Cowboy Hat Maker Becomes Viral Tik Tok Heart Throb: The Texas Mad Hatter

NEWS - If you thought the Mad Hatter was a thing of the past, think again! All it takes is a little panache, a pink hat, and a killer grin, to turn this guy into an irresistible Mad Hatter Heartthrob.

Wild West retro cowboy hat and pair of old leather boots on wooden floor

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The TikTok account Alan’s Lids out of Crowley, TX showcases a professional hat-shaping on a pink cowboy hat, but the video actually ‘spurs’ a huge commentary about the appealing, ‘Cowboy Mad Hatter’ in the video!

This Lid-Wrangler really knows his stuff, he even creates a heart shape on the sides of this pink, sweetheart Stetson… right in time for Valentine’s Day.

@alanslids February’s Mood! 😅 This color felt is a new edition to our AL 7X collection! Now available on the website! 🤠💗 #alanslids #bedifferent #cowboyup #custom #cowboy #hat #westernfashion #parati #fyp #rodeo #texas #vaquero #becowboy #sombreros #handshaped ♬ Ni por favor - Pedro Infante

Zina! comments "The heart design.. ✨ perfection✨"

He’s definitely a Mad Hatter to come up with this great idea.

Aly 💘 says "I don’t even like pink but now I want one!"

An example of great marketing! Hat's off to you Hatter; you have our attention!

Hat shaping IS pretty cool, even though it’s done with hot steam, and there are plenty of comments about that… but not necessarily directed at the hat!

While he’s fabricating his creation, he’s unintentionally winning the hearts of viewers everywhere!

Winning the hearts of the viewers by seeing their reactions

"The hat is definitely cute but can we talk about how cute he is ?", asks TikTok’r Jewel Black.

"Was this video about perfect teeth and a big smile because that’s all I saw!🤩🥰😁" asks Maria Costillo

We can’t dispute his fantastic smile here!

amber.janaee is enthusiastic, "I’d pay 320 for this experience, he looks so charming!😂🥰"

Agreed! Who is taking charge of this new market?

We absolutely love this video showcasing the artistry of hat-shaping, but our favorite part is the Mad-Hatting, Rodeo-Rider with a grin that could win any competition.

Dany Alcala sums up our thoughts along with TikTok viewers with her succinct comment "i want one….. the cowboy not the hat 🤭"

Although, we'll definitely take a hat too!

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