What Color Nails Go With A Green Dress?

If you're a fan of fashion and like to keep up with the latest trends, then you might have noticed that green is all over the place this year. And why not? Since green is a gorgeous color that comes in so many different shades, you'd be hard-pressed not to find at least one variation that you love. But what about your nails? Since green is such a bold, vibrant color, what is the perfect nail color to complete your ensemble? If you want your nails to dazzle when you wear a green dress, don't fret because there are so many exciting options to choose from, and we have them all here!

The perfect nail color choice has everything to do with the shade of green you're wearing. If your dress is deep green, try red, black, and purple. Nude nail colors go with all greens, and pink goes with lighter shades of green. You can also match your dress with green nails for a coordinated look.

Everyone knows that the perfect nail color can make all of the difference when putting together an outfit, so keep on reading to learn about the best nail colors to match your green dress.

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Female hand holding green plant in pot. Woman in green dress and with green nails. What Color Nails Go With A Green Dress

What Are The Best Colors?

Green makes quite a statement when worn with the perfect accessories and then complimented with the perfect manicure. Always remember that the shade of green in your dress will have a lot to do with how well the nail color you choose matches. Deeper greens tend to go with darker colors, while lighter shades of green look better with lighter shades of nail polish.

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Here are our picks for the best nail colors that will make your green dress stand out even more.


The striking combination of red nail polish with green is always a sure thing. Both green and red are deep colors, and they make an impressive combination. Pair deep reds with dark greens for the most dramatic look, and you are sure to shine.

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Black nails are bold on their own, but if you pair them up with a dark green dress, you'll make even more of a statement. The richness of both colors will come together for an unforgettable and dramatic look.

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Purple is the color of royalty, and it compliments green like nothing else. If you're wearing a deep color like emerald green, then purple is your go-to. Even though purple and green seem like total opposites, the combination looks fantastic.

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Nude nails might seem boring at first glance, but they take the guesswork out of choosing a nail color since they work really well with any color dress. Opting for a nude shade allows your dress to take center stage without any other distractions, but your nails will still have a lovely manicured look.

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If your dress is mint green or lime green, the best color to choose is light pink. Pairing pastel shades together is a great combination, and green and pink are no exception. The contrast of the two colors brings a bright and cheery mood to your outfit that is pleasing to the eye.

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If you want to coordinate your nails and your dress, then why not go with green nails? Matching your nails to your dress makes the color you're wearing even bolder and more pronounced.  Opt for shades of green that are similar to each other for a more unified look.

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What Is A Universally Flattering Nail Color?

As you can see by the examples we have just discussed, there are tons of nail colors available no matter what you decide to wear! But which color flatters just about everyone? Experts agree that you can't go wrong with light pink. It compliments every skin tone, and it looks great with anything.

Coming in second place is nude. Nude polish will give your nails a little shine, and they look great no matter the occasion or the outfit.

Should Your Nails Match Your Dress?

Your nails certainly don't need to match your dress, but many style experts agree that the colors should complement each other in some way. If you are getting your nails done and will keep the same color for several weeks, you might want to consider a nail polish that matches many different possible colors like red, nude, light pink, or white.

That's not to say that you always have to play it safe. If you want a bolder nail color, there is a lot to be said about contrast. Blue, purple, and green nails will look great with various other colors, even if they aren't the most neutral.

Do Toes And Nails Have To Match?

The jury is still out regarding matching toes and nails. According to some style gurus, matching your toes and nails is an outdated practice and not at all necessary.  On the other side of the debate, some argue that matching your toes and fingers makes for a polished and more put-together look.

Although you can certainly do whatever is your preference, there is no rule that you must match your toes and nails. Some nail pros do recommend using shades that don't clash, but again, it's completely up to your taste. There is such a wide assortment of colors to choose from; it does seem silly to limit yourself to just one. Plus, it's nice to have the option to mix and match nail colors with your clothes and shoes.

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Does Silver Or Gold Go Better With Green?

In addition to nail color, your choice of jewelry matters as well. When it comes to the color green, you can't lose with either gold or silver jewelry. Gold and green look beautiful together since they are both earth tones, and if you pair a gold necklace and earrings with a green dress, you'll have a completely eye-catching look.

Silver jewelry can make darker greens look dazzling as well, although experts agree that you may want to avoid silver with lighter greens since silver loses its brilliance next to these shades.

In Closing

Who knew that a green dress could go with so many different nail colors? But as we have discovered, green is not only a beautiful color, it's astonishingly versatile, and it pairs amazingly well with an assortment of nail colors. So whether you're feeling brash or more subdued, you can be sure there is a nail color that's right for your particular green dress.

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