What Color Eyeshadow Goes With Grey Eyes?

Grey eyes are quite rare; only 1% of the population was born with this unique eye color. If you were born with beautiful grey eyes, you might have wondered which eyeshadow colors are most complimentary? Or how to apply grey eye shadows? We've researched these questions and have fashion advice to share with you!

Grey eyes are best accentuated with shimmery hues of contrasting greys, blues, charcoals, golds, and silvers hues to add depth to the eyelids or highlight the eye's delicate features. Blue, orange, red-brown, pink, violet, and wine are excellent choices for adding pops of color that blend well with various fashion trends and makeup looks.

Are you interested in selecting a new eyeshadow color that perfectly matches your shade of grey eyes and balances your makeup look? Perhaps you've wondered how to coordinate your blushes, eyeshadows, and lipsticks? Please continue reading to learn more about these exciting topics!

Makeup eyebrow pencil, gray eye. What Color Eyeshadow Goes With Grey Eyes

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Eyeshadow colors that are compatible with grey eyes.

Brilliantly bold blues and silvers are excellent for highlighting and defining your eyelids and waterlines. To accentuate your shade of grey, consider applying a blue or silver shimmer to reflect the natural light to the irises to add multi-dimensional depth. Blue, copper, orange, red, and pink are excellent colors to contrast with grey eyes.

Grey eyes are accentuated with shimmery hues

According to Healthline, only 1% of the entire human population has grey eyes. Deeming grey to be their rarest and most beautiful eye color. Why not highlight that natural beauty with shimmery eyeshadows? Contrasting grey eyes with blue, charcoal, gold, and silver shimmer eyeshadow will reflect the natural light and exude a scintillating mystique.

Pops of color for grey eyes

Grey eyes benefit from pops of color that reflect light and warmth to the irises' natural beauty. Coppers, golds, rose pinks, oranges, reds, purples are excellent for framing grey eyes with colorful highlights. One could line your waterlines with these colors for holiday makeup looks.

Earthly neutral tones for grey eyes

Creamy light browns, beiges, dark-browns, and red-browns are great for natural makeup looks for everyday or professional settings. Also, these colors work well for the base shadow to build upon with brighter shimmery colors and shades.

How can I bring out grey eyes? [grey eye makeup ideas]

A multitude of makeup looks will draw attention to the unique beauty of grey eyes.  According to professional makeup artist Amy Suchma, grey eyes are limitless, potentially creating eyeshadow looks with a wide range of colors.

Generally, most grey eyes have hints or hues of other colors you could choose to accentuate with colorful pops of secondary colors. For example, if you would like your grey eyes to appear more blue, green, or a lighter shade of grey, apply contrasting shades of orange, red, or violet tones to create this effect.

To enhance the hints of blue within grey eyes. Use colors orange, wine, and plum closest to the iris to reflect those secondary shades to the flecks within the iris for a blue-centric look. Then apply a dark brown or charcoal eyeshadow to the lid and use an eyeshadow brush to blend out the look.

Woman wearing brown eyeshadow

Suppose you would like to emphasize the green shades within your grey eyes. Consider applying red-brown, pink, maroon, plum, or light purple. To frame the richness of these colors and further accentuate the green hues. Apply a dark brown liner to the waterline for added contrast.

Woman wearing light gray eyeshadow

Suppose you are interested in muting your natural grey tone to a lighter shade of grey. Apply colors in the grey-scale family-- charcoals, light greys, or silvers.  Apply a medium matte grey eyeshadow to the entire lid as a base and along the lower lashline.

Next, apply black or charcoal eyeshadow to the eyes' corners and smoke it out with an eyeshadow brush. Line your eyes with a black noir eyeliner for a balanced appearance. Also, consider wearing matte nude lipstick to complete this look.

Woman wearing dark eyeshadow

How do you apply grey eyeshadow?

A smokey eye with grey eyeshadow, a classic look with a dramatic flair. Perfect for nights out! To begin the best eyeshadow application possible, apply eye shadow primer to the lids with your ring finger. Apply a neutral light brown as the base for the look. Blend with a fluffy eyeshadow brush.

Next, apply a darker shade of brown. Blend the darker shade with an eyeshadow brush. Paint your crease with a black or dark brown to accentuate lid depth. Apply the grey eyeshadow. Continue to blend and build the grey shadow until it's evenly distributed without any clumps or sheer areas on the eyelid.

Apply black eyeliner, and consider adding a cat's eye for a dramatic look. Next, apply faux eyelashes or black mascara.

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How do you coordinate eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick?

Before coordinating your blush, eyeshadow, and lipstick, the first makeup rule is to determine which aspect of your face is the main focal point. If you choose to accentuate your eyes, choosing a simple blush and a neutral or nude lipstick is advisable. Going for a bold lip look? Your eye makeup and blush should be subtle to allow the lipstick to be the star of the show!

Ensure that you are choosing colors that work well for your skin tone and undertones. Refer to color theory to choose colors that will bring out the best in each other. Doing so will help you confidently purchase colors that will help you look your absolute best. Once you have established your skin tone and choose which feature to accentuate, it is time to start creating the look.

When bright or natural lipstick shades are applied, it often causes the skin's natural tone to look pale or lacking definition and glow. Applying a blush counteracts this effect and is paramount for a well-defined makeup application. Use the blush sparingly and blend it thoroughly with a blush brush to avoid cakiness or streaks of color. If your lipstick doesn't have an accompanying blush, you could use the lipstick for a blush.

The best advice for pairing eyeshadows and lipsticks is to contrast brighter shades and hues with neutrals and nudes.  For example, you have a lovely two-tone neutral brown matte eyeshadow; you can contrast the look with pink coral lipstick. Or a vivid purple eyeshadow highlighted with shimmery silver hints and lined with a cat's eye black eyeliner could be balanced with a neutral lipstick for an eye-centric look.

What can I wear with grey eyes?

Contrasting the hues of grey eyes is easily accomplished with black; the strong yet deemed neutral color allows your grey eyes to shine! Deep blues meld well with the many hues and shades of grey. Considered wearing shades of blue that match your grey eyes in hue to create a balanced look. Light greens and pinks are great when a friendly, subtle look is required for casual or professional events.

Multicolored crushed eyeshadows. What Color Eyeshadow Goes With Grey Eyes

What colors go well with grey eyes?

In addition, to the colors discussed above. Grey eyes also pair beautifully with metallic colors and eyeshadow looks. Gold, silver, and shimmering charcoals could be applied in tandem with other colors or alone for a shimmery monochromatic look that easily transitions from summer to winter look depending on application technique and other types of makeup colors applied. When using metallic, remember to be bold with the eyeliner and mascara to frame the shimmery eyes alive with vibrant colors!

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In Closing

Selecting the perfect eyeshadow to complete your look isn't always an easy task--considering there are thousands of choices available on the beauty market. We hope this article has helped you feel more inspired to pursue your style and makeup skills further! Please visit Stylecheer.com soon for more beauty and fashion content!

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