Chain It Up: The Rise of the Iconic Dress and Its Budget-Friendly Dupes

Lily-Rose Depp during the 73th Venice film festival

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NEWS - Chanel made fashion history in their 1992 Spring/Summer couture show with the debut of "The Chain Dress".

Supermodel Christy Turlington cemented the dress in our minds when she wore it on the runway. Picture a sleek, body-hugging dress draped with luxurious golden chains.

@eyeconicissues I thought it was only right for the first post to be about this dress from Chanel’s spring 1992 couture collection designed by karl lagerfeld modeled by iconic supermodel Christy Turlington. #chanel #christyturlington #fashiontiktok #fashiontok #chainsress #lilyrosedepp #naomicampbell #penelopecruz #couture #fyp ♬ SUMMER RENAISSANCE - Beyoncé

Since then, we've seen the dress worn by multiple icons. Most noteworthy are Penelope Cruz in 2009 and Lily-Rose Depp in 2019.

The dress made a comeback in 2022 on Tiktok when people started finding dupes. Some were especially resourceful and made the dupes themselves!

@qlaurentine 5 metres of chain later and here we are... can make a tutorial if people want! #chaneldress #fashiontiktok #cambridge #diy #sewing #lilyrosedepp #metgala #cambridgeuniversity #fashion #fabric #chain #couture ♬ ACDC Beegees mashup - Kim Austin

People who sew are a different sort of magical. TikToker @qlaurentine definitely looks like she got her dress straight from the Chanel runway.

@rousemarryyy I was inspired by a vintage dress from Chanel 1992 Spring-summer collection, and slightly restyled to Gatsby style✨ #fypシ #chanel #vintagedress #vintage #gatsbystyle #accessories ♬ glock in my lap x divine hell - poyson™

Instead of chains, TikToker @rousemarryy put her own spin on the dress by adding strings of pearls. And who doesn't love a cowl neckline?

Bella Barnett has a knockoff of the Chanel dress in their current line. It retails for $110 as opposed to Chanel's $10,000.

The Tiktoker Obsessed With Jewelry Dresses

Woman in gorgeous dress of stones

The Chanel dress isn't a "jewelry dress' per se, but it fits comfortably into that subset of fashion. Besides, we lovingly refer to it as a chain dress for a reason.

This is why when I discovered Madeleine White's Tiktoks, I couldn't help but think of Christy Turlington on that 1992 runway! The Chain Dress is so burned into our minds that any semblance of a jewelry dress is a 10/10.

That's why TikTok user Madeleine White's videos caught our attention. Her takes on the Chain Dress harkens back to the timeless elegance of the original, reminding us why this piece has stood the test of time.

Take a look for yourself and see why the Chanel Chain Dress is a true fashion classic:

@madeleine_white Vegas boutiques really be doing the most #grwm #ootd ♬ Pink Venom - BLACKPINK

Madeleine bought this jewelry dress from a boutique in Vegas and went to work to style it.

She attempts a variety of fits before settling with a strategically tied bathing suit matched with the skirt of a dress, all underneath the jewelry dress statement piece.

@madeleine_white Its a write off… a write off? Yeah a write off.. WHO writes it off.. idk the government? #grwm #ootd ♬ Kiss It Better - Aluna & MK

Alright, this one isn't a dress, but it's a jewelry top. It's still a play on the chain dress, and we could see styling this in a wide variety of ways.

She styles the top with nothing more than nude underwear underneath, a white skirt, butterfly heels, and a pink sparkle bag.

Madeline continues on her adventures with jewelry dresses. Give her a follow and you will see. We loved when she styled a multicolored piece with black underneath.

In 2023, the hype seems to have died down a little. But considering the OG's track record, we may be looking forward to a resurgence of the Chanel dress pretty soon.

Mysterious blonde woman in luxury chain face mask matching elegant dress posing on dark shiny tinsel background

So, what do you think? What with the Chanel Chain Dress and its popularity, we are seeing people embrace jewelry dresses into their style. Either that or this will be just another trend that the internet is going to get bored of. Let's see!

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