How Much Does A Chanel Handbag Cost?

Chanel has become one of the most renowned luxury high-end fashion brands. One of the company's trademark products is the handbag. Chanel handbags are a fashionable statement piece that embodies the luxurious lifestyle that many dream of. But just how expensive are Chanel handbags?

Chanel handbags have a price range between $2,100 and $9,000. Chanel does have a limited supply of select handbags that cost up to $261,000. It's also important to note that Chanel handbags typically increase in price every year.

A woman walking on the streets on Milan while wearing her Chanel CC bag, How Much Does A Chanel Handbag Cost?

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If you still have some additional questions about the cost of Chanel handbags, don't worry. In this guide, we'll discuss the topic in depth. Without further ado, let's get into it!

What Is The Cheapest Bag At Chanel?

Chanel releases new collections of bags throughout the year, and it also maintains the availability of the current models of its classic handbag.

The cheapest bag collection at Chanel is the wallet on a chain. Just like the name sounds, it's simply a wallet on a chain. There are many to choose from in terms of size, color, and style. The cheapest model costs $2,100 and measures 4.8 inches x 7.5 inches x 1.4 inches. Choose between various leathers, tweeds, and fabrics. 

What Is The Most Popular Chanel Handbag?

Without a doubt, the most popular Chanel handbag is The Chanel 2.55. This design bag was created by Coco Chanel herself in February of 1955. The 2.55 is even named after its release date. Coco Chanel designed the bag for the everyday working girl in mind. With the 2.55, you can carry around a chic bag while keeping your hands free. Since its initial design, it has evolved into a great multitude of sizes, colors, and variations. 

Is The Chanel Bag Chain Real Gold?

To give you the short answer: yes and no. Let's dig into it a little more.

If your Chanel bag was made from 2008 to the current year, the Chanel bag chain is not real gold. It is simply a gold-toned metal that is interlaced with leather. 

Before late 2008, the hardware of Chanel handbags was plated in an alloy with 24 karat gold. This includes the CC turnlocks, the chain, and the clasps and grommets. 

One way to tell if your Chanel bag has real gold in it is by the color. The ones that contain real gold have a deeper gold look to them. There is also a small hallmark stamp on the CC logo turnlock. Fortunately, whether you have a Chanel with gold or not, the bag retains value. 

How Can I Tell If A Chanel Bag Is Real?

The first thing to look at should be the interlocking CC logo. The right C overlaps the left C at the top and the left C overlaps the right C at the bottom.

Chanel bags are made from lambskin leather, meaning it's soft to the touch and is visibly smooth. The other type of leather used by Chanel is caviar leather. It has a bubbly appearance and has a slight texture. The feel alone can help determine whether it is fake or authentic.

Ensure that the diamond-shaped quilting pattern is consistent. Genuine Chanel bags may have up to 11 stitches per panel.

There are many other factors to consider when authenticating your Chanel bag. The following video does an excellent job of showing you more information on how to spot an authentic vs. a fake Chanel bag:

Why Is A Chanel Bag So Expensive?

When you shop luxury, you get luxury. Chanel is a French high-fashion brand that crafts each of its products with immense care. Quality is of utmost importance to Chanel. Chanel handbags have become so expensive because they've become rare, desired, and exclusive. 

The legacy of Coco Chanel herself contributes to the high value of the Chanel products, too. Coco Chanel was all about simplicity and practicality that could be easily elevated and made to be more extravagant. So, with quality and popularity, you get rather expensive items. 

Does Chanel Ever Go On Sale?

Yes! If you've been eyeing that Chanel bag but don't want to pay full price, then you're in luck. Chanel boutiques typically have 2 sales each year. One is in the month of June and the other in the month of July. Keep in mind that it is not guaranteed that they'll have the bi-annual sale every year, and not all the products are discounted.

Select high-end department stores may have Chanel sales every once in a while. Always keep your eyes open for that rare sale. Many times, it won't be widely broadcasted.

Is Chanel More Expensive Than Louis Vuitton?

Chanel is more expensive than Louis Vuitton. Both brands have been two of the most popular luxury brands. While both brands are high-end luxury, their primary bags have different feels to them. 

The most popular Louis Vuitton bags are canvas and designed to be carried all day, every day. Louis Vuttion tends to be for the more upscale casual outing. The typical Chanel bag is designed for a dressier occasion. Much of the price difference comes down to the recognition of the original brand founder. 

Is Chanel More Expensive Than Gucci?

Chanel is also more expensive than Gucci. While the cheapest new Chanel bag is just over $2,000, the cheapest new Gucci bag is just over $500. Both brands are highly recognized in the design world, but Chanel is definitely more expensive. 

If you're seeking to make the biggest status statement, your best bet is going to be with purchasing a Chanel handbag to tote around. 

Does Chanel Have An Outlet?

Chanel has 3 outlet stores. They're all part of a group of premium outlets. Their 3 locations are in San Diego, California, Boston, Massachusetts, and Houston, Texas. The selection of products is typically from previous season collections. 

Like many luxury brands retailers, just because there is an outlet location, it doesn't necessarily mean that you'll be snagging super discounts. 

Where Can You Buy A Second-Hand Or Vintage Chanel Bag?

There are many online avenues where you can purchase a second-hand or vintage channel bags. Before you purchase a Chanel bag on any second-hand or vintage website, you'll want to guarantee that the bag you're getting is authentic. Check to make sure the bag meets the standard. Buy from trusted sellers and don't be shy about asking for authentication. 

Rebag, Tradesy, Designer Exchange, and Bagista are four reputable luxury designer bag resale sites. If a bag is on the website, it has been authenticated. eBay is another great option for finding second-hand or vintage Chanel bags. The only thing to note with this online auction website is that the bags may not necessarily be authenticated. 

How Much Does A Vintage Chanel Bag Cost?

It completely depends on which vintage Chanel bag is being sold. Prices can range anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 and beyond. Bags crafted in the 1920s and 1930s are hard to come by and will be the priciest, typically starting at $10,000. 

Any rare collector's Chanel bag is sure to be a hot hit and will be snatched up almost immediately. The harder the bag is to find, the higher the price is going to be.  

Do Chanel Bag Increase In Value Over The Years?

As it turns out, Chanel bags increase in value over time, so it will be an investment. The three most popular Chanel bags that undoubtedly increase in price each year are the Classic Flap bags, 2.55 bags, and Classic Boy bags. These three Chanel handbags increase in price each year between 3% and 8%.

The price increases on the Chanel bags are only done after careful consideration by the company. Maintaining their standards of creativity and craft is a top priority. So remember, now is as good a time as any to purchase a new classic Chanel bag. 

In Closing

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