What Color Lipstick To Wear With A Green Dress

Picture this: You slip into your gorgeous green dress, twirl in front of the mirror and feel ready to take on the world.

But wait, what's missing?

The perfect shade of lipstick to complete your look!

We know, choosing the right lipstick for your green dress can be overwhelming, but don't fret. We've got you covered.

Whether you have fair skin, a warm complexion, or a deep skin tone, we've got the insider scoop on the hottest lipstick hues to pair with your green dress.

So, grab your lipstick, it's time to add the final touch to your stunning ensemble!

Lipstick colors that go well with a green dress include:

  • Reds
  • Purples
  • Pinks
  • Nudes
  • Corals

Choosing the right lipstick for your green dress can also depend on the shade of green.

To ensure a seamless match, keep reading as we delve into this aspect and provide examples to inspire your next stunning look.

A woman wearing a floral green dress holding a blue clutch bag and red lipstick, What Color Lipstick To Wear With A Green Dress

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Lipstick Colors That Work With A Green Dress

Red Lipstick

Feeling bold and daring?

Reach for fiery red lipstick!

You might think of red and green as clashing, but that's what makes this combo so sizzling.

As complementary colors opposite each other on the color wheel, red brings a pop of vibrancy to any shade of green.

A solid green dress paired with a bold red lip will make a statement like no other.

A blonde woman wearing a green dress a gold necklace and red lipsticks

Step outside your comfort zone with seductive deep red lipstick. It's a sophisticated twist on the classic red lip that'll have heads turning.

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Purple Lipstick

For a less common but still stunning option, opt for purple lipstick.

Purple is an eye-catching color and, like green, can be paired with most complexions and skin tones.

For fairer skin tones, cool purples like lilac will flatter you best while darker skin tones can try deep or vibrant purples.

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Pink Lipstick

If nude lipstick is too plain for you, but red is too heavy, pinks also work very well with green dresses.

Light pinks will offer a classic and subtle boost to your natural lip color without taking away too much attention from the dress.

Pink lipsticks are great for summer, spring, or even an elegant event.

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Nude Lipstick

A beautiful green eye woman wearing a green dress, emerald earrings, and pink line

Nude doesn't have to be boring, but if you'd like something more subtle, less adventurous but still elegant, nude lipstick might be the choice for you.

It is perfect for an everyday, natural look and will pair well with a casual green dress.

Nude can also be used for more glamorous affairs especially if you plan to use a lot of eye makeup.

In this case, it will keep your lips looking finished without detracting attention from your eyes.

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Coral Lipstick

A beautiful gorgeous woman a floral green dress, clutch bag, and red lipstick

Coral is an interesting color.

It's a reddish or pinkish-orange depending on the shade.

It offers summery vibes and will pair well with a spring or summer dress.

The model pictured above is wearing a dress that is mostly green, but the lipstick complements the dashes of color within it.

Coral lipstick can work with fair, medium, or dark skin.

Loreal suggests those with fair skin choose a soft coral shade, while those with medium to dark skin can opt for a more vibrant shade of coral.

If you have cool undertones to your skin, you should stick to corals that have a pink or red undertone, while if you have a warm undertone, coral with an orange undertone should be your go-to.

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Different Shades of Green

Just like any other color, there isn't a universal shade of green.

Different shades of green will pair better with certain colors of lipstick.

So, let's discuss some of the different shades and how to best accentuate with lipstick.

What color lipstick with an olive green dress?

Olive green is a popular fall color. It has been a fashion staple for years and won't be going anywhere any time soon.

Less bold than its other green counterparts, it offers a more inconspicuous option for those experimenting with adding green to their wardrobe.

Nude and pink lipsticks pair well with an olive green dress as you can see in the examples below. Dark red or maroon lipstick can also complete a fall look when paired with olive green.


Olive green with its warm undertones and earthiness will pair well with nude lipstick. Olive green isn't a bright color but rather a dull green. It pairs well with any earth tones, like nude or brown, for a natural look.


If you aren't a fan of nude lipstick or you want something slightly more glam, a subtle pink would also work well.

What color lipstick with a lime green dress?

Lime green is a bright color that will be sure to get you noticed. Its boldness goes well with bold lip colors such as red or purple, but you can of course pair it with nude too!


You're probably thinking, "Nude? Again?" Be prepared to see nude under each of the shades of green because, as we mentioned earlier, it truly can work with any look.

It's an especially good choice if you plan on dazzling with your eye makeup instead.


The contrast between the lime green and red is stunning and can offer a more playful look.

Unleash your inner fashionista with a pop of purple lipstick!

Lime green is a lively hue that can handle bold contrasts, resulting in a dramatic and energetic look.

Embrace the playful spirit of lime green and pair it with a daring shade of purple lipstick.

What color lipstick with an emerald green dress?

Emerald green demands attention. Another darker hue of green but more luxurious than olive, emerald green is also a great fall color.

It can also be a great color to wear for a special occasion.

Of course, like the other greens, you can always pair an emerald green dress with nude-colored lipstick. Red, purple, magenta, and fuchsia can also work well.


Choose a purple, magenta, or fuchsia for a glamorous high-contrast look that emits confidence!


This model pictured added a pop of color to her outfit by opting for red lipstick. This really ties the look together and shows the entire look was well thought out.

What color lipstick with a sea-green dress?

Sea green is any green inspired by the color of the ocean, so as you can imagine, there are quite a few variants of the color.

Fortunately, nude, red, purple, pink, and coral lipstick can all go well with most shades of sea green! Check out some of the image examples below!


A beautiful fairly shaped woman wearing a green dress and wearing a red lipstick

This model is wearing a green that could also be considered emerald, but any of the darker sea-green shades can be worn with a vibrant red to create a sultry and sensual look.

If red is a little too daring for you, a more pinkish red, or coral can work better for those with fair skin. It will complement your skin tone without washing out your skin.


Pink lipstick can create a fun summer or spring look. Especially when paired with one of the lighter shades of sea green which are known for their place in summer fashion!

What makeup goes well with a green dress?

We've covered lots of options for lipstick colors to put together with your green dress, but what about other makeup?

Let's discuss some other makeup that can go well with a green dress.


If you've read through the rest of our article, you might've noticed that some of the models matched their eyeshadow to their dresses. This is always an option.

Greens, gold, and brown smokey eyes are perfect for a night out.

For a daytime look, opt for a more natural look with neutral-colored eyeshadow.

For more reading about what lipstick you should pair with green eyeshadow, check out another one of our posts on the subject here: What Color Lipstick Goes With Green Eyeshadow?


If you're wearing a summer or spring dress, choose a light pink or peach blush to keep your face light and airy.

For a green evening gown or night-out dress, opt for a bronzer instead to look more glam.

Final Thoughts

After reading through this post, we hope you're feeling more confident about which lipstick color to pair with your green dress.

By now, you should be pretty convinced that nude-colored and red-colored lipstick shades will pair well with almost any shade of green, so you can't go wrong with either of those! For a more adventurous color, try purple!

Now you've figured out what lip color to go with, you might be wondering about what nail polish you should pick.

Well, we've got the answer to that, too. Check out our other blog post on the topic here: What Color Nails Go With A Green Dress?

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