What Colors Go With Leopard Print Shoes?

You just bought a fantastic pair of leopard print shoes, but now you wonder how many outfits in your wardrobe they will complement. Good news—leopard print looks great with many colors, so you can put together endless outfits that will pair well with your leopard print shoes. We have researched and have a list of colors that pair well with leopard print to help you expand the options for shoes in this print. 

Leopard print shoes can be a playful way to accessorize many different outfit combinations because it goes well with most colors and even other prints. Consider using the following color suggestions to create fabulous ensembles to help you wear your leopard print shoes as often as possible.

  • Black
  • Red
  • Beige
  • Green
  • Denim
  • More leopard print

Keep reading to see popular color combinations that incorporate leopard print shoes in fashionable ways. We will also answer some common questions that people ask about wearing leopard print. 

Stylish man wearing leopard shoes, What Colors Go With Leopard Print Shoes?

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The Leopard Print Shoe

It doesn't matter if it's sandals, boots, flats, or even sneakers; nothing conveys fun combined with a little bit of wild quite like leopard print. Therefore, adding leopard print shoes and accessories can take any outfit to the next level.

Below is a list that includes several outfit inspirations to see how well these popular colors work with leopard print to help you begin to build some outfits using pieces already in your wardrobe. 


Black is a staple color when it comes to leopard print shoes. The options with black are limitless. However, if you are a bit conservative, black is the easiest color to blend with leopard print safely.

You can stick with all black for a traditional look and let the leopard print shoes speak for themselves. However, there are so many more options depending on your confidence level. 

To keep it casual, black leggings or skinny black denim against leopard print sneakers or ankle boots allow you to add just about any top type without clashing. Go ahead and add a striped or floral shirt. If that's not your look, a white t-shirt with a denim jacket or your favorite cardigan is a perfect look for a relaxed day out.  

Black trousers with a blazer or jacket work great with leopard flats for a less casual look. If you want to add more animal kingdom vibe to your outfit, add other leopard accessories like sunglasses or bangle bracelets. 

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Red is a natural partner to leopard print. Dark reds like burgundy and brighter shades of red look great with the neutral pattern. While you often see red accessories with solid leopard print, the reverse works well too.

Next time you wear your red pants or red dress, throw on your leopard print shoes and grab your leopard print purse, and you should have the confidence of a cat on the prowl. 

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Beige and other shades of brown have a reputation for being bland. Leopard print is a great way to liven up the neutrality of beige. 

Whether you opt for a beige dress or a two-piece outfit of coordinating beige tones, leopard print shoes will add the illusion of texture. Don't be afraid to add a leopard jacket or cardigan for even more exotic elegance. 

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Green is the color of nature, and leopard print replicates animal prints found in the wild, so, of course, they go well together. Whether you choose olive, emerald, or kelly green, leopard print shoes will look great, but these are certainly not the only shades of green that go well will leopard print. 

Green is an excellent opportunity to add additional prints and patterns for variety.  Add a leather-like moto jacket to combine rebel and wild into a blended look. 

Consider pairing leopard shoes and a leopard belt with a green dress for a more formal look.  

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Denim is another natural partner to leopard print shoes with endless options. There's nothing like leopard print shoes to jazz up a denim dress when you want to be comfortable but still a little dressy. If you are feeling extra wild, add some additional leopard accessories. 

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A denim jacket and leopard shoes can make a simple dress look stunning. Pair the same denim jacket and shoes with black leggings and a striped t-shirt for an equally fashionable but more informal look for a different twist. 

However, let's not forget about the true denim staple—denim jeans. It doesn't matter whether the wash is light or dark; leopard print shoes look great. The softness of worn denim against leopard print gives a romantic look, while leopard print against darker denim is dressier. 

Whether you prefer skinny, torn, or traditional jeans, leopard print will always look great with denim jeans. Throw on your favorite graphic tee and leopard print sneakers, and you are comfortable but still fashionable. 

Maybe you want a look that is more put together. Add a blouse or blazer for a business casual look. Denim can be dressed up or down, and the same is true for leopard print. 

More Leopard Print

What do you wear with leopard print? More leopard print, of course. There's no reason that you can't wear your leopard print flats with your leopard print pants or dress.

If you want to tone down the overall look, add a layer with a solid color. A black blazer or even a denim jacket will give some contrast and break up the prints. If that's too subtle for you, add it to a bright solid color. 

When combining prints, you want to avoid matching large patterns and try to limit your print variations. While you can coordinate different prints, especially when there is a visual distance between them, you don't want to go overboard. 

Is Leopard Print Considered Neutral?

Most designers treat leopard print as neutral because it can pair with just about any color. Further, it is often deemed a solid color rather than a pattern, meaning that it can easily pair with other prints. Consider layering florals, plaids, or stripes to your leopard prints for an alternative look. 

If you aren't that bold, it's okay to stick with pairing leopard print with solid colors, though. Use your judgment and confidence level to gauge, but know that typical fashion rules do not confine leopard prints. 

Is It Unprofessional To Wear Leopard Print?

A blonde woman wearing a black coat and holding a calculator

You can definitely wear leopard print to the office, but you want to keep your look professional and reserve sexy and playful for after work. Use your leopard print choices to convey confidence and independence while keeping it closer to the conservative side. 

Here are a few pointers to keep your leopard print under control while at the office. 

  • Pair your leopard prints with formal pieces. For example, a formal white shirt and black jacket can offset leopard print pants, while black slacks tone down a leopard print blouse or cardigan. 
  • Avoid leopard prints that are form fitting. Opt for more tailored pieces.
  • Don't go overboard with leopard print pieces. 
  • Add your leopard print as accessories to solid colors. 

Leopard print can be part of your office attire, but there are some places where it might not be the best choice. While weddings and religious services rely on personal discretion, funerals are one event where you might want to avoid the leopard print and stick with traditional mourning colors. 

Can You Wear Leopard Print All Year Round?

Woman wearing leopard patterned shoes and an expensive bracelet

Leopard print is considered to be a year-round print. Since it is deemed to be neutral, it goes well with bright colors for spring and summer, but it transitions perfectly to complement harvest colors for fall and darker colors for winter. 

While your staple leopard print pieces can be worn year round, styling them differently for varying seasons will give you the needed variety. Change your accessories and counter pieces to match the season. 

Is Leopard Print Still In Style?

Woman wearing leopard patterned shoes and an expensive bracelet

Animal prints may not be everyone's favorite, but they continue to appear on fashion runways, and don't expect that trend to end soon. Like it or not, animal prints, especially leopard print, are classic and continue to re-emerge consistently in designers' collections and fashion circles. 

One reason may be because the attraction some have to animal prints is instinctual. Animal prints can arouse primal instincts that raise adrenaline levels and increase appeal to entice a mate. Animal prints are also exotic, which symbolizes the freedom of the wild and a spirit not easily tamed. 

With such strong psychological influence, expect animal prints, including leopard print, to continue to be part of the fashion world for many years to come. 

In Closing

Stylish man wearing leopard shoes

Leopard print is hot, so don't be afraid to wear your leopard print shoes often. Many colors go well with leopard prints, so the outfit options are endless. Come to think of it, maybe it's time to buy another pair of leopard print shoes. You really can't have too many. 

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