How Much Does It Cost To Get Fake Nails? [Breakdown By Nail Type]

Getting your nails done at the salon can feel luxurious, but sometimes the cost isn't as pretty. If you're curious about how much fake nails cost, you're in the right place. We've looked into the average prices and will break them down by type for you.

We'll explain what could increase the price of your fake nails and address other common questions about them. Keep reading for a detailed cost breakdown and more insights.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Fake Nails?

Let's break down the costs by nail type.

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are formed by mixing powder and liquid acrylic together to form a sculptable substance. This substance is usually added to a tip and then shaped and filed into the desired nail shape.

Fake Floral French manicure

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When you first get acrylic nails, you'll hear them referred to as a full set. A full set of acrylics will cost between $50 and $80. This is usually just for the acrylic nails and polish, not gel polish or any designs.

A full set of acrylics will last you around three weeks, and then you'll need to get them filled. An acrylic nail fill will usually cost you less than a full set, and if taken care of, you won't need a new full set for at least two months. Acrylic nail fill will cost you around $15 to $20.

Once you start adding designs to your nails, the price increases depending on the design's intricacy and whether you add additional items like gems.

If you're wondering how much time you will spend in a salon getting acrylic nails, check out our blog post: "How Long Does It Take To Get Acrylic Nails?"

Gel Nails

Gel nails can also be used to give your nails extra length. A hard gel is applied to the nail and cured with a UV light lamp. Gel nails do cost more than acrylic nails. Gel nails will cost around $65 for a full set.

Top view of uv lamp light and nail polishes

Like acrylic nails, gel nails need to be filled. They need to be filled every three to four weeks, so they tend to last longer than a set of acrylic nails. However, a gel nail fill will cost around $20.

As with acrylics, adding a design will increase the total cost. Most salons start design pricing between $5 and $10 per design.

Dip Powder Nails

A newer type of fake nail uses dip powder polish. Dip powder polish, also known as SNS nails,  can be applied to tips just like acrylic. A layer of powder is applied to the nail, and then a clear sealant is applied on top. Dip powder is long-lasting and can last up to a month.

Dip powder nails cost around $50. Unlike gel and acrylic nails, dip powder nails cannot be filled. When you need a new set of nails, the powder must be removed and reapplied each time.

Again, adding a design usually costs an additional fee. For more information on how long dip nails last, visit "How Long Can You Keep Dip Nails On?"

Removing Fake Nails

Though we are mainly discussing the cost of applying fake nails, we should also discuss the cost of removing them. You might be wondering why you can't do this yourself. Well, you can, but it isn't recommended.

In the manicure salon. Preparation for removing hybrid varnish from nails

Trying to remove fake nails by yourself can damage your natural nails. It would be best to go to the salon to have them removed professionally. They have the correct tools and materials.

Getting your fake nails removed is relatively inexpensive. Most places charge up to $100, and while you may think you can buy acetone for less than that, it's worth paying a pro to avoid damaging your natural nails.

The cost of removing your nails may vary depending on whether they have to be soaked off or drilled off.

Fake nails adhere to your natural nails, and if you try to remove them yourself, you may pull off the top layer of your natural nails. If removed correctly, your natural nails should look damage-free.

How Long Do Fake Nails Last?

We mentioned above that how long fake nails last depends on the type of application you choose to get. However, on average, all types will last around three weeks. You'll need a new set once they start to become flimsy or damaged or one falls off.

Artificial finger nails

Which Fake Nails Last The Longest?

If you're trying to choose which type of application nail to get, your deciding factor might be based on which nail will last the longest. After all, the more salon trips you have to take, the more time and money it will cost you. There are some things to consider.

Generally speaking, acrylic nails will last longer. A full set of acrylic nail needs to be filled every two to three weeks but will only need to be reapplied, at a minimum, every two months. They will last even longer if well taken care of.

Gel polish needs to be filled every three to four weeks, while dip powder lasts up to a month.

Because of the duration they will last, it might be best to consider other factors when choosing the type of nail application you want to get. Some fake nails are less damaging and healthier for your nails than others.

Is It Bad To Get Fake Nails?

Put simply, it can be bad to get fake nails. Fake nails cover up your natural nails and can make them brittle and weak. However, some people enjoy the confidence boost they get from having a fresh set of nice nails.

If you already have weak nails, you might decide that fake nails are worth the risk. If your nails are relatively strong and healthy, you may want to consider adding a manicure or gel polish instead of adding the extra length and material.

Ultimately, you should weigh out your personal pros and cons of getting fake nails. If you decide to get fake nails, just remember to give your nails a break around every six months to recover and strengthen up.

What Type Of Fake Nails Are Healthiest?

If you're concerned about damaging your nails, you should be aware that some fake nails are healthier for your natural nails than others. While acrylics typically last longer than other fake nails, they are the least healthy for your natural nails.

Acrylics are thicker and less flexible than gel nails, so the likelihood of them causing your natural nails to break and tear is higher.

If your nail breaks underneath, it will be more susceptible to fungal infections. If you really want to get fake nails, the healthiest option is soak-off gel nails.

Soak-off gel nails are exactly that. They can be removed by soaking them in acetone. Dip powder nails can also be removed this way.

Any nails requiring filing down and buffing to remove are more likely to cause damage to your natural nails. Hard gel nails will almost always have to be drilled to be removed.

If you are allergic to acrylic, gel nails are a good alternative. Gel nails are once again healthier than acrylics.

If you choose to forgo fake nails altogether, you might wonder how long you should keep your natural nails. Check out our other blog post, "How Long Should Fingernails Be?"

Is Getting Your Nails Done Worth It?

So, after all this information, is getting your nails done worth it? Well, that really depends on you. We mentioned earlier that fake nails could give you a confidence boost.

Fake Nail polish in different fashion color wheel, How Much Does It Cost To Get Fake Nails? [Breakdown By Nail Type]

If that's a big part of the reason you want to get fake nails, this might outweigh any negatives like cost and the possibility of damaging your natural nails.

Also, when it comes to cost, budgets are relative. While $80 may not seem worth it to one person, to another, $80 might be a small price to pay for the confidence fake nails provide.

If you have healthy nails, the risk of damaging your natural nails might make getting your nails done not worth it. In retrospect, if you're already unhappy with the condition of your nails and don't think they will improve anytime soon, what have you got to lose?

If you're still unsure, you can always talk to a nail technician to discuss your options. They can tell you which type of nail is best for you and what the cost will be.

Wrapping Up Fake Nail Costs

Getting fake nails at the salon can cost between $40 and $90, depending on the design. It’s a worthwhile splurge for the boost in confidence it offers. Remember to factor in extra for any nail art and a tip for your technician for their excellent work!

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Fake Nail polish in different fashion color wheel, How Much Does It Cost To Get Fake Nails? [Breakdown By Nail Type]

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