What Color Accessories Go With A Beige Dress?

You have an upcoming event, and the dress you plan to wear is beige. You want to dress it up with the right accessories so you will look perfect but aren't sure what colors will look best. Don't worry; we have put together some options to help you decide.

Beige is a neutral color, so you can accessorize it with many colors. Here are a few suggestions that will look great with a beige dress:

  • Red
  • Gold
  • White
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Earth tones
  • Animal prints
  • Denim
  • Beige

If you still have some questions about pairing accessories with a beige dress, don't worry. Keep reading to learn more about the best ways to accessorize beige clothing. We will also address some common questions people ask about beige clothing. Without further ado, let's get into it!

A smiling blonde woman wearing denim jeans and a beige jacket, What Color Accessories Go With A Beige Dress?

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Accessory Colors To Pair With A Beige Dress

Here we'll talk more about the best accessory colors to pair with a beige dress.


Red is a great companion to beige. Red adds a pop of color to liven up the neutral beige. Try adding red jewelry and a matching purse for accents.

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Gold and beige are in the same color family, so they naturally pair well together. Add bold gold pieces to your beige dress to make a statement. Stick with simple chains for a softer look and add either a gold bangle or cuff bracelet.

Consider this set of cuff bracelets to have a variety of looks with your beige dress.

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Think pearls, and you can't go wrong. Pearls are classic jewelry pieces with a soft, romantic look. You can stick with the simple choker strand or a longer multi-layered look. To add some fun and depth, choose pearls with accents for added sparkle.

Consider this multi-strand pearl set that includes everything you need to accessorize your beige dress.

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For a more professional or polished look, pair your beige dress with a brown belt to break up the uniformity and give some contrast. Then add shoes and a purse with the same tone or a few shades different. For a complete office look, add a blazer.

Adding varying shades of brown to your beige dress is a great way to accentuate the neutral shades. Consider this wide belt from Jasgood.

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Black is an excellent complement to beige. The combination of the neutral hues gives a stark contrast that catches the eye. Add black high boots, a black purse, and sunglasses to your dress for a sleek classic look.

Consider these vintage polarized sunglasses by Joopin.

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Earth Tones

Pair your beige dress with other earth tones like browns, greens, navy, mustard, terracotta, and deep reds to keep a natural look. This look may be more conservative, but it works well.

Animal Prints

This one gets a little tricky, and not every animal print will work with every shade of beige. You want to get your hues right. However, since beige is neutral, adding animal print accessories to a beige dress is a great way to add fun without overdoing it.

Think about adding a scarf, purse, or shoes in an animal print that complements your beige hue. You don't want to overdo the animal print, so mix it up with your other accessories by adding something solid like black or gold.

Consider this chiffon leopard scarf by Sojos.

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Beige can be fun and relaxed. For an informal look, throw on a denim jacket, sandals, and a beige hat, and you are ready for a day of fun.

Consider this distressed denim jacket as a perfect accessory for your casual beige dress.

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Yes, you can pair beige with more beige, and it's a great look. Choose shades within the same beige tone but those that will still give contrast.

Stack beige bracelets with different hues and textures for a fun boho look, or keep it simple with classic bangles.

A gorgeous blonde woman wearing a beige coat and a matching beige sweater

You don't have to stop with bracelets. You can also layer beige beaded necklaces to take the look to the next level.

Consider this multi-layer statement bracelet from Riah Fashion.

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For a softer, more conservative look, consider a stackable bead bracelet.

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What Color Is Beige?

By definition, beige is a pale, sandy yellowish-brown color. The term comes from the french word bege, which means undyed wool.

Beige is a neutral color that has both warm and cool undertones. The cooler tones of beige will have pink undertones, while the warmer side will have more yellow.

Woman posing at the docks wearing beige jackets, boots and a matching blonde bonnet

Basic neutral colors include white, black, beige, brown, and gray. Neutral colors, by definition, are hues with unsaturated color or appear to have no color. This lack of color makes them perfect for pairing with other colors because they don't compete but rather complement them.

While it seems there are countless shades of beige, there are some basic categories based on the undertones. Here are eight of the nine neutral undertones in the order they would appear on a color wheel.

Lilac Beige

Lilac beige is a slightly pinkish shade of beige. It falls into the neutral undertone of violet gray.

Gray Beige

This soft shade of beige occurs when gray and beige combine, giving you taupe. You will find pink undertones in this shade.

Pink Beige

This is going to have more pink undertones than lilac beige, giving a soft, delicate look. Pink beige is a warm shade and doesn't pair well with shades of yellow beige and orange beige.

Orange Beige

This shade is warm and has more yellow than a pink beige shade. These shades work well with pastels.

Gold Beige

Gold beige is a deep shade of beige. It is going to be the darkest shades next to the yellow beige spectrum. This shade is best for those with darker or tanned skin.

Yellow Beige

While, technically, all beiges have yellow, yellow beiges are more true and the cleanest shades because they have the most yellow. These shades have a lot of warmth.

Green Beige

These shades of beige are very versatile. They are duller than yellow beige shades and cooler than pink beige shades.

Green Gray Beige

These are shades with a hazel undertone that sit very close to the blue/gray neutral spectrum.

Is Beige Clothing In Style?

A beautiful blonde woman wearing sun shades while holding her coffee and beige coat

Beige is back on the runway, and it's trending as modern and glamourous. It's worn by celebrities and talked about by bloggers and influencers everywhere. A color that was once considered dull and bland is now a very desirable natural hue that everyone wants in their wardrobe and for good reason.

You can do so much with beige and its many shades. You can mix and match beige tones or combine them with other colors and accessories.

Are Beige Clothes Boring?

A blonde woman wearing a beige trench coat sitting on a gray background

While the word beige can be associated with drab, bland, or unimaginative, it doesn't have to be. Beige is classy and relaxing, but it can also be soft and romantic.

The key to beige is to find the shade that is right for you. Just because beige is neutral doesn't mean that everyone can wear any shade of it. Luckily, there are countless shades of beige, so everyone should find at least one shade that appeals to them.

Beige is neutral, so there are many options for dressing it up. Pair it with colors, patterns, and textures. Don't forget to add the accessories for a complete look.

Can You Wear Different Shades Of Beige Together?

A blonde woman wearing a beige coat and holding a coffee cup

Absolutely! One way to give beige a chic look is to create outfits with varying shades of beige to create a visual palette of neutral hues. Include white and cream colors with the beige tones for even more contrast and eye-catching appeal.

When mixing your beige tones, it's best to mix and match, keeping cool tones and warm tones together. Mixing the two together doesn't always work well because of the undertones. Beige is neutral, but that doesn't mean that all neutral shades work together.

You also want to be mindful of your skin tone and choose shades that complement your coloring. Otherwise, the wrong shade of beige can wash you out or blend too well, making it look like you aren't wearing clothes. 

Wrapping It Up

A smiling blonde woman wearing denim jeans and a beige jacket

Beige is a neutral color with a range of shades with varying undertones. You can combine beige with other neutral colors including additional beige shades as long as you are mindful of the undertones.

Beige is also an excellent background for a pop of color. Regardless of your choice, beige should no longer be considered bland.

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