The Blood-Chic Viral TikTok Trend: Dark and Daring Fashion

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NEWS - Imagine walking down the street and catching a glimpse of someone wearing a shirt that looks like it's covered in fresh blood.

Chances are, you'll do a double-take and ask yourself if what you just saw was real.

But don't be fooled, this isn't just any ordinary spooky fashion. It's a mesmerizing blend of creepy and cool that could have come straight out of Jennifer's Body.

The designer takes it to a whole new level by eliminating any trace of traditional fabric and using only blood-like material to create their unique and captivating pieces.

Think of it like a fashion statement that says, "Yes, I got drenched in blood, but I'm still rocking this outfit."

If you're looking for something that will turn heads and start conversations, @leMÁine's clothing is definitely worth checking out.

It's not Halloween yet, but these creations make me want it to be already! But who cares? Who can stop us if we want to look so gory on some days?

Perhaps some onlookers will care and think you've just had an accident with blood splashing on you at first look from the amount of realism the creations have.

But this is only proof of how much detail is in these creations.

As @dumpacc's comment on @leMÁine's TikTok video says:

"I feel gaslit but also not... How is that not gore?"

We all feel the same way, but this proves the designer's skill and artistry!

Another comment from @allthingsinsane says a sentiment we all want to come true:

"Lady Gaga needed you like ten years ago, lol."

I think most will agree that we desperately wish for this.

A comment from @armandthevampire says:

"It's giving Dragula."

It's sure giving a vampire that just had its fill.

And another comment from @ellaenchanted states:

"I don't like gore at all, but this is absolutely incredible, and I love it, and it's gorgeous."

Honestly, the creations are so good that non-gore lovers would love to wear these!

Blood-Like Dress Meets Julia Fox

Julia Fox

Seeing the work of @leMÁine makes me think Julia Fox would fit the clothes so much. But, as it looks, this vision already came true because Julia Fox wore them!

This only shows that the creations of @leMÁine are so good that Julia Fox even wore their blood-like dress for ES Magazine!

The red and black colors going together and looking like blood is gorgeously drenching Julia Fox is to die for!

The dress makes the cover shoot for this one (aside from Julia Fox herself, of course).

Who knew blood would look this beautiful?

Are These Clothing Wearable?

Sometimes, in fashion, it's art over wearability. That's why when we see clothes like these, it's easy to believe that wearing them won't be comfortable.

But, for clothing by @leMÁine, this isn't true!

Their clothing makes us believe that fashion can look and feel good.

At first look, others may grimace and think the fabric will stick together, making it uncomfortable to wear.

But @leMÁine disproves this by crunching the material while product checking, as shown in the video below.

The clothes are just so deceptive it makes me wonder how the designer thought of doing this. It may look like blood, but it doesn't feel like it.

And, of course, it's a shame only to wear creations as good as these once, so it's essential to be able to wash them.

Looking at the fabric, it might seem like washing it would make its glossy appearance disappear, but this isn't true too.

But of course, you need to handle materials like these with care, so you shouldn't put them in washing machines.

Strictly hand washing only if you want to maintain their beauty!

Wear The Blood-Looking Designs As Fashion Statements

Aside from corsets and dresses, @leMÁine is famous; you can also wear their bags or headpiece to complete your look!

If you're still hesitant to wear an entire piece of clothing that appears like blood on your skin, you can take baby steps and start with the bags!

Just look at this flesh bag, and you'll be convinced to buy one.

You can wear it with your chosen outfit, and it will still have as much impact. It won't feel "too much" as a starting point but will still be emphasized in your fit.

Meanwhile, for those who want a different fit and look like blood is on their face, @leMÁine also got you!

May it be for a costume party or a photo shoot, this headpiece seems so realistic you would turn heads!

The craftsmanship that goes into the handmade works of @leMÁine is just astonishing. It's no wonder it's causing quite a stir across TikTok.

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