What Color Lipstick Goes With Black Eyeshadow?

It doesn't matter your skin tone, complexion, eye shape, or eye color; black eyeshadow can look great on anyone. Whether you're creating a smokey look or shaping a defined cat eye, having black eyeshadow in your makeup bag is a must. You may be wondering what color lipstick goes with black eyeshadow. Lucky for you, we have found the best lipstick shades to complement it.

Black eyeshadow can be subtle or intense. When pairing your lipstick with black eyeshadow, almost any shade can work. It all depends on the look you want to achieve. Stick to neutral shades if you want the focus to be on your eyes. Choose bolder lipstick hues to make a statement. Here are some of the best lipstick colors to wear with black eyeshadow:

  • Nude 
  • Bubblegum pink
  • Red 
  • Deep purple
  • Black

The best lipstick to wear with your look depends on many factors. Keep reading to learn more about pairing lipstick with black eyeshadow.

Woman with black eyeshadow and pink lipstick, What Color Lipstick Goes With Black Eyeshadow?

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Lipstick Colors To Wear With Black Eyeshadow 

You may think black eyeshadow is hard to style, but it is easier than you think to find the perfect lipstick to match it. The lipstick shade you choose to wear with black eyeshadow ultimately depends on the overall look you want to achieve.

You have to take into account the event you are going to, the clothes you are wearing, and how big of an impact you want to make. Let's take a look at popular lipstick colors to pair with black eyeshadow and the best times to choose those specific shades.

Nude Shades

Woman in black eyeshadow holding her hair

Matching your lipstick to your skin tone with a nude shade looks great when you wear black eyeshadow. This combination is a nice pair for a daytime event. Nude lipstick seamlessly blends into your overall look. It doesn't draw attention away from your eyeshadow. Since certain black eyeshadow looks can be very intense, you want to make sure your lipstick doesn't draw attention away from the look you worked so hard to create.

Nude lipstick looks great with green eyeshadow too. To see more lipstick options to pair with green eyeshadow, check out this blog: What Color Lipstick Goes With Green Eyeshadow?

Urban Decay Stay Naked Cream Stick 

Here is a light dusty nude shade of lipstick to pair with your black eyeshadow. This multi-use makeup stick is both lipstick and blush. It is made with marula oil to keep your lips moisturized all day.

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Rechoo Nude Lipstick 

This set of six lipsticks come in a range of neutral shades to match all skin tones. The waterproof matte finish is made for all-day wear. Buy this pack, and share it with your friends.

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Bubblegum Pink

Pretty young woman with black eyeshadow and pink lipstick on

For a very bright look, a popping shade of bubblegum pink lipstick works wonderfully with black eyeshadow. The girlish pink color contrast with the harsh black eyeshadow on your lids. This color is the perfect choice to help lighten up the darkness of black eyeshadow. It can match a day or nighttime look.

Diego Dalla Palma Lipstick

The light pink shade from this Italian brand is perfect for completing your black eyeshadow makeup look. With marine collagen infusions, this lipstick helps smooth lips while reducing wrinkles at the same time.

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Smashbox Be Legendary Cream Lipstick 

Here is a bold pink lipstick to brighten up your black eyeshadow. It glides on effortlessly for complete lip coverage and looks great in photographs.

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Portrait of beautiful brunette woman with red lips

For a showstopping look, choose a candy apple red lipstick to match your black eyeshadow. This timeless shade of red looks great on all complexions. For a dramatic look, pair it with a black smokey eye. The combination of black eyeshadow with a saturated red lip is sultry yet classy at the same time.  It's a great makeup option for those nights you really want to stand out.

Maybelline New York Red Lipstick 

For a red lipstick option, this is an excellent choice. The matte finish glides on smoothly, leaving your lips feeling refreshed. This shade was specifically designed to match all skin tones, so it looks great on everyone.

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Maybelline Super Stay Liquid Lipstick

Here is another lipstick option from Maybelline. For those of you who prefer liquids, choose this bold red shade. With the special 24-hour color technology, you don't even have to reapply for nighttime.

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Deep Purple

Don't stray away from unconventional lipstick shades. A deep purple shade like eggplant or mulberry can work with black eyeshadow. It all depends on the final look you want to achieve. Purple lipstick looks good when you pair your black eyeshadow with blue or purple shades too. The cool undertones complement each other to create a cohesive look.

If you want to know more lipstick colors to pair with only blue eyeshadow, read this blog post: What Color Lipstick Goes With Blue Eyeshadow?

NYX Professional Matte Lipstick 

This deep purple shade called Aria is a beautiful color to pair with black eyeshadow. It's a great shade to have in your makeup bag for those days when you want to mix up your normal look.

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L'Oreal Paris Color Rich Lipstick 

For a deep purple lipstick that also provides hydration, this is an excellent choice. The creamy formula glides on smoothly for comfortable wear.

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For those of you who really love purple, check out this blog post too: What Color Lipstick Goes With A Purple Dress?


Portrait of young beautiful woman with messy hairdo and black lipstick

Black lipstick isn't just for angsty teens and Halloween costumes anymore. With the right composition, you can create a beautiful look with both black eyeshadow and lipstick. Pairing a black lipstick with black eyeshadow is very dramatic and can come across as intense. We know it's not for everyone, but if you feel comfortable, rock your black lipstick with a dark smokey eye any day you want.

Maepeor Lipstick Set 

This black lipstick and lip liner set is all you need for full lip coverage. The special formula leaves a smooth matte finish that doesn't fade. You're wearing black lipstick to stand out, so they know you want the color to be as bold as you all day.

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Should Your Eyeshadow Match Your Lipstick?

As a general guideline, matching lipstick and eyeshadow creates a more cohesive look. Many people agree that you should match lipstick and eyeshadow. For example, a bold eye looks best with nude lipstick shades. And a bold lipstick shade looks great with a more subtle eye look. Trying to match your eyeshadow and lipstick to each other shows that you took time and effort to make your appearance perfect.

However, it is important to remember there are no set rules when it comes to makeup. It is ultimately up to you to decide what lipstick you wear with your eyeshadow. Wear what makes you feel beautiful.

How Do You Make Black Eyeshadow Look Good?

Contrary to popular belief, black eyeshadow is very versatile. Many different looks can be achieved by incorporating the color black into your eyeshadow options. Here are some black eyeshadow ideas to try out:

  • Pair with shades of gray to create a charcoal smokey eye
  • Add some gold to create a sparkly smokey eye
  • Use black eyeshadow to create wings at the edge of your eye
  • Pair black eyeshadow with brown liner for a day look
  • Create a soft cat-eye, using eyeshadow instead of liner
  • Create a dramatic cat eye that covers the whole lid
  • Use black in the crease of your eye for a cut-crease look
  • Pair black with blue to make a statement look

Does Your Eyeshadow Have To Match Your Outfit?

Some people believe you should never wear the same color eyeshadow as your outfit. While others don't think this is a fashion faux pas. It all depends on your style and what you feel comfortable wearing. It also depends on the final look you want to achieve.

As a general guideline, it is best to create cohesion between your outfit and your makeup. Try to match similar tones together or pair complementary colors with one another. If you want your eyeshadow to be the star of your look, don't outshine it with a bold outfit. However, if you want your clothes to be the attention grabber of the evening, don't overdo it on your makeup.

Time To Break Out The Black Eyeshadow

Black eyeshadow is an excellent color to have in your makeup bag. You can use it to create so many different looks. Now that you know all about the best lipstick colors to wear with it, you don't have to shy away from black eyeshadow any longer!

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