What Color Lipstick Goes With An Orange Dress?

Orange is one of the brightest, boldest colors out there, and if you own an orange dress or are thinking of buying one, you might need some advice on what colors to wear with it. Once you decide on your shoes and jewelry, you might be a little puzzled about which makeup to choose--especially lipstick. So what color lipstick shades can compete with a dazzling color like orange? We will take the guesswork out of this problem because we have them all listed here just for you!

The best shades of lipstick to wear with an orange dress are orange, red, nude, pink, and peach. When deciding on a color, it's always important to take the shade of orange you are wearing into consideration so that you will have the most stylish look possible.

We want you to look your very best in your orange dress, and lipstick is an important component of any outfit, so you want to choose the perfect shade. Keep reading for our list of the best lipstick colors to wear with an orange dress.

Satin tangerine evase pleated dress with diamonds brooch. What Color Lipstick Goes With An Orange Dress

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Lipsticks That Look Good With Orange

Wearing an orange dress can give you the daring look you have been searching for. But when you go bold, you often worry that your accessories and makeup aren't quite doing what they should. The perfect color lipstick can make all of the difference when you are trying to look your absolute best.

Luckily, even though orange might seem like a difficult color to coordinate with, it's actually quite complimentary with a variety of colors. So you won't be reduced to choosing between one or two lipstick shades.

Here are our picks for the best shades of lipstick to wear with an orange dress.


Portrait of a beautiful woman in orange dress and makeup

If you want to put together a monochromatic look, then match your orange dress with orange lipstick. The colors don't have to match exactly to achieve a sensational vibe.

The model in the photo is wearing a bold orange lipstick with an orange dress. The result is absolutely eye-catching. If you aren't sold on orange with orange, you could also try a reddish-orange lipstick for a look that's a little less matchy yet still unique.

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Red lipstick looks insanely good with an orange dress because the boldness of red is a nice contrast with orange. A light orange dress looks especially divine with red lipstick because it gives off a colorful and fun vibe. The model in the photo pairs up a dramatic red lipstick with a bright orange dress that's perfect for a sophisticated evening out.

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Woman in orange dress at the nature and wearing nude lipstick

Nude is always a go-to option, no matter what color you are wearing. If you want all of the focus to be on your dress, then nude lipstick might be the right choice for you. In the photo, this model stuns with a burnt orange dress and natural-looking makeup. Her nude lipstick has brownish tones, which pick up the brown undertones in her dress and gives her outfit an earthy quality.

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Sensual young woman in white wig looking at camera on purple background wearing pink lipstick

Pink and orange? Can this be true? It absolutely is true because pink lipstick can complement an orange dress even though the two colors seem to contrast. If you decide to go with a light pink, your look will be a little cuter and fresher. If you opt for a darker pink, you'll achieve a more dramatic look. The model in this photo is wearing hot pink lipstick and a bright orange dress which looks sophisticated and daring all at the same time.

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Elegant beautiful blonde woman holding ripe orange isolated on pink wearing peach colored lipstick

Peach is an obvious lipstick color choice to pair up with an orange dress since peach has orange undertones. Wearing peach lipstick is a little more understated than wearing a brighter orange or red, but peach lipstick will look lovely with an orange dress.  The model in this photo wears a peach-colored lipstick with a peach-colored dress for a gorgeous look.

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What Color Lipstick To Wear With Burnt Orange?

Burnt orange is a unique color that combines red, orange, and brown, and if you have the good fortune to own a dress in that shade, there are a few lipstick options. Red looks great with burnt orange and gives off a deeply dramatic vibe. Another choice is a nude shade that complements your skin tone. Brownish nudes work well with burnt orange because the combination looks very earthy and natural.

Can You Wear Red Lipstick With An Orange Dress?

As we previously discussed, red is a fantastic shade of lipstick to wear with an orange dress. Both red and orange are bold shades, and they only seem to enhance the other one. If you choose red lipstick, bright orange and bright red match well. If you a wearing a deep orange, then a deeper red might add some more drama to your outfit. Another option is to choose a reddish-orange lip color, which will give you a bit of coordination without looking overly matchy.

What Color Lipstick Should You Wear With An Orange Shirt?

Like an orange dress, orange shirts can be worn with a variety of lipstick shades and the same colors you'd wear with an orange shirt. Since your shirt is only one part of your outfit, make sure whatever pants or skirt you wear don't clash with your lipstick; instead, try and pick neutral colors like beige or brown for the other clothing you are wearing with an orange shirt.

How Do You Match Lipstick To Your Dress?

Matching your lipstick to your dress is easy if you follow a few simple rules. First, you don't need to try to mach exactly. Instead, just find a lipstick that is in the same color family or has similar undertones. Experts also recommend choosing a lipstick that is a shade or two darker than your dress to look your best.

It's also important to take your skin tone into consideration when choosing a lip color so that you can opt for a lipstick that's not only flattering to your outfit but also looks good with your skin.

It's All About The Orange

Orange is a hot color right now, and who would have imagined that there are so many lipstick shades that match it? Whether you decide on orange, red, nude, pink, or peach lipstick, you really can't go wrong.

Now that you have all of the tools you need to choose the perfect lipstick color to go with your orange dress, it's time to put it all together and show your style off to the world! You will look and feel like a million dollars!

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