What Color Lipstick Goes With Copper Hair?

Suppose you have copper-colored hair and wonder how to choose the correct shade of lipstick; you are not alone. Millions of people are a bit stumped in the beauty department when faced with an endless sea of color choices. Choosing the correct shade of lipstick that complements both skin tone and hair color can be a bit daunting. We've researched the best options for copper hair, and we have informative material to share with you!

Several colors complement copper-colored hair. The best colors are browns, berries, corals, pinks, and plums.  These colors look fabulous with copper hair if paired with a shade with the correct hue or undertone for the wearer's skin tone. 

Are you curious about how to select the shade that helps you feel more beautiful and confident? Wondering which colors are best for redheads? Or should redheads wear red lipstick? Please continue reading to acquire the following helpful beauty information!

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What lipstick goes well with copper hair?

Choosing the matte option for the following lipstick colors is usually a safe choice that blends well with most skin tones and types. Also, depending on the season, you may want to choose a go-to lipstick color per season that can transition from day to night effortlessly with a change of clothes and a bit of shimmery eyeshadow.

Brown and neutral lipsticks for copper hair

Browns and neutrals are suitable for wearing darker shades during the fall and winter months and applying lighter shades in the spring and summertime.

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Coral lipsticks for copper tones

Corals are best for spring and summer looks paired with subtle eyeshadows.

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Berry and pink lipsticks for copper hair

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Pinks and berry hues are great all-year-around staples that can work with all four seasons. It is a great option for leisure or professional settings.

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Plum lipstick for copper hair

Suppose you are looking for a more colorful lipstick to contrast the natural copper high and lowlights in your hair. Consider wearing an autumnal plum lipstick that could be brightened by adding lipgloss to accentuate the shade and add a touch of shimmer.

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What makeup goes with copper hair?

Suppose your natural hair color is copper. It is advisable to begin the makeup look with neutral colors that won't clash with your copper hair. Orange-based makeup products are the most difficult to pair with copper hair tones because they often clash with high and lowlights with slight orange undertones.

Moreover, wearing makeup with orange elements or tones isn't impossible. Rather look for light-colored matte makeup products that work well with your skin tone. Swatch the colors before purchasing for the best results.


For selecting a blush, purchase a light pink that is fairly sheer. This will blend nicely with any natural freckles and give your cheeks a warm, healthy glow.

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Choose a black mascara to frame your eyes and add depth that will easily support the color and style of the eyeshadows. Brown mascara can work with copper hair, but it does give a more natural look that is perfect for casual events. Using a black or dark brown eyeliner is an excellent choice that will work with an array of makeup looks.


The eyeshadows that pair well with copper hair are brown, bronze, and evergreen; these colors are deemed the best options that can work for day or evening looks.

Also, metallic eyeshadows are very versatile and can be used with any color of hair or skin tone. Consider adding a metallic water line for a colorful accentuation perfect for a holiday or special occasion look.

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What color lipstick should redheads wear?

According to Charlotte Tilbury, redheads can wear many lipstick colors successfully. Corals, pinks, peachy-coral tones, poppy-reds, and plums are brilliant with the contrast of red hair. Regarding the berry and plum color schemes --go for an autumnal shade of those colors for pairing with darker shades of red hair.

The key to wearing nearly any color as a redhead is choosing the tones that match your hair and skin. A great rule to follow for selecting the right lipstick is to remember that warm skin tones match with warm colors and cool skin tones pair nicely with cool colors.

Also, when you are shopping for a new lipstick, and you are in the department store, try a sample before you purchase. Step out in the natural light and take a selfie to see how the color looks with your skin tone. Often the fluorescent lights in most shopping malls do slightly distort how colors will look with your skin tone.

Does red lipstick look good on redheads?

Red lipstick is a fabulous color for redheads to wear. The key is finding the correct shade of red that balances your red hair and your skin's undertones. Typically, most naturally red-haired people have warm undertones that look best when paired with red lipstick that showcases a warm or golden undertone.

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Another excellent option for redheads!

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Makeup application tips for redheads

Eye makeup is essential for creating that perfect look! Suppose you are going for a dramatic evening look. Consider using black mascara --it will frame your eyes and help showcase your natural eye color. However, for natural looks, go for a dark brown mascara that will add natural fullness to your eyelashes.

Accentuate Lashes

Mascara is one of the most influential makeup products for natural redheads because the lightness of their eyelashes often makes the lashes look thinner and shorter than their actual length and thickness. Applying black lengthening mascara is the best remedy for this issue.

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Natural-looking Brows

When filling in your eyebrows, avoid using a pencil with a red tint, this could clash with your red hair. Instead, use a medium brown or taupe pencil for a natural look that won't accentuate any redness in your skin.

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Black Vs. Brown Eyeliner

Suppose you have unnatural colored red hair in the burgundy or dark berry color schemes. Use black eyeliner to contrast these darker shades of red hair.

However, if you have auburn, copper, or strawberry blonde hair, apply brown eyeliner for a natural appearance. Often black eyeliners are too harsh of a contrast with the lighter shades of reds.

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Protect Fair Skin

Sunscreen is essential for redheads, considering that their skin tones are very fair. Wearing sunscreen is a must to combat the sun's UV rays that will burn and damage the skin quickly. Consider keeping a travel-sized tube of sunscreen in your purse for those last-minute trips to the beach or park!

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In Closing

Selecting the perfect lipstick to complement your hair color isn't always an easy task--considering there are thousands of choices available on the beauty market. We hope this article has helped you feel more inspired to pursue your style and makeup skills further! Please visit Stylecheer.com soon for more beauty and fashion content!

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