What Color Eyeshadow Goes With A Pink Dress Or Shirt?

Pink is a fantastic color, and if you are like millions of us, you have at least one pink outfit or dress in your wardrobe. So if your choice for the day or evening centers around a pink dress or pink shirt, you want to make sure you properly coordinate your makeup to look as good as possible. You might be wondering what the best shade of eyeshadow is to match with a pink shirt or dress. Well, you need not look any further because we have all of the answers right here.

According to makeup experts, several eyeshadow colors match well with pink clothing:

  • Nude
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Light brown
  • Gray

Although all of these colors look great with pink, make sure that you take the shade of pink you are wearing into consideration when choosing the eyeshadow color that is right for you.

Your makeup should complement your outfit, especially if your outfit includes a dynamic color like pink, and since there is so much to consider when choosing makeup colors, we want to take the guesswork out of this process for you. So if you want to learn about all of the best colors to wear with pink, keep reading!

A woman wearing a pink sleeveless dress on a dark blue background, What Color Eyeshadow Goes With A Pink Dress Or Shirt?

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The Best Eyeshadow Colors With Pink

Eyeshadow is such an important component of your makeup, so you must choose one that perfectly complements your skin tone and the color of the outfit you are wearing.

If you are a lover of the color pink, you are aware that there are many shades of pink, and not all of them coordinate with eyeshadow in the same way. Some eyeshadow colors will look much better than others, depending on the particular pink you are wearing.

Whether you are wearing a pink dress or a pink shirt, the same color eyeshadows will work equally well. The only thing you might take into consideration when wearing a pink shirt is to make sure that whatever skirt or pants you wear don't clash with the color eyeshadow you choose.

Here are our top choices for the best color eyeshadows to wear with pink dresses and shirts.


A beautiful blonde woman wearing a small crystal crown

As you might expect, nude eyeshadow works well with pink clothing of any shade. The natural tone looks amazing with any skin tone and highlights the beauty and color of your eyes without being too overstated.

In addition, wearing an eyeshadow that's natural will keep the focus on your clothes, and your dress will stand out while your makeup looks fresh and simple. Although nude matches with all shades of pink, it is especially attractive with brighter and bolder pinks since your makeup can afford to be more subtle since your outfit is not.

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A gorgeous woman wearing dark purple eyeshadow, pink gloss lipstick and a flower

Purple and pink are an exciting color combination, so why not get in on this trendy look? Light purple is a stunning shade of eyeshadow to wear with light pink clothing. It's fun, and it looks fantastic in the summertime. If you want to try a darker purple eyeshadow, you might want to opt for this more dramatic color if your shirt or dress is a darker or bolder pink.

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An up close photo of a model wearing light purple eyeshadow and a violet flower

Pink eyeshadow can be a fun shade to try out, so why not match it up with a pink dress or shirt? You probably won't want to wear a bright pink eyeshadow, but a softer pink can be an understated accompaniment to a colorful pink dress or shirt.

With light pink clothing, you don't want your eyeshadow to be too overpowering, which is why a soft pink eyeshadow is a nice choice. If you decide to go bold, you can try a darker pink eyeshadow for a fun, dare-to-be-different vibe.

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Light Brown

An up close photo fo a woman wearing nude color eyeshadow

Light brown eyeshadow is a neutral shade that looks great with pretty much any shade of pink. It adds a little more color to your lids than nude eyeshadow, but it is still nicely understated.

Best of all, you can wear light brown eyeshadow with light pink, dark pink, and everything in between! If your eyeshadow has gold tones in it, you can also pair it with orange-pink clothing colors like coral.

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A woman wearing make up and a dark blue colored eyeshadow

Who doesn't love a smoky eye? And luckily, grey eyeshadow goes with a multitude of colors, including pink. If your dress or shirt is a bolder pink like hot pink, smoky eyes will look fabulous and dramatic. Lighter greys can also enhance a lighter pink shirt or dress for a softer look.

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Should I Match My Eyeshadow To My Dress?

If you want to go for a monochromatic look, then, by all means, match your eyeshadow to your dress! However, it's not something that you absolutely must do in the name of fashion. In fact, many style experts will tell you to avoid coordinating your eyeshadow with your outfit so that you don't look too contrived or matchy. Instead, you can opt for colors that flatter each other or eyeshadow colors that enhance your eyes.

How Do You Match Eyeshadow With Outfits?

If you are looking to match your eyeshadow with your outfits, there are a few style tips to follow. First, avoid trying to match your colors exactly, especially if your clothing is a very bold color like hot pink, bright blue, or bright green. Trying to match your eyeshadow with these colors might look a bit clownish.

Instead of matching the bright colors perfectly, try wearing toned-down versions of those colors or choose complementary colors. If your clothing colors are more neutral, then it makes it easier to choose eyeshadows that are closer in color. If you are attempting to match your eyeshadow with your clothing, there is one other rule: choose one color to match. Don't try to wear several different shades to match a multicolored outfit.

If you are wearing colors like black or grey, then matching your eyeshadow to your clothing won't be a problem, but if you do decide to go bold and match louder colored clothing with your eyeshadow, make sure it will look appropriate for the occasion since it is a bit on the unconventional side.

Pretty In Pink

If you love to wear pink, and you want to keep your makeup trendy and coordinated, try out the colors we have recommended. No matter what shade of pink you are wearing or what color eyes and skin tone you have, one of these eyeshadow shades will definitely work for you. The color pink is so fun and flirty, and with the perfect eyeshadow, you will take on the day with style and flair.

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