What Color Lipstick Goes With Camo Outfits?

Deciding what color lipstick to wear can feel impossible without some help. Do you want to try something new with your camo outfit but don't know if it will match? Not to worry, we've put together a guide to help you figure out what color lipstick goes with camo outfits.

There are a few good lipstick colors to try with camo outfits. Some of our favorites include pink, nude, red, and brown. Whether you want to keep your makeup natural-looking or full glam, we think both soft and bright shades will look good with camo. 

As we begin, we will share some of our lipstick color ideas and tag a few related products. Regardless of your style, there are plenty of ways to style and accessorize camouflage using lipstick colors. With that said, let's dive right into this topic!

A woman wearing camo hoodie in the forest, What Color Lipstick Goes With Camo Outfits?

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What Color Lipstick Looks Good With Camo?

When it comes to choosing the right lipstick color for a camo outfit, keep it simple. A few good lipstick colors to try with camo are pink, nude, red, and brown from the outfits we saw. Generally, camouflage already has a bold look, so you don't have to go wild in the makeup department. With that said, we think full glam is fine as long as you keep your colors in the same family.

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First, we have a soft pink lipstick look that we love with camo. Pink, in general, is an easy color to wear with bold patterns and looks good on all skin tones. If you want to spice things up, we suggest choosing a hot pink lip to wear with your camouflage over a softer shade.

Nicka K Vivid Light Pink Matte Lipstick

Here is a matte pink lipstick from Nicka K to wear with camo. This lipstick is highly pigmented, suitable for all skin tones, and comes in a few different colors.

View it on Amazon here.


Next, we have a soft neutral lipstick idea that works well with camo print. If you prefer a "no makeup" look, nude lipstick is perfect for trying with your outfit. Nude lipstick does not have to be exactly your natural lip shade, so don't stress if you have to go up or down a shade.

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Extra Creamy Round Nude Lipstick

Here is a creamy nude lipstick with pink undertones from NYX to check out. This lipstick has a glossy finish, mineral-based formula, and is cruelty-free.

See it on Amazon here.


Here we have a red lipstick color option for camo clothing that looks stunning. Although red is a bold color, we think it compliments camouflage well and doesn't look distracting. If you want to go for a more eye-catching makeup look, we suggest following a similar red lip color for your camo ensemble.

Maybelline New York Color Sensational Matte Red Lipstick

Here is a matte red lipstick from Maybelline New York to try with camouflage. This lipstick is suited for over 50 unique skin tones, has a satin finish, and comes in a few different shades.

Follow this link to view it on Amazon.


Lastly, we have a dramatic brown lipstick color that we love. Brown and camouflage tend to pair well together and are an easy way to achieve a grungy look. We especially like how this brown lipstick has almost a purple tint, making it pop with the camouflage pants.

Careline Color Code Rum Raisin Brown Lipstick

Here we have a brown lipstick with purple tints from Careline Color to try. This lipstick has a creamy finish, hyaluronic acid and is available in 18 different colors.

See this lipstick on Amazon here.

Is Camo Considered A Neutral?

Although this might seem insane, yes, camo is often considered neutral. Typically, neutral colors/patterns go well with most accessories and styles, making camouflage a good example of that. If you ever need a pair of pants or a top that matches most other color combinations, camo is something to try. With that said, we do not think camouflage is in the same genre of nude and plain colored clothing, but it does match a lot.

Vakkset Women's Cargo Camo Pants

Here we have a pair of high-waisted camo pants from Vakkset to try. These pants are polyester and cotton, jogger-style, and come in a ton of color options.

Check them out on Amazon here.

Lucky Brand Women's Long Sleeve Camo Jacket

Here is a camouflage jacket from Lucky Brand to see. This jacket is lyocell, cotton, and elastane, button closure, washable, and has pockets.

View this camo jacket on Amazon here.

Is Camouflage In Style?

Whether you love it or hate it, camouflage is always in style. Due to its classic look, camo pants, shirts, and jackets dominate the fashion market for both upscale and regular shoppers. Although you don't see camouflage on runways often, it holds power in high fashion and is a great option for any season. If you want to try a camo outfit for yourself, think of it as an investment.

What Color Eyeshadow With Camo Outfits?

When it comes to what eyeshadow colors look good with camo, you've got options. Generally, we suggest a soft neutral look or something closer to a smokey eye with camouflage clothing. You don't want to do too much with your makeup and end up with a conflicting look, choosing similar colors. Shades of brown, green, and grey tend to look the best with camo and will help your eyes stand out.


Here we have a smokey eye and highlighter palette from NYX for a camo look. This palette has 16 highly pigmented colors, a metallic satin finish, and is cruelty-free.

Check it out on Amazon by clicking here.

Should My Makeup Be Dark Or Light With Camo?

Although there is no wrong answer here, we like a dark eye makeup look with a softer lipstick for camo. Generally, camouflage does tend to bring attention to itself, so your makeup needs to have some pigment to it. Whether you go with a smokey eye and a soft pink lip or a bolder red lip and light eyeshadow, make sure it brings some attention to your face. We recommend finding a color in your outfit you like and incorporating it into your eye or lip makeup.

Maybelline The Blushed Nudes Eyeshadow Makeup Palette

Here is an eyeshadow palette from Maybelline with a little of everything. This palette features 12 different colors ranging from light blush to darker bronzes and has a shimmer finish.

View this eyeshadow palette on Amazon here.

Do I Have To Wear Lipstick With Camo?

If lipstick isn't your thing, we think you are completely fine to go without it when wearing camo. Although lipstick does help bring some attention to your face, we also appreciate a minimal makeup look and think it fits well with camouflage clothing.

If you don't plan to wear lipstick with your outfit, try to find a tinted chapstick or lip gloss to add a subtle amount of color to your lips. The best part about camouflage is that there aren't any rules for makeup and how much you need to wear.

Neutrogena MoistureShine Lip Soother Gloss

Here is a tinted lip gloss from Neutrogena to wear with camo. This lip gloss has SPF 20, hydrating glycerin, and comes in three color options.

See this tinted lip gloss on Amazon here.

Can Camouflage Look Feminine?

When it comes to camouflage looking feminine, styling is the key to a successful outfit. Although camo is not usually perceived as an ultra-femme pattern, adding a splash of color can transform the feeling of your look. We recommend a fashionable top or jacket with your camo ensemble and even a pair of heels.

Pink is a great color to try with camouflage and will make your outfit feel more feminine without clashing. In our opinion, color and pattern do not affect who should wear something, and you should style your camo however it makes you happy.

LifeShe Women Cropped Pink Jean Jacket

Here is a cropped pink jean jacket from LifeShe to pair with camo. This jacket is cotton and polyester, machine washable, and comes in a few different colors.

View this jean jacket on Amazon here.

The Wrap Up

Whether you regularly wear camouflage or not, lipstick can make or break an outfit. From what we found, a few good lipstick colors to try are pink, nude, red, and brown with a camo look. If you want to take a step further, we recommend a smokey eyeshadow or something to help make your eyes pop.

When it comes to camo looking feminine, we recommend having some fun with your accessories and pulling out some pink if you need to. Regardless, camouflage is an easy pattern to work with and looks good on anybody who wishes to try it.

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