What Color Lipstick Goes With Green Eyeshadow?

Green eyeshadow is often isn't as recognized as other shades of eyeshadow, yet it is an inviting color with lots of potential for many makeup looks and outfits. Have you recently purchased green eye shadow and are feeling a bit stumped for which lipsticks colors would look best? We've researched these stylistic dilemmas and have informative results to share with you.

Green eyeshadow pairs well with nudes, corals, light pink lipsticks, purples, and with the right application and outfit, even red looks fantastic. Choosing the color that best suits your green eye shadow depends on your skin tone, the shade of green, and whether the eye makeup look is casual or professional. 

Are you interested in learning more about how to match lipsticks with eyeshadow colors? Curious how to wear that brand new eyeshadow? Is green your favorite color, and you would like to learn more about colors that complement this color scheme? We've researched these questions and have helpful fashion advice to share with you. Please continue reading to learn more about this topic!

A beautiful girl with vinous lips and green eyeshadows on teal background, What Color Lipstick Goes With Green Eyeshadow?

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Colors Of Lipstick That Goes With Green Eyeshadow

Nude lipsticks

Nude lipsticks allow your eyeshadow and other forms of color makeup to be the center of attention. Green is a powerful color. Balance your eyeshadow with your favorite nude lipstick or gloss.

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Corals, pinks, purples, and reds

When you are choosing the right shade of lipstick to pair with your stunning green eyeshadow. Remember to choose a shade of lipstick that blends well with the shade of the eyeshadows' depth and intensity. Suppose you are using a dark emerald green eyeshadow with a hint of shimmer.

Consider choosing a coral or light pink gloss lipstick for a more mature look. Or if bold is the look you are going for, contrast with a deep red gloss lipstick.

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How Do You Match Eyeshadow With Lipstick?

Matching your eyeshadow to your lipstick depends on what type of look you are hoping to achieve. If a monochromatic look is your goal, finding a lip color that is a slightly brighter shade than your eyeshadow would help maintain a balance. For a polychromatic look, the sky is the limit with pairings that could light up your face.

Loreal Paris stresses the importance of accentuating one feature per makeup look. Apply this timeless rule to looks that are professional or casual. For example, you have a flawless emerald green eyeshadow with a defined black eyeliner and faux lashes. Your eyes are the focal point for this look. Choose a nude lipstick that allows your shining eyes to be the star of the show!

Monochromatic makeup looks

Choosing a monochromatic look saves valuable time because all the colors for the look match and could be easily purchased together and applied quickly for a consistent look. Monochromatic makeup looks are great for mature faces because the continual color scheme helps diminish any signs of aging.

Select your color (green), find an eyeshadow trio pack, and use those shades to create depth. Use natural colors for brows, a light highlighter for cheeks, and choose a simple nude or coral for your lip color, and you have a monochromatic look with a pop of color.

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Polychromatic makeup looks

When selecting the appropriate color for a polychromatic makeup look, start with the feature you want to accentuate.  For example, you want to accentuate your lips. Choose a lipstick color (we'll use red for this example)  that works well with your skin tone, build the look around that color.

Consider using bronzes or golds for eyeshadows and a blush with a red undertone. There are several colors present in this look; bronze and gold are a great color contrast to red, which allows the beauty of a polychromatic look to shine.

Does Eyeshadow Need To Match Your Outfit?

Absolutely not. Eyeshadow is to accentuate the natural beauty and shape of your eyes. Matching eyeshadow colors exactly to your outfit was popular in the 1980s, and if used now, it could put you are risk of appearing terribly outdated.

Strive to find eyeshadow colors that complement your skin tone and personality. Then use those colors to pair with outfits. For example, a cornflower blue dress will pair well with a neutral beige eye shadow look.

Eyeshadow application tips

Start with a cleansed and moisturized face. Apply eye shadow primer to the entire lid. Eye shadow primer is helpful for even application of shadow, and it allows the layers of color to blend and set without smudging easily. Start applying the lightest color first--from brow bone to the lash line and inner corner of the eye.

Double-check to make sure the entire lid is covered. Then apply the medium-tone color to the lid--from lashline to crease. Next, apply a deeper medium tone to the outer corners of the eye, and blend thoroughly. You could use your fingers to blend and pat the color.

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Another tip, you could take an eye shimmer or glitter that is the same shade as your eyeshadow. Wet the tip of a fine-pointed makeup brush, and paint along the lash line for added depth. This technique is most appropriate for nights out or holiday makeup. Not recommended for professional looks. After you have completed your makeup, you could use a setting spray to help your look stay fresh all night!

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What Colors Complement Green?

Green is a fantastically versatile color that pairs well with many colors, seasons, and styles. Browns, blues, corals, purples, and reds are brilliant options to pair with greens. Because the array of shades of green that are available vary from dramatic dirty martini to subtle spring green.

Lavender or any shade of purple pairs beautifully with green. If you are pairing purple with light mint green, consider choosing a soft lavender. Choosing hues that match each other in intensity or opposites on the color wheel is best for a balanced look.

According to Chicago's school of professional makeup design Makeup First, the first step for factoring which shade to use is to determine whether the shade is warm or cool and if the color is primary or secondary. Greens are considered cool and secondary on the color wheel.

Choose other colors that are cool and secondary to find the best possible pairings. Generally, colors opposite on the wheel are used to create balanced, concentrated makeup looks.

Flat lay with arranged eyeshadows of green shades on white background

Does Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Lipstick Go On Green?

The well-known Instagram famous Queen Frog Prince lipstick is green. However, when applied, the color ranges from light pink to reddish pink. The lipstick is made from shea butter and vitamin E oil, which helps protects lips from dehydration.

How does this lipstick work, one may wonder? According to BBC Science Focus, the lipstick, when applied, reacts to the PH levels in the wearer's skin, and the dyes change color based on acidity levels, hormone fluctuations, and levels of physical activity. The lips have a higher level of acidity than the dyes. Hence the color is different for each wearer. How cool!

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Additional thoughts

Creating makeup looks that help you feel beautiful inside and out does take time and effort to find the colors that help you create that look that is uniquely you. Consider setting time aside to try a variety of eyeshadow colors. Be sure to see how the color looks in natural and indoor lighting.

Snap a few pictures to keep in your personal makeup looks portfolio, to have a visual library of your colors to reference when creating new looks, or when you are out shopping.

In closing

Developing your fashion sense is a great way to build confidence in both your personal and professional life. We hope you have found this article to be helpful. Please visit StyleCheer.com soon for more helpful fashion-related advice!

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