it into a two-piece coordinating set. There is really no end to how many options you have!

This foldable elastic waist maxi skirt from Amazon can convert perfectly into a dress.

If you're in the market to pick up a simple maxi skirt that can be transformed into a dress, this skirt comes in a variety of colors and can be worn either way easily. Maxi skirts with foldable, elastic waistbands are the easiest skirts to convert into a dress.

What can I do with an old maxi skirt?

There are plenty of things to do with an old maxi skirt. Even if yours is beyond the point of both repair and re-wear, we have solutions for you. You can easily resurrect your old skirt by cutting it and sewing it into a scarf or a headband.

This video shows 6 different ways you can reuse and enjoy your old maxi skirt if it’s no longer wearable as-is.

What if your old maxi skirt is still wearable? If you don't (or think you can't) turn it into a dress once you're done reading this, you can always make it new again by pairing it with something you haven't previously. You can style it with a knotted band tee, a bohemian-style tank top, or a simple solid top.

This pin is an example of pairing a maxi skirt with a solid-colored top.

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In Closing

Attractive young brunette woman with perfect natural neutral make-up, freckles and simple hairstyle wearing high heels shoes, pink maxi skirt,white top and gray hat, Can You Wear A Maxi Skirt As A Dress? [Here's How]

There is always something you can do with an old maxi skirt hanging in your closet. However you choose to repurpose it, be sure to rock it with style!

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