Do Black Leggings Go With Brown Boots?

You might've grown up hearing that you shouldn't ever wear black and brown together. Now, you've donned your comfy black leggings, and since it's cold out, you want to add a nice pair of boots. The problem is they're brown. So can you successfully wear them together, or is this a fashion faux par? Well, we've researched the style in-depth and have an answer for you!

Black leggings do go with brown boots! For all of you that were told black and brown couldn't be worn together, that saying is pretty outdated. You can make black leggings work with almost any shade or style of brown boots. 

Still don't know whether to believe us? Keep reading as we go over some image examples proving our point. We'll also give you some other boot color suggestions to pair with your black leggings! Want to know whether you can wear leggings all year? We have the answer to that too!

A woman wearing black leggings, black boots, and holding a small black purse, An up close photo of a woman wearing boots while walking on the snow, Do Black Leggings Go With Brown Boots?

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What color boots should I wear with black leggings?


Brown comes in so many shades, and almost any will work with your black leggings. Let's take a look at some examples!

Earth Tones

A woman lying on a fence wearing a black jacket and black leggings

You don't even have to have brown in the rest of your outfit to make brown boots work. This model uses earth tones to compliment her brown boots.

Cowboy Boots

An up close photo of a woman wearing boots while walking on the snow


Cowboy boots aren't just for jeans and skirts. Slip-on a brown pair with your leggings for a winter look!


A woman wearing a fit dress, black leggings, and high heel leather boots

Dress your black leggings up with a pair of brown boots with heels!


Two tall and beautiful woman wearing black leggings and black boots

If you'd rather play it safe, it's perfectly fine to pair your black leggings with a pair of black boots! This classic look is a go-to for many people since black boots can be paired with almost any shirt or dress. If you only have black boots, but you don't like the thought of black on black, try adding a colorful sock or leg warmer to break up the black.

Other Colors

Boots don't just come in black and brown, and the good thing about black leggings is that they will go with almost anything. Try matching your boots to the color of your shirt or a color scheme instead.


A beautiful woman wearing long sleeve shirt, black leggings, and brown boots

Cute, casual, and comfy, these ugg-style boots pair perfectly with this model's shirt.


A woman showing her beautiful dress, black leggings, and brown suede boots

The color of this outfit is up for debate. Is it mustard, brown, or khaki? Regardless, those boots couldn't match that tunic any more than they already do!


A woman wearing a white long sleeve shirt, black leggings, and white high heel shoes

These boots have the same color palette as the rest of this model's outfit—primarily white like her shirt, but accented with black and gold to match her leggings and even her hair.

It's probably pretty clear to you now that almost any color of boots can be worn with black leggings. Since black really does go with everything, it's more important that you pair your boots with the rest of your outfit than your black leggings. If in doubt, pair the color of your boots with the color of a belt or an accessory. It's a sure way to decide on a color because the accessories will help tie the entire look together.

What kind of boots do you wear with leggings?

Now that you know the color of the boot isn't too important, you might be wondering what style of boots you should wear with your leggings. In our image examples above, you probably noticed a variety of boot styles. Ankle-length leggings can pair well with any boot, whether it's an ankle, mid-calf, or thigh-high. Leggings go well with ugg-style boots, winter boots, rain boots, calf-hugging leather boots...the possibilities are endless.

Style tip: tuck your leggings into your socks to stop them from bunching up.

If you have shorter leggings, such as Capri length, you should avoid pairing them with ankle boots or any boots that do not reach the bottom of your legging. Too much space between the top of your boot and leggings can look awkward. If the boots have a lot of room around your ankles (think work boots), you may be able to pull off a shorter legging.

You can find some pretty wild patterned leggings nowadays. If you have patterned leggings, it's usually best to pair them with a simple, plain boot, so your look isn't dominated by clashing materials. If you have a bold-colored boot, opt for plain leggings, so your boots become the focal point!

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What do black leggings go with?

We touched on this briefly with some of our color examples, but let's discuss some other options. Leggings aren't just for the gym anymore, and black leggings can be dressed up for a night out or dressed down for a casual shopping trip. Black leggings can go with almost anything. You can wear black leggings with boots, but you can also pair them with a stylish pair of heels, sandals, flats, or sneakers.

For the upper half, consider any long shirt or sweater for a comfy and casual look or a nice shirt for a more business casual look. Check out some of our image examples below.

Sweater Dresses

For a great fall outfit idea, pair your black leggings with a sweater dress like the models below! This outfit is an excellent idea for a coffee date or a stroll in the park.

A woman wearing a sweater, black leggings, and brown long boots


A woman posing showing her sweater dress

Shirts and Blazers

A woman wearing black leggings, black boots, and holding a small black purse

Turn an outfit from casual to classy with a blazer!

Business Casual

A woman posing wearing a stripped dress, black leggings, and black high heeled shoe

You can even make leggings business casual by pairing them with a nice top and shoes.


A woman wearing a blue dress and blue leggings on a white background

Adding some leggings under your dress can help you wear your favorite dresses even when the heat of summer is over. Want to know more about wearing a dress with leggings? Read this other blog post of ours for more inspiration: Can You Wear a Dress with Leggings?

Check Google or Pinterest for some inspiration and image examples if you're unsure whether your outfit will work. However, if you like how you look and feel comfortable in your outfit, you can't go wrong. Own your style!

Can I wear leggings all year?

Leggings quickly became popular because of their comfiness and versatility. They have been a hot topic for years, and there have been debates about whether they count as pants and whether they should be worn as so. Now that it's been okayed to wear them wherever you like, even though we're sure there are a few people who disagree,  is it okay to wear them for every season?

Yes, it is! The great thing about leggings is that they can be worn all year long. You can purchase fleece-lined leggings for those extra cold days of winter or leggings made from thin cotton for those warmer months. In the winter, wear your leggings with a sweater dress or oversized hoodie for a comfy outfit.

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Leggings come in a plethora of colors and designs. Choose a pair of light-colored leggings or flowery leggings for the summer. You can wear a tunic-length tank or a tank paired with a lightweight open shirt to leave you looking stylish but cool.

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully, our article has helped ease any concerns you might've had about wearing brown boots with black leggings. You no longer need to worry about a fashion faux pas. Instead, slip on the brown boots and make a fashion statement with confidence.

If you still need some convincing, check out our other blog post on the topic here: Should Boots Match Leggings? [And Should You Tuck Leggings In?]

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