What Color Eyeliner For Hazel Eyes?

When you put on makeup, the goal is to accentuate certain features. So, when you are buying eyeliner, you should buy colors that will really make your eye color pop. We've scoured the internet to identify makeup gurus' best recommendations of eyeliner colors.  In this article, we will explain what colors work best for hazel eyes.

Hazel eyes are made up of multiple colors. For this reason, many eyeliner colors will make them pop. Some of these colors are purple, dark green, navy, black, gold, brown, white, and charcoal gray. 

Hazel eyes come in many different shades. Sometimes they are closer to brown, and other times, they are closer to green. The best eyeliner for your eyes depends on what color in your eyes you want to accentuate. Throughout the rest of this article, we will discuss how to tell what color will be best for your specific shade of hazel.

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How Do You Know What Color Eyeliner To Use?

The perfect color of eyeliner depends on your eyes and what color in your eyes you want to bring out. For more dramatic looks, you will want to use darker colors.

If Your Eyes Are Mostly Green

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If you want to make the green in your eyes stand out, try using a dark purple eyeliner. The shade plum is particularly beautiful when trying to make the green in your eyes really stand out. You can also use dark green. The dark green will highlight the green shades in your eyes and make them come alive.

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If Your Eyes Are Mostly Brown

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When your eyes are mostly brown, you can try blue or navy eyeliner. Some people say that dark blue makes the color in your irises seem more prominent and sharp. The cool thing about using blue eyeliner is that if you happen to have a small amount of blue in your eyes, this color makeup will highlight it. This could be a really startling effect if you didn't notice the blue flecks in your eyes before.

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For People With Hazel Green Eyes

People with hazel green eyes have mostly green eyes with a few brown flecks around the pupil. It also includes people whose eyes are greener than other hazel eyes. The best shades for this eye color are black, charcoal gray, red-based colors like burgundy and plum, purple, and dark brown. Out of these shades, purple is by far the best color at bringing out the green in someone's eyes.

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You could also try dark green, gold, and bronze. These colors will all work really well for anyone with green eyes.

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For People With Hazel Brown Eyes

Some people have eyes that are nearly brown with just a touch of other colors. Any of the colors discussed above will flatter this shade. However, you need to make sure you don't use the same shade of brown that your eyes are. This is because matching your eyeliner to your eye color won't create the contrast needed to make the eye color pop. As a result, your look will fall flat.

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In order to prevent this flat look, make sure you always use a color that is darker than your eyes.

For Anyone With Hazel Eyes

There are a few colors that look amazing no matter your shade of hazel. These colors are white, gold, brown, black, and champagne. Avoid using silver with hazel eyes. It doesn't look as good as the other colors.

Using a warm gold color will make the yellow flecks in your eyes brighter and make your eyes shine. Dark brown eyeliner has the opposite effect as gold.

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When you use brown eyeliner, you will minimize the green in your eyes. As a result, your eyes will look darker and more mysterious.

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If you want a harsher look, try black eyeliner. Black eyeliner is very classic and will make your eyes stand out.

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White will make your eyes look more opener and brighter when applied to the waterline. Champagne eyeliner will have a similar effect.

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What Color Eyeliner Makes Hazel Eyes Pop?

Beautiful woman with long eyelashes, beautiful nude make-up and thick eyebrows. Beautiful eyes close upSome of the best colors for making hazel eyes pop are rich browns, purple, burgundy, blue, and olive green. The browns are complementary to the eye color, which makes the eye look gorgeous.

If you want a strong contrast to really make the look pop, go for purple and red-based colors. Yellow and gold are really strong colors that will help you go from looking good to looking amazing.

What Is The Best Eyeliner Color For Hazel Eyes?

As discussed earlier in the article, the best color for your eyes depends on the shade. However, are there a couple of colors that look the best for everyone?

Yes, there is! For hazel eyes, purple, dark brown, and gold are the best colors. These colors create a contrast that makes your eyes look brighter and shinier. Everyone with hazel eyes should own these three colors.

How Do You Make Hazel Eyes Stand Out?

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Hazel is a pretty common eye color. However, when makeup is applied to them properly, you can make them look anything but ordinary! In order to make your eyes look extraordinary, you will need to choose the proper eyeshadow as well as eyeliner. The best eyeshadows are chocolate brown, gold, and green. Bronze is also recommended.

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If your eyes are mostly green, you can try peach, beige, and taupe palettes or gold, bronze, and copper. These colors will make the green really bright and beautiful.

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For browner eyes, bronze and gold or violet, lavender, and blue color palettes are sure to amaze. You can also try khaki, olive green, and mocha to complete your look.

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Blue hazel eyes will stand out if you use color palettes that include pink, rose and lavender, or dark blue, light blue, and turquoise. Using these colors will make the blue in your eyes pop.

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Hair color can also help those eyes stand out in a crowd. Brown, blonde, and red hair help accentuate hazel eyes. One more method to make your eyes stand out is to use red lipstick or put red highlights in your hair. The color red is an excellent color for highlighting hazel eyes.

Can Hazel Eyes Turn Green?

No, hazel eyes can appear to be more green, however, the actual color of the eye doesn't change. Depending on a variety of factors, hazel eyes can appear to change color. These factors are the lighting in a room and the color of objects surrounding you.

If your hazel eyes are more green than brown, they can look especially green when you are around green lighting or a dark green object. People with more brown in their eyes may notice a shift when they are around a brown object.

Closing Thoughts

This article discussed the wide variety of eyeliner colors that work really well to accentuate hazel eyes. We also discussed the best colors for hazel eyes: purple, dark brown, and gold. In addition to that, we discussed how to make your eyes pop using specific colors of eyeliner, eye shadow, and hair color. You also learned that while hazel eyes appear to change color, the actual eye color doesn't change, just how we perceive the color.

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