Do Engagement Rings Have To Be Diamond?

So you have probably made your way to this post wondering whether or not an engagement ring needs to be a diamond. Engagement rings are undoubtedly one of the greatest purchases and gifts a person may ever receive. Luckily for you, we have gone into the nitty-gritty of this very question. So whether you are reading this as the ring-wearer or the ring buyer, we have got the answer for you.

Engagement rings are often seen as a physical form of love and promise, so they must be magnificent. They do not have to be diamond, though. An engagement ring can be the material or stone you desire. Gemstones and crystals have gained plenty of popularity among engaged couples and are great examples of non-diamond options.

As you continue to read, we will dive into some great diamond and non-diamond engagement ring options. You do not have to spend your life savings on a ring to make it meaningful. Let's dive into this age-old question and find you the best ring we can.

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What percentage of engagement rings are diamond?

So when it comes down to the actual percentage of engagement rings being diamond, the answer is surprising. 80 to 85 percent of engagement rings purchased are diamond cuts. This is a fairly huge margin compared to non-diamond rings but does give a great example of current trends. With younger generations of ring buyers opting for smaller cut diamonds versus larger styles, there has been a drop in average price tags.

This may be news to you, but diamond rings continue to be popular. Smaller cuts have also become trendier and considered more appropriate. Below we have attached some images of different diamond cuts and styles for you to look at.


Diamond Engagement In Heart Shaped Ring Box

This first diamond ring falls into the middle of the road when considering sizes. This style and size of the ring is considered pretty standard and is a classic engagement ring example. A ring of this shape and style is most likely what you think when imagining an engagement ring.

Smaller Cut

Ring with diamond isolated

Our next photo shows a smaller sized diamond engagement ring. This style of a diamond ring has been growing in popularity due to the cost of it being much less compared to a larger sized diamond. The market has been following a smaller diamond trend for a while now and is most likely not slowing down.

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Larger Cut

Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring with Big Diamond

This larger cut diamond ring example definitely has a grander look to it versus the others. With this royal size and look comes along with a usually major price tag. Many young buyers have drifted away from such large diamonds and toward the small to mid-size options.

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Diamond ring alternatives

Choosing not to go with a diamond engagement ring does not mean you are making the wrong decision. There are surprisingly many beautiful and cost-effective diamond alternatives that do not lack beauty or elegance. Deciding between an alternative or a diamond should come down to your specific budget and partner's taste.

We have found some of our favorite diamond ring alternatives to show you.


As of the most popular diamond alternatives, Moissanite is essentially a lookalike to a traditional diamond. This material is a simulated diamond and is often grown in a lab. Moissanite can take months to create and are still somewhat expensive versus a gemstone option.

Engagement Ring with Diamond or Moissanite

At first, or even your hundredth glance, it is almost impossible for the naked eye to spot that this is not a diamond. Moissanite is the closest stone to looking like a diamond and should definitely be considered for ring buying on a budget.

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The most diverse and colorful diamond alternative can be awarded to gemstones and the many roles they play. Gemstones are pieces of mineral crystal and are commonly used in jewelry. You can choose from lighter and brighter stones to darker and richer tones for your engagement ring design.

Cluster stack of diamond wedding engagment rings

Looking at this diverse group of rings above, you can get to know and understand the hype around gemstone engagement rings. Many luxury designers incorporate these stones into their jewelry, so why not try it out for your partner's engagement ring?

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Another great diamond ring alternative is using a pearl. Pearls are softer and more delicate than diamonds or stones, so that is something to consider when buying one. Pearls also come in at a smaller price tag and are considered a valuable and classic jewelry style. We have attached a photo example of a pearl engagement ring below.

Golden ring with pearl

The ring shown above is a great example of how a pearl or many pearls can be used as an engagement ring. Falling on the softer side of the color palette and materially speaking, pearls are a delicate and beautiful way to tell someone you love them.

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What gemstone is trending for engagement rings?

When it comes down to which particular gemstone is trending, we have found that it goes between a sapphire or ruby. The US's most popular color is blue, which can explain sapphire's popularity among ring buyers. Gemstones are viewed as sturdy and beautiful engagement ring options and come at a much more affordable price tag. Many newly engaged customers have also been diving into the market of adding their birthstones to their wedding rings.

We have pulled some of our favorite gemstone engagement ring examples from the web and are dying to show you.


Natural Blue Sapphire Ring

This first gemstone we are showing you is a stunning sapphire. This stone is the most popular among the group for a good reason and looks amazing as an engagement ring. This is a larger cut style and is surrounded by smaller diamonds or crystals working as a frame.

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Our next ring is a Ruby gemstone and is another great engagement ring option. The Ruby red heart is visually stunning and will cost less than a traditional diamond engagement ring. Rubies have been known to symbolize love and passion and add a great splash of color to any jewelry they are featured in.

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Beautiful ring with pink amethyst gem (stone) isolated on white

The third most popular gemstone engagement ring we discovered is this purple Amethyst. Purple Amethyst is considered to be very royal and is a beautiful diamond ring alternative. Amethyst does come in various colors, so you do have options with this specific stone.

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What stone is bad luck in an engagement ring?

Following the theme of gemstones and their various meanings, which one is bad luck? According to the web, Emerald gemstones are not the best idea for your engagement ring. Although beautiful and royal looking, this type of stone is known to carry bad luck along with it. Oddly enough, pearls are also on this list of bad luck engagement ring ideas. Superstitions are not set in stone but definitely hold some weight with younger and older generations.


Elegant female jewelry with emerald

Bad juju never looked this good. Although this ring may curse your marriage, it is stunning. Perhaps try gifting this after your wedding? Emeralds have a very timeless and expensive look and feel to them, so we can definitely understand why you may want to take the risk.

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To Conclude

Glowing Diamond Ring

Choosing the perfect engagement ring can feel impossible, but it does not need to be. This should be a time of love and excitement, and the ring you decide on should be exactly the style you believe is best. Diamonds are a classic and traditionally chosen option for wedding rings and will forever be in style. Even if you have a smaller budget, you can choose a diamond that fits your price range. Gemstones are also a beautiful and meaningful way to decorate an engagement ring and are only gaining popularity.

No matter the cost or size of the engagement ring you choose, make sure it fits your partner's style and taste.

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