Can You Wear Wedge Sandals In The Fall Or Winter?

Ask anyone who has ever worked in fashion, and they'll tell you that they're a fan of wedge shoes. Wedges are great for looking formal, making your legs look longer, and also staying comfortable. (Can we get an amen here?) In the summer, owning wedges is a must. But, what about the fall or the winter? Are there times when wearing wedges can be acceptable then?

While wedge sandals are almost universally deemed unseasonable during the winter, it's possible to wear your favorite pair of wedges during the fall for far longer than you'd expect. It's called "wearing transition wedges," and it's meant to be one of the many subtle ways that your wardrobe turns over season after season.

So, fear not. You can wear those wedges for quite some time. But, there are still rules to this fashion transition that you need to be aware of. Isn't it time you learned a little more about this?

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Understanding The Perks And Pitfalls Of Fall And Winter Wedge Sandals

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Wearing wedge sandals during "off seasons" is going to be a bit of an edgy look. Traditional folks might eschew it altogether, but there are still some details worth noting. Let's discuss the basics...

Wearing Wedges In The Winter: Is It A Good Idea?

If we're looking at wintertime alone, there really aren't many situations where wearing sandals in extreme winter weather will benefit you. It's unseasonable, will leave your feet cold, and will also make your outfit look unbalanced. This is doubly true if you're wearing a puffy jacket!

If you live in an area where winter is mild rather than wild, things get a little more nuanced. It is possible to wear wedge sandals in winter, but you need to do it carefully. You still have to stay warm and look warm for the season. This is why you should pick materials for shoes you can wear in the snow, even if it's not snowing.

Wedge boots, on the other hand? That's totally winter-appropriate and may actually be one of the easiest ways to keep your outfit transitions smooth throughout the year.

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Wearing Wedges In The Fall: Is It A Good Idea?

If you want to wear wedges in the fall, then that's a possibility. However, there are perks and pitfalls to this look that you need to be aware of:

  • Wearing wedges in the fall is considered to be a great way to transition, but it often requires you to wear layers to make it look more appropriate for the season.
  • Some people may find wearing sandals in the fall to be cold for their feet.
  • Should you live in an area where snowfall is possible during the fall, sandals are not appropriate.

Are Wedges Comfortable To Wear?

People looking for a fall shoe that breathes and looks cute will be happy to know that wedges are generally considered some of the most comfortable heels out there. While they are not as easy to walk in as platforms, most people will find that wedges are fairly comfortable and easy to get used to. They definitely beat stilettos!

If you are worried about having the balls of your feet hurting while you stroll in wedges, getting a sole insert can help cushion your step.

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Is It Okay To Wear Tights With Sandals?

If you are wearing wedge sandals in the fall or winter, you must work on layering your clothing. This includes doing things to keep your feet warm. While this used to be considered a gauche move, the truth is that it's changed and became a more stylish option.

You might be worried about having it look like the classically-cringey "socks and sandals" look. Don't be! Tights are not the same as socks; they're more streamlined.

What's The Best Way To Wear Wedge Sandals In The Fall Or Winter?

Wearing sandals in colder months means that you will need to have a little strategy to pull off this look. Having the right fashion tips can make it easier to pass off and improve your overall ability to upgrade your look. These tips below can help:

  • When putting together your outfit, remember to add layers. This helps keep things seasonal.
  • Avoid picking sandals that have a light, "spring" or "summer" color when you're getting an outfit for the fall.
  • It's often better to stick to leather wedges if you want to wear them during the fall and winter. Leather looks more appropriate in colder climates.
  • Dark neutral-colored wedges are the most versatile for both fall and winter outfits.
  • Avoid bare toes whenever possible, unless the wedges in question are peep-toe. Borderline bare feet are more of a summer thing.
  • Tights under your sandals are a must, especially if it's nippy outside!
  • Remember: "cozy" is the name of the fall game!

What Do You Wear With Wedge Sandals?

If you're trying to flaunt your sandals during the summer or late spring, the answer is usually "anything." Wedges are remarkably versatile like that. However, when you're trying to wear them in the fall or winter, things get a little more difficult. It's not impossible, though. Most of the time, the best way to put together an outfit during these seasons is to pair it with a dress or a skirt and tights.

Believe it or not, you can actually use some of your summer dresses to get a good look going with your wedge sandals. To do this, match your favorite summer dress with tights and a cool jacket. Then, add a pair of dark wedges and the accessories of your choice. Voila! You have a perfect fall-ready outfit.

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What Are The Best Tights To Wear With Wedge Sandals?

In terms of tights, it's often better to go for bold, opaque tights in a color that works with your outfit. While you can never go wrong with a neutral color like grey or black, the truth is that this is a good place to add a pop of color. Besides, who doesn't love the look of blue tights?

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Not a fan of opaque tights, or want to add an extra twist of style to your look? While it may take a little extra coordination, it's also a good idea to look at patterned tights that work with the outfit at hand. Partially transparent tights (like lace) tend to work well here.

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When it comes to modern fashion, there is never any truly "black and white" rule to follow anymore. If you have the pizazz and the common sense to put together a good outfit, it'll work. The same can be said about the type of shoes you choose to wear during the fall and winter months.

If you don't want to part with your favorite pair of wedges once the seasons change, you really don't have to. As long as you take the time to coordinate a nice outfit, no one will say anything about your footwear choice. If you ask us, that's just part of the magic of modern fashion.

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