Diana’s Daring Fashion: How The Princess Of Wales Revolutionized Style

Sotheby's upcoming inaugural curated auction, "The One," couldn't be a more fitting theme for the legacy of Princess Diana.

One of her most iconic dresses will be up for grabs this month, giving fans and fashion enthusiasts a chance to own a piece of her legacy.

Before we place our bids, let's take a trip down memory lane to remember some of Diana's most unforgettable and glamorous looks.

Let's also remember why this woman single-handedly shaped what it meant to be a royal family member, but with a heart of gold.

"The One" and only "People's Princess."

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Diana was the first wife of Charles, the Prince of Wales, and the mother of Princes William and Harry. She was also a true inspiration to people of all ages worldwide.

But just how revolutionary was she, really?

Easily, Diana was and forever will be an ICON.

And trust us, we don't use that term lightly - she truly deserves it.

Diana's "Revenge Dress"

Now for any of you who haven't seen this ensemble, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?

For a bit of background on this iconic look, Diana debuted the dress at a 1994 dinner held at the Serpentine Gallery in Kensington Gardens.

Yes, that seems like just another dinner on the Royal Calender, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

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Instead of simply being another dress fit for a Princess, it was widely believed that the now infamous "Revenge Dress" worn by Princess Diana was a calculated move.

It was her silent statement made in the wake of her husband's very public admission of infidelity.

An admission that was not missed by both commoners and royalty, media and the general public alike.


After Charles' confession, Diana wanted to remind the world (and her husband) of who they were messing with.

Diana had always been a style icon, but this dress put her in a whole new category among celebrities.

Diana became a global superstar: all for being herself. Charles had the world talking after his interview, but Diana was all the buzz after this dinner!

A Wedding Dress Fit For A Princess

 A stamp printed in Komi shows Prince Charles and Diana, princess of Wales, circa 1999

Before the "Revenge Dress," one of Diana's most iconic looks was undoubtedly her wedding dress.
This gown was truly stunning and unforgettable. Take a look for yourself in this video just a little past the 1-minute mark.


It's undeniable that in this dress, Diana outshined anyone else in the room, making it impossible for anyone to pay attention to anyone else. (Not even the Prince.)

All of our eyes were on Diana.

To dive into the dress, Diana's wedding ensemble was an ivory silk taffeta and antique lace gown with a 25-foot train. TWENTY-FIVE FEET!

We're not amazing at math, but that's as tall as some people's homes...we think.

Regardless, this dress is one of the prettiest anyone has ever worn to a wedding.

On top of the 25-foot train, Princess Diana's dress featured a 153-yard tulle veil, valued then at £9,000. The dress also had 10,000 pearls and was valued at an estimated $115,000.

We're sure this dress nowadays would be worth millions of dollars (at the very least).

Let's all say THANK YOU to designers Elizabeth Emanuel and David Emanuel.

Sleeping Beauty

One of our favorite outfits (and photos) of all time is the dress that Diana was photographed sleeping in at the opening of an art exhibit in 1981.

(You can see it just beyond the wedding in the above video at 1:36).

Princess Diana wore this puffy chiffon dress by high-end designer Bellville Sasson to the Victoria and Albert museum.

The then-20-year-old new bride made headlines for catching some shut-eye during the event: and we couldn't love her more for it.

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Sometimes, you need to take a quick power nap (even if you're a princess).

There's something so peaceful about this photo of Diana.
One thing about the People's Princess is she always came across as endearing.

Not to anyone's surprise, the media dawned this image/moment of Diana as a real-life "Sleeping Beauty."

We're just upset we didn't dawn the title first.

The Prince Of Pop Meets The People's Princess

Another outfit we're obsessed with is the yellow satin ensemble Diana wore to meet Micheal Jackson in 1988.

A fun fact about these two celebrities: Diana had been a huge fan of Jackson before attending his "Bad" concert tour stop at Wembley Stadium.

The two became friends shortly after this show.

It serves as a testament to Diana's enduring popularity that she was beloved by everyone she met.


It brings a tear to our eyes to reflect on this, and it is undeniable that her loss is still deeply felt to this day.

At least the two of them are somewhere beautiful now.

Another point to make here is that following her common theme: Diana always was the star of the show. Even with the Prince of Pop, the People's Princess shined bright.

The bright yellow was a surprising move from someone in the royal family, which is another thing we loved about the princess.

Perfect In Pink

The final iconic look of Diana that we must highlight is the elegant pink dress she donned for her official royal portrait.

The photographer, Lord Snowdon, perfectly captured Diana's subtle character and beauty.

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A common theme throughout Diana's life was that she wasn't showy.

The attention didn't always need to be on her: it just was.

This was another satin/silk gown the princess chose to wear, so clearly, she loved the soft flashy fabric. In recent years, satin has made a MAJOR comeback, which we're sure Diana's enjoying from the afterlife.

The next time you put on your favorite silk or satin number, raise a glass for Princess Diana!

Princess Diana's Iconic Style: A Retrospective Review

Diana, Princess of Wales leaves the Brazilian Ambassador's residence enroute to the White House. With her is John Kerr Baron of Kinlochard.

Even if Princess Diana is no longer with us, her legacy lasts forever. Whether it's her fashion or kindness, the People's Princess will always be a huge part of global culture and influence.

These outfits were so much more than fabric on someone's body. Each time the princess stepped outside: she made the world stop and stare.

Considering that not even most celebrities and models can achieve Diana's acclaim, it's safe to say she's a classic.

Let this be a celebration of WHO Diana was: everyone's princess.

Whoever acquires her dress at the upcoming auction is a lucky person indeed!

Do you have any Princess Diana stories? What outfit is your favorite and why?

Leave us a comment below 🙂

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