What Colors Go With Snakeskin Shoes?

Snakeskin shoes are a great way to add some exotic flair to an outfit, but you might be wondering what colors look best with them. We have compiled a list of top colors you should consider wearing with your snakeskin shoes.

Snakeskin prints are considered neutral tones in the fashion world, which means snakeskin goes well with most colors and even some patterns. Below is a list of popular colors that you can build outfits around that pair with snakeskin shoes without worry.

  • Red
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Gray
  • White
  • Ivory
  • Green
  • Denim
  • Snakeskin
  • Plaid

Read on to learn more about the best colors to wear with your snakeskin shoes. We will also answer some common questions that people ask about snakeskin prints so that you know all about how to wear them well. 

Shoes made of snake skin on a dark, Shoes made of snake skin on a dark,What Colors Go With Snakeskin Shoes?

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Outfit Inspiration for Snakeskin Shoes

Snakeskin print has many color options that beautifully complement its unique color patterns. Below are various outfits to inspire you to dig into your closet and create your own versions based on the color combinations.  

Sexy Snakeskin-Print and Open-Toed Silver Stiletto Shoes


Red is a bold color and goes well with snakeskin shoes. However, snakeskin patterns now come in many colors, including red and patterns that include tones of red. Those are perfect to pair with red outfits because they will pull out any red tones from your shoes.  


Black is a classic color that doesn't compete with the snakeskin allowing it to take the spotlight. An all-black outfit allows the snakeskin to be the outfit's focal point.

The instinct might be to pair the grey tones of snake print with black, which works beautifully but don't be afraid to mix brown tones with black outfits as well. 

Whether you are conservative or bold, black is a great color option. Black can be used to tone down bold snakeskin pieces, but it also provides an excellent backdrop for snakeskin accessories. 


Brown is a versatile color to pair with snakeskin because there are so many shades, from beige to terracotta to dark brown. Snakeskin shoes go well with all of them, especially snakeskin patterns with natural brown shading. However, black shaded snakeskin also goes amazingly well with most shades of brown, adding a different contrast.  

Brown is much like the color green in that it is a pigment of nature that complements other earth-toned colors, so don't be shy about wearing your snakeskin shoes when you wear any shade of brown. 


Gray can be a bit of a dull color, but it doesn't have to be that way if you style it right. Mixing textures and shades of grey adds some needed depth and allows the eye to focus on something other than flat gray. Adding snakeskin shoes is one way to add a pattern to help break up any blandness in the gray.  

To add even more texture, add a coordinating snakeskin handbag. 

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There is nothing like the crispness of cool white clothing, but it gets even better when paired with snakeskin shoes to give it some edge. If you aren't a fan of all-white, mix in some color, other neutral hues, or even black to create your unique look.

Pairing a white blouse with your favorite denim jeans and snakeskin shoes is a classic look that never goes out of style. Adding a snakeskin bangle adds another layer to the look. 

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However, don't discount how well snakeskin shoes complement a white dress, an all-white outfit, or white jeans. Again, you are not limited to any particular shade of snakeskin, and white is an opportunity to show off some faux snakeskin in fun shades. 


Ivory is another neutral color that benefits from the contrast of the snakeskin print because most snakeskin naturally includes creamy hues. However, it has a different look than the stark white we discussed earlier. 

Whether you choose boots, sandals, or any other type of shoe, a cream outfit will be enhanced by snakeskin accessories, so you don't have to stop with only shoes.

However, if you don't want too much snakeskin, pair it with black or brown accessories to highlight the complementary color of your snakeskin. 


It's hard to go wrong when you pair colors found together in nature. Green is a natural color that works well with any tone of snakeskin. Therefore, choose green hues that mimic natural greens, and add your snakeskin shoes for a perfect combination. 


Denim and snakeskin work so well together, and there are endless options with this combination. Whether it is denim jeans, a denim jacket, or even an entire denim outfit, snakeskin adds an element that denim to the next level. 

You can keep it casual but fun with snakeskin sneakers and a rock band t-shirt with torn jeans. For running errands, throw on skinny jeans with snakeskin ankle boots and a cardigan and tee combo, and you have style and comfort. 

If you like all denim, you will be a hit when you add your snakeskin shoes. If you want a bit more pizazz, add some additional accessories like a handbag, scarf, or even earrings. 

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You can wear various snakeskin patterns together if you know how to do it subtly. Head-to-toe snakeskin isn't recommended for most people unless you are intentionally trying to draw attention and make a bold statement. Outfits that include snakeskin should be a bit more subdued for the rest of us. 

The most conservative approach is to mix patterns within your accessories. However, you do not need to stop there. Let your confidence level be your guide but still try to stick with only one large focus piece mixed with a solid color and additional snakeskin patterns used only as accents. There can be too much of a good thing.


Mixing snakeskin with plaids isn't a look that everyone will love, but the neutral nature of snakeskin prints makes it suitable to mix with other patterns, including plaids. However, stick with plaids in the same color family as your snakeskin to make the look work.  

Next time you wear your black houndstooth or your prince of wales check blazer and black jeans, throw on your black-toned snakeskin flats or ankle boots and notice how well they go together. 

Is Snakeskin considered neutral?

Luxury female high heel shoes made from snake skin worn by a woman

Snakeskin is a print that uses actual snakeskin or mimics the pattern with alternative materials. Either way, it is a pattern found in nature, so designers treat it as neutral, which means it can pair with most colors and even prints, especially stripes and plaids of the same color.  

Neutrality makes snakeskin a versatile pattern that easily incorporates into your existing wardrobe. If you aren't comfortable wearing a large amount of snakeskin, stick with snakeskin shoes.

Even with shoes, you can easily accommodate your comfort level by choosing thigh-high snakeskin boots, simple snakeskin sandals, or many options in between. You need to own a pair of snakeskin print shoes, whatever your style. 

Is snakeskin tacky?

Young Lady with an outfit of a snakskin

People have a love-hate relationship with animal skin prints, and snakeskin is no exception. People either find it stylish and sexy, or they find it to be tacky and appalling. However, animal prints are continually seen on fashion catwalks and used extensively by fashion designers.  

If you like snakeskin or any other animal print, don't be afraid to incorporate it into your wardrobe. You can wear it and be very stylish if you don't go overboard.

If you are more conservative, limit your snakeskin pieces to accessories. If you are bolder, wear snakeskin pants, a snakeskin jacket, or even a snakeskin dress but tone it down by pairing it with a solid color.  

Will snakeskin go out of style?

High heels,Purse,Accessories,Elegance,Women

Like most animal prints, snakeskin is a classic and always re-emerges in fashion. Animal hides were the first source of clothing. African royalty and other political leaders wore them as symbols of power and influence in ancient times, and eventually, animal prints made their way into mainstream fashion. 

Animal prints like snakeskin may be less popular at times, but they never go out of style because people love to wear them. However, there may be psychological reasons for the attraction. Animal prints are thought to trigger primal reflexes from humans based on survival instincts relied on by our predecessors.  

Therefore, the attraction to animal prints may be embedded into some people's brains. Hence, it's not likely that type of mental stronghold will be broken by the fashion police anytime soon. If you love snakeskin or any other animal print, don't be afraid to incorporate pieces into your wardrobe and wear them when you feel comfortable doing so.  

Wrap It Up

Shoes made of snake skin on a dark

Adding snakeskin shoes to an outfit is a great way to add visual texture and a bit of fun flair to your outfits. Snakeskin is neutral, so you can wear your snakeskin shoes with more ensembles than you may think. Use the outfits in this article to build your own creations to show off your snakeskin. 

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