What Color Lipstick Goes With A Yellow Dress?

From the sunshine yellows of summer to the golden shades of fall, yellow dresses are a year-round treat for your wardrobe. Bright, feminine, and warm, there is a shade of yellow for every skin tone and occasion. But when you need to pair this bold color choice with lipstick, it can be daunting to choose the perfect shade. When it comes to lipstick and yellow dresses, we've got you covered. We compiled the most gorgeous lipstick combinations for any yellow dress!

These shades of lipstick are perfect when paired with your favorite yellow dress:

  • Reds
  • Browns
  • Peaches
  • Pinks

Whether it's a short and bright dress for a night out or a mustard shade that's ideal for a business meeting, you don't have to worry about how your makeup will stand up to how amazing you look. Keep reading to see how to complement your ensemble with the perfect lipstick.

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Four Lipstick Shades To Wear With Your Yellow Dress


Pairing red and yellow can feel intimidating. Maybe you've been told this color combination is a fashion no-no. That's because it's trickier than some color combos to get right. But when you do get it right, it's a beautiful medley of warm and joyful tones that will have you looking daring, fun, and sophisticated.

Bright Red

Young brunette fashion model in yellow dress

If you want to wear a true red lipstick that is bright and vibrant, your yellow has to contrast as a darker shade, and not compete to be the brightest. A pale yellow or mustard shade will help your lipstick pop and your dress be the best complementary shade your red lip could ask for.

Dark Red

Portrait of a seductive young woman in yellow walking in the city

When it comes to a deeper, darker shade of red, you can take the previous advice to mind. Create a contrasting color combo and pair a brighter shade of yellow with your darker lip. This look can add maturity to even a very bright shade of yellow.

The great thing about dark red lipstick is that it also looks amazing with darker shades of yellow. So pair it with anything from saffron yellow to straw and look great doing it!

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Smiling curly girl in bright yellow dress holding candy lollipop

Shades of red, like brick or mahogany, also match well with varying shades of yellow. For the perfect pair with this muted shade of red, yellows with hints of brown undertones, like gold or brass, are best.

Can you wear red lipstick with a yellow dress?

Absolutely! As we've illustrated, it only takes the right shades of red and yellow to get this color combination to look stunning and far from clown-ish. You shouldn't be scared to give this color duo a try!


Portrait of a young beautiful woman in yellow clothes

When you have a warmer or darker skin tone, choosing a more subdued lip to pair with your yellow dress can be difficult. Even light pinks and reds can leave too much color on skin that doesn't have many pink undertones.

So if you're going for a more business-attire look, browns are a great way to show off your gorgeous skin tone.

If you do have pink undertones, or just want to add a more natural hint of color, peachy browns or warm nude shades will give your lips the perfect combination of natural and glam.

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Portrait of a smiling young woman with big yellow tassel beaded earrings and afro hair wrapped with head wrap scarf

For a color that looks amazing with most skin tones, peach is the way to go. This pinky-orange looks fresh and lively next to yellow, giving you a warm glow that's perfect for those summer days in the sun.

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Pinks are a soft and warm shade that can tone down a yellow dress, or give it even more of a vibrant impact. There are so many pink shades to choose from, so here are our favorites to couple with a yellow dress.

Bold Pink

Smiling young woman in yellow mini dress posing against pink background

Hot pink, magenta, and cerise are all examples of bright, girly pink lipsticks that stand out in the best way with a yellow dress. These colors are ideal for slightly paler shades of yellow or pastel yellow but can be great with super bright yellows in the right setting.

This is one of those colors that will make "less is more" important for the rest of your ensemble. Keep the rest of your makeup, shoes, and accessories more subtle to allow your pink lip to be the center of attention.

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Pink Nudes

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For a more subtle pink, try shades that fall closer to mauve or berry shade nudes. These look more natural but still add a beautiful touch of color. These shades are also perfect for just adding a tint of color to your lips when you are going for that "no makeup" look.

What color lipstick goes with a mustard yellow dress?

Mustard yellow is a more subdued, and often times more mature, shade of yellow. If you like to wear earthy greens and browns, this is the perfect warm shade to have in your wardrobe.

Since the shade is less vibrant, sticking with a lipstick that is also toned down is ideal to complement this color. Choose lipsticks that are matte and a shade or two darker than your natural lip color. You can also try pinky-nude shades like a dusty rose for a muted touch of color.

Which lipstick suits a yellow top?

It may not seem like a yellow top would present much of a difference in lipstick color options than a dress, but it all comes down to the amount of yellow being showcased in your look.

Yellow dresses have little chance of being a secondary color in your attire's palette, whereas a yellow top pairs well with black, denim, or patterned pants that can tone down the yellow. This can allow you to be brighter with your lipstick choices, or keep it simple.


Young beautiful woman wearing yellow t-shirt standing over white isolated background

When you're wearing a yellow tank or crop top with denim, you can go for bright colors like fire engine red or hot pink. These colors are fun and youthful in small doses, so you'll look adorable without going overboard. This bright color combination is great for summer and spring outfits.


Attractive young woman with freckles in autumn warm sweater looking at camera

If you're looking for something tamer, you can stick with nudes or nudes with a touch of pink. Creating a barely-there or nude makeup look with a yellow top also gives an air of bright youthfulness. This softer shade paired with a mustard yellow sweater looks amazing in fall and winter.

Does lipstick have to match your outfit?

Makeup should be complementary to your outfit, and that includes lipstick. Generally, if you aren't looking to create an entire look from your makeup to your outfit, like for an everyday casual look, nudes are an easy go-to that require little thought into pairing colors.

However, if you're wanting a bolder lip color, you should take into consideration the color and style of your outfit. You wouldn't want to pair a bright pink lip with a red or orange top, but you could pair it with white, yellow, or light blue. Red lipstick wouldn't go with a purple dress, but it looks amazing with black or denim.

In Closing

When you're feeling adventurous enough to wear yellow, having the perfect lip can really complete the look. Whether you're dressing for a fun evening on the town or the next big business meeting, you can be certain there is a gorgeous yellow dress and perfect lipstick shade to suit you!

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