How to Carry Cell Phone With a Dress [6 practical ideas]

How to Carry Cell Phone With a Dress [6 practical ideas]

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It's time to head off to the music festival or a street fair or a cocktail party, and the last thing you want to have to deal with is a bulky purse. But you need your cell phone handy, and you want to wear a breezy dress. Sadly, your dress has no pockets, and you need to carry your cell phone. How can you take your cell phone while wearing a dress?

We've found six excellent and creative solutions for carrying a cell phone while wearing a dress.

  • Cellphone Lanyard
  • Armband
  • Garter Purse
  • Cellphone Wristlet
  • Fanny Pack
  • Bra With Hidden Cell Phone Pocket

Unfamiliar with some of these options? No worries. We have examples and images to show you below.

Cellphone Lanyard

Cellphone Lanyards are just what they sound like. They're lanyards to be worn around the neck, with an additional adapter for holding your cellphone. A lanyard is an excellent solution if you want to be both hands-free and to have your cellphone handy for quick photos or texts. Think about a hot summer music festival or a stroll through your favorite city. It's a way to have wardrobe freedom and wear a dress, while still having that cell phone close at hand.

Gear Beast Universal Lanyard

We love this lanyard for several reasons. It comes in thirty-five different colors and patterns. It works with loads of different cell phone models. It has a pocket on the back for a credit card and a little cash. And it has a clip if you want to separate your phone from your neck to take a phone call.

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Anti-Theft Wallet Lanyard

Here's another great cell phone lanyard with a wallet pocket for your debit card and cash on the go. This model comes with an anti-theft barrier and can be charged wirelessly. The neck lanyard will unclip if you need to remove the phone from your neck, and the strap on the back is adjustable to make a kickstand. It also comes in red, black, grey, and aqua in addition to the pink shown here.

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Armband For Cell Phone

Yes, you're wearing a dress or maybe a cover-up at the beach. You want to be hands-free with your cell phone, but you also want to move. A lanyard won't work because you don't want your cell phone bumping against your chest as you dance by the bonfire. That's where an armband designed for your cell phone can work out well.

Cell Phone Armband With Swivel Feature

This armband for your cell phone is handy with its swivel feature that makes changing the music selection easy. Getting a text? No problem, swivel it around and type in your answer. This one's great because it works for several different makes of phones and comes in three super colors: black, lime green, and soft grey.

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Fabric Armband Phone Holder

Looking for something a little more discreet? Try out this cute armband holder for your cell phone. It will allow you to be active, wear your dress, and keep your phone and a few personal items tucked away. It has two zipped compartments for your phone and other items. It's available for several different phone models and comes in four cute colors: lilac, pink, black, and grey.

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Garter Purse For Your Cell Phone

It's prom night, or maybe your company's holiday cocktail party. You're wearing a stunning dress, but you don't want to carry a bag. What's a girl to do with her cell phone? You can't leave home without it. Why not try a garter purse? This is great for the night's when you don't need easy access to your phone, but you don't want to leave home without it.

Stashbandz Garter Purse

This much-loved design has a silicone interior grip to help the purse stay in place. The 5.5" pocket will hold many different phone designs. It also comes in three different sizes for the right fit. Available in black as shown, nude, hot pink with black lace, and a sultry red with black lace trim. Sexy and convenient!

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Calf Or Leg Band Holder For Cell Phone

If you're wearing a long gown, you might consider this calf band holder for your cell phone. It makes it a little more accessible while still keeping it hidden away underneath your gown. This one comes with an extra pocket for your lipstick or debit card. It's available in green as shown or pink, black, aqua, and grey.

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Cell Phone Wristlet

You don't mind carrying something small, as long as it looks cute with your dress, and fits your cell phone. Then check out a cell phone wristlet. It's a zippered pouch with a strap to wear around your wrist. It's a perfect solution for going out to eat or a coffee shop date, maybe even a trip to the museum.

Floral Leather Wallet Wristlet For Your Cell Phone

This ingenious design is a cell phone case, wallet, and wristlet all in one. The wallet opens from its magnetic closure to reveal card slots on one side and your phone on the other. The wristlet band is removable if needed. Made to fit several different models of iPhones. Comes in five colors each with coordinating floral accent.

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Kate Spade Wristlet

It's hard to go wrong with classic Kate Spade. This wristlet is designed to fit many models of phones and measures approximately eight inches by five inches. It's made of lovely Saffiano leather, contains an exterior pocket, and four interior credit card slots in addition to room for your phone. Available in four additional colors besides the beige and black shown here.

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Fanny Pack For Cell Phone

Wearing a belted dress? Why not go for a fanny pack to have hands free phone access. With a fanny pack, you can even carry a bit more than you can with some of the other options. You can have room for your phone, cash, credit cards, your lipstick, and even your car keys. Plus, it's secure and won't bounce if you're waving your arms for your favorite team.

Tinyat Travel Fanny Pack

This lightweight and waterproof fanny pack is an excellent choice for your summer dress. Available in eight great colors, the bag is washable and easy-care. It has an adjustable waist strap and two separate zippered compartments for all your items.

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Holographic Rave Fanny Pack

Headed to the rave or the big music fest? This retro-style fanny pack with holographic fabric is sure to get you lots of compliments. It's also roomy at 12" x 6" x 3". It comes in ten awesome holographic colors and has an adjustable up to 54" waist strap.

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Bra With Hidden Pocket For Cell Phone

If all you want to carry is your phone and you don't need to use it very much, then consider the bra pocket! Every woman has occasionally used the bra wallet (a ten-dollar bill tucked into your cup), but how many have used it for their cell phone? Lucky for us, savvy manufacturers have figured out that sometimes it's the best storage option for more than just the girls!

High Impact Pocket Bra

You can be like a samurai, reaching behind your back for your sword, but instead, it's your phone. This athletic bra provides great coverage for underneath a sundress and has a hand pocket to tuck away your cell phone discreetly.

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There you have it, our six great options for wearing a dress and carrying your cell phone. Have one of each, and then you're ready for any of the scenarios we presented. If you want some other awesome life hacks with your fashion, check out these additional posts here on Style Cheer.

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