What Color Lipstick Goes With A Lavender Dress?

So how can you match your lipstick to your lavender dress? What colors are going to give your outfit the extra edge to stand out gorgeously? We've done the research and picked the best colors for lipsticks to pair with your lavender dress.

These are the shades that will look amazing when you're wearing lavender:

  • Nude
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Peach
  • Purple

If you're getting ready to rock that adorable lavender dress hanging in your closet and need the details on how to perfectly pair your outfit and lips, keep reading! We're going to walk you through these lipstick shades so you can make sure you're feeling confident and beautiful.

Fashion art photo of beautiful elegant lady on floral background wearing lavender dress and purple lipstick, , What Color Lipstick Goes With A Lavender Dress?

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Lipstick Shades for Lavender Dresses

For a girly, sweet, and soft outfit, a lavender dress is the perfect shade of purple. As a light pinkish-purple, lavender can work as a warm or cool color, depending on how you style it.

Romantic and whimsical, this shade can be used for formal, party, casual, and date night attire. Whether you're out on the town or heading into work, knowing how to wear makeup with your lavender dress is going to take you from pretty in purple to polished and styled.


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Lavender looks amazing on anyone, but lipstick can really make or break the outfit. When you aren't looking to think too hard about how the color of your lips can draw attention to your ensemble in a bad way, nudes are your best bet.

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Finding your favorite nude lipstick will save you a lot of trouble when you want to pair lipstick with any outfit. It should be a staple in your makeup bag. Don't forget that there are so many different nudes to choose from.

Get one that looks natural to your true lip color, one with pink tones for a fresh touch of color, and a brown that works with your skin tone. These colors look amazing with lavender, but they're perfect for just about anything else as well. These are truly the best colors to have handy!

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If you want something more dramatic than nude shades, pink is the best choice to pair with your lavender dress. Since lavender carries a bit of pink in it, they come together in a beautiful mixture of cool and warm tones.

The best thing about choosing a pink lip is that you can go as light or dark as you want. For a more youthful look, light pastel pink will keep you looking fresh. If you want to have more fun with your lip color, hot pink or bubblegum pink will look feminine and daring.

When you're planning to take your lavender dress from business attire to a night out with your friends, a change in pink lips can make all the difference. Pick an understated and muted pink for a day at work, and then pop on a brighter shade of pink to hit the town. Shades of pink are going to bring out the best of you in that lavender dress.

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When it comes to a red lip, there's not a lot of ways you can mess it up. It's a classic color that takes any outfit from average to outstanding. Lavender is no exception to that rule.

Vibrant red next to the soft purple of lavender creates a gorgeous contrast of colors. Anywhere from a deep wine red to brick to scarlet, a red lip is a winning choice for your dress.

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There are times when purple and orange fit well together. It's retro and daring, and an orange lip can be eyecatching and powerful. So if purple and orange make a great duo, can a lighter shade of purple still pull it off?

With the slight warm undertone in lavender from the hint of pink, peach is the closest to orange you will want to get. It complements the warmth, sticks closer to nudes, and looks warm and glowing. You can either go sheerer, or you can take it to more of a deep matte peach for that extra touch of bold color to your lips.

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Fashion art photo of beautiful elegant lady on floral background wearing lavender dress and purple lipstick, , What Color Lipstick Goes With A Lavender Dress?

Purple lipsticks come in so many shades, from deep eggplant to a gray-purple mauve and a purple-pink magenta. And since lavender is not only a lighter variation of purple but also a color that contains pink tones, you have a range of options in the purple category to choose from for lipsticks.

For lavender, the best shades of purple are going to be darker than your dress and also contain that pink undertone. Such shades like magenta, grape, and true purple are going to look stunning with your lavender dress.

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What color lipstick do you wear with lavender?

Now that we have gone over the best lipstick color options for a lavender dress, let's look at which one to pick for your outfit. Whether it's a dress, top, or pants suit, you can never go wrong with brown nude shades and light pinks. From warm weather to cold, these colors work year-round.

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Even more so, nudes and fair pinks look beautiful with any skin tone and color. With a wide range of undertones and shades, there's something for everyone. So if you are planning to make lavender a staple in your wardrobe, find your favorite pinky-nude, and you will always look gorgeous!

How do I match my lipstick to a dress?

When matching lipstick to your dress, you should consider two factors—the color of your dress and your own personal style. With most dresses, you will be able to choose a lipstick color that is complimentary while being sophisticated or understated or complementary while being daring and fun.

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For neutral dresses like black, white, gray, or brown, you have so many options. Mature and classic lipstick shades like pinks, reds, and nudes are always gorgeous and safe choices. But if you're looking for a little something extra, you can go with purples, orange, or even black.

Other color dresses like red, blue, pink, etc., are always going to be perfect for nude shades of lipstick. Choosing a bolder color, however, means knowing complementary colors to pair with your dress. But we have you covered there!

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Shades of blue work well with warmer tones like red and pink lipstick. A red dress can be paired with a darker shade of red, dark browns, or black. Pink dresses can be worn with shades of pinks and purples. Red lipstick looks amazing with orange and yellow dresses. And pink lipstick works with green and purple dresses.

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If you are working with a patterned dress, you should choose a minor color in the pattern for your lipstick. This will highlight the color in your dress in an amazing way. You can also match your accessories to this color or another minor color in your dress for a beautifully put-together look.

Does makeup have to match your clothes?

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Makeup should play a complementary role when it comes to matching your clothes. Although you can create a monochromatic look by matching your blue eyeshadow to your blue top, exact matching is not necessary. In fact, unless you are going for something monochromatic as a statement, makeup and clothes should work together cohesively for a look and not battle for the spotlight.

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When coordinating makeup with a more dramatic, colorful, or adventurous outfit, a neutral makeup palette is the way to go. Remember, neutral doesn't always mean a barely-there makeup look. You can still create a smokey eye that matches the drama of your outfit. You just don't want the intensity of your outfit to have to compete with intense makeup. Let one shine and the other pay tribute.

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Simple or neutral outfits allow for a more bold makeup look. A black dress is perfect for a bright lip or a colorful eyeshadow. The general key with more extravagant makeup is playing up one area of your face— the eyes or the lips. Too much bright and heavy makeup can take on a clown-like look that tends to not be flattering.

In Closing

Lavender is the perfect shade for a girl wanting to look soft and sweet. With the right choice of light lipstick, you can keep a youthful and light air about you. But lavender doesn't always have to be subdued and coy. Pairing your lavender dress with a deep red or bright peach will give you that carefree pop of color to add an edge to a delicate shade of purple.

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