What Color Blush Goes With Red Lipstick?

Red lipstick is a classic; it's exciting and dramatic and has been a makeup staple for decades. However, there are a lot of us who shy away from wearing it because we aren't exactly sure what other colors complement it. But exactly what color blush does go well with red lipstick? If you are asking yourself that question, worry no more makeup mavens because we have scoured the internet and found the best blush colors to pair with red lipstick!

Red lipstick is surprisingly versatile and matches with several different shades of blush depending on your skin tone and the undertones in your lipstick. For the best look, the experts recommend light pink, rose, peach, and bronze blush. It's also important that whatever blush you choose is subtle and complements your lip color without being too overstated.

Choosing a blush need not be a source of anxiety, and we are here to help! If you want to go bold with red lipstick and create the perfect look for wherever your day or night takes you, then scroll down and let's figure out which shade of blush is right for you!

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In The Red

Since red is such a striking and bold color, it's helpful to start out by understanding that there are various shades of red lipstick. Some red lipsticks have blue undertones,  some have purple undertones, and others contain orange and yellow undertones. Brick red is also a popular shade of red lipstick, which has brown undertones.

If you have darker skin, then red lipstick with orange and yellow undertones will look great. Lighter skin tones should opt for blue and purple undertones.

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After you choose a shade of red that works perfectly for your skin tone, you can decide on the most flattering blush. Choosing a blush also depends on your skin tone and the shade of red lipstick you are wearing, and it's helpful to remember that your blush shouldn't be too overstated or you could end up looking clownish.

Below is our list of blush shades that work well with red lipstick.

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Light Pink

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Who says pink and red don't match? Not us, that's for sure! Pink blush can look fantastic with red lipstick. Most experts agree that your pink blush should be on the lighter side so that it subtly shades your cheeks, and light pink blush looks especially nice if you have a lighter skin tone.

When you are wearing red lipstick, you want to try and make your lips the focal point of your makeup, so light pink is a great choice since it is so subtle.

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If your skin is more on the medium side or olive-toned, then you might want to try a rose-colored blush to complement your red lipstick. This shade is a bit deeper than pink and more dramatic and looks very natural on medium-toned skin. And the experts also agree that it is absolutely gorgeous when paired up with red lips.

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Since darker skin tones can opt for a red lipstick that has orange undertones, then it only makes sense that a peach blush is a good choice. Peach blush looks beautiful with darker skin tones, and since peach has definite orange undertones, you could easily pair it up with a red lipstick also containing orange and yellow undertones. Peach blush also comes in lighter or darker shades, depending on your preference.

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Bronze cheeks look very natural, and according to makeup artists, that's a good thing when you're wearing red lipstick. A more natural color will bring all of the attention to your dynamic looking lips, and keep cheeks more subtle. Bronze blush comes as lighter or darker shades, too, depending on your skin tone.

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Using Lipstick As Blush

There is actually another option for finding a blush that works with your red lipstick. Many makeup artists suggest using your lipstick as blush! Doing this will ensure that your lipstick and blush match, and it's easy to accomplish.

The trick to using lipstick as blush is to take your lipstick and put a small amount on your finger. Then you gently pat the lipstick lightly onto each cheek until it blends in. Avoid using lipstick that is too glossy or too matte. Lipsticks that are creamier work best as blush.

What Color Blush Goes Best With Red Lipstick?

So now that we have discussed the blush colors that go well with red lipstick, you might be asking yourself--which one looks the absolute best? There are many different opinions, but it seems that a blush that is subtle and blends with your skin tone is the blush that stands out.

Depending on your skin tone, that could be a light pink or bronze. Using your red lipstick as blush also gets high marks for being the best blush to use when you are looking for makeup that is perfectly coordinated.

Does Your Blush Have To Match Your Lipstick?

The short answer to this question is no. Blush and lipstick do not need to match. However, like most things, your blush and lipstick should definitely complement each other.

Try to choose a blush that has the same undertones or is in the same color family. Also, blush should stay in the background when it comes to your makeup. You want your lipstick to be the focal point of your face and your blush to be more subtle, so don't use a blush that is too dark or obvious. Blush should merely enhance your own natural skin color and not be too bright.

How Do You Coordinate Lipstick And Blush?

The best way to coordinate lipstick and blush is first to find what works best with your skin tone. Since you don't need to match lipstick and blush exactly, try and choose a blush with the same undertones as your lipstick. For example, if your lipstick has orange undertones, then you might choose a blush that has some orange in it. Remember, your blush shouldn't be more pronounced than your lip color, so keep it understated.

Final Thoughts About Red Lipstick And Blush

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There are so many choices when you are shopping for makeup, but we have broken it down for you so that you can pick the perfect blush to go with your red lipstick. So the next time you go red, keep in mind that what you put on your cheeks should not only complement your lip color but your skin tone as well. Break out the red lip color with no fear and dare to be bold!

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