Cincinnati’s Pet Fashion Scene Goes Haute Couture

NEWS – It's no secret that Cincinnati is a city that loves its pets. From pampered pooches to Instagram-famous pups, the city has an incredibly diverse and vibrant pet culture.

Walking an array of dachshunds through the streets of Cincinnati

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But what you might not know is that some of these furry friends are more than just companions – they're also bona fide celebrities. With their unique personalities, striking looks, and charming demeanors, these dogs have become fixtures at some of the city's most popular establishments.

From the trendy bars to the upscale restaurants of downtown, these pups can be found accompanying their owners on outings and turning heads with their adorable and sometimes quirky appearances.

But it's not just their owners who are taking notice – locals and tourists alike can't help but stop and snap a photo or two of these canine celebrities. From four-legged celebrities to beloved family members, these pups are an important part of Cincinnati society.

The Queen City Of The West

Cincinnati, also called The Queen City of the West, The Blue Chip City, The City of Seven Hills, and Cincy, has a human population of about 300,000. Among the many households living in this city, several have dogs that live with them.

Cincinnati’s rich pet culture sends its residents and guests with boosts of daily serotonin. Individuals can find these canine companions roaming in different places, such as sidewalks, parks, and restaurants.

Zelda, A Cincinnati Dog-uencer

Queen City Radio, a gas and car service station turned bar and restaurant, has its fair share of doggie visitors. One canine regular is Zelda, a King Charles spaniel who gains attention by simply being within the establishment's premises.

Zelda’s pet parent and Queen City Radio employee Casey Coston says the following in an interview with online publishing CityBeat:

“Zelda eventually became a regular at Neon’s (now Rosedale) when it reopened in 2010. That really started the whole ‘bring your dog to the bar’ shtick in OTR. Neon’s was a hub, and Zelda usually sat in a chair on the patio or on a bar stool inside, oftentimes judging people.”

The pet-friendly food establishment also frequently invites customers to bring their pets into the restaurant. It also promotes the Bengals Dog Parade, which is an annual dog walk for pet owners and their furry family members to participate.

The King Charles spaniel also helped pave the way for other Cincinnati “dog-uencers” to rise to fame. Seeing other dog owners strut their canine companions, Jonny and Jessi Casey, a couple and co-owners of Wüf Pet Spa, join the cause.

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Top-Notch Grooming Services For The Goodest Boys And Girls

Wüf Pet Spa is a pet grooming salon that accepts dog and cat clients. The Caseys thank Zelda for being one of the reasons why the business rose from being a concept to reality.

Today, the establishment is an award-winning pet grooming salon in Cincinnati and has won the best in its category three times at the time of writing. Wüf Pet Spa also has no shortage of clients like Luna the dachshund, Cosmo the French bulldog, and Peter the corgi.

Jonny Casey says in an interview with CityBeat that he and his wife felt the unconditional love given by their pets. At the time of writing, the Caseys have nine children: two human kids and seven dogs.

About Queen City Radio: Queen City Radio is a distinct bar, restaurant, and beer garden in one of Cincinnati’s cultural neighborhoods. Built in the 1920s as a gas and car service station, it now serves food and drinks to human and canine customers

About Wüf Pet Spa: Wüf Pet Spa is a concept turned reality by couple Jonny and Jessie Casey. The business opened its doors to its pet clientele after seeing Cincinnati’s rich dog culture and after his canine companion passed away. Today, the award-winning pet grooming salon now brings top-notch beautifying services to the city’s cats and dogs.

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As you walk the streets of Cincinnati, keep your eyes peeled for these famous dogs. They might be sitting on a bar stool next to you or strutting down the sidewalk with their stylish pet parents. With their lovable personalities and charming looks, they're sure to brighten your day and bring a smile to your face.

So the next time you're in Cincinnati, be sure to stop and say hello to some of these furry celebrities. Who knows, you might even end up making a new four-legged friend!

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